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Korreds are a species of Fey in Dungeons & Dragons, taking inspiration from a Breton fairy also known as the Korrigan. They essentially resemble a cross between a dwarf and a satyr, consisting of small, extremely hairy humanoids with goat-like legs who love to dance and party - in fact, they're so similar in many aspects to satyrs that, in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the korred was reprinted in the 2e Monstrous Manual as a sub-entry to the satyr! That said, these creatures do have unique traits, like a laugh that can stun, disproportionately powerful muscles for such a small creature, and the ability to create animate ropes that can entangle foes of their own accord by weaving them from their hair.

The korred first appeared in the fourth set of Monster Cards, and from there went on to appear in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons proper, making its first appearance in the Monster Manual II for 1e, and then the Monstrous Compendium Appendix and Monstrous Manual for 2e. "The Ecology of the Korred" was an article in Dragon Magazine #119, and they then reappeared in a second article, “The Folk of the Faerie Kingdom”, in Dragon #155. It disappeared for 3rd edition, but reappeared in 4th edition in the Manual of the Planes, and reappeared again in 5th edition with Volo's Guide to Monsters.