Koschei System

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Home system of the Argent Strix chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. The Koschei system is a creation of /tg/ homebrew created by fa/tg/uys expanded around the creation of the chapter. It's honestly more entertaining/interesting than the chapter in some regards.

Vetus Sanguine[edit]

A shipment manifest from a Ship receiving a cargo load from Vetus.

Vetus is the fourth planet in orbit around the Koschei star, with five moons of its own. Its official name is Koschei IV. But similarly to how few to no people call Terra Sol III the people of the planet and those traveling or referring to it typically call it by its given name. And quite the planet it is, Vetus is a massive world nearly five times the size of that of Holy Terra, with its surface covered by craters, a pockmarked wasteland of ash and sand, and no water to be found above or below the painfully hot planet's surface. It's worth noting that despite its massive size the planet's gravity is only slightly stronger than that of Terra's. Many scholars and Mechanicus members have come to the world in the past to find the answer, to reveal that the planet itself is mostly hollow with a light core.

Officially the planet classification is that of a Hive World, due to the Hives and population of fourteen billion that inhabit it. Though it's a subject of debate if the planet should be reclassified as an armory world as the planet's main export is advanced weaponry and missiles, which it trades in exchange for the extra water the population cannot produce solely in the Underhive even with the fortunate retention of technology due to an extreme lack in natural reserves. Some even argue that it could be classified as a civilized world due to the high quality of life, and advanced technology the people enjoy. Along with a planetary government oligarchy acting as the ruling class. A couple have also objected, claiming the defenses are enough to put it in the records as a fortress world, but their opposition argues an, exceedingly, well-armed militia and Hive city walls are no match for a true army population and fortress cities.

Thanks to the valuable logistic and strategic nature of the world as both an active armory, resupply point, and Astartes homeworld the Adminstratum keeps a strong presence on this world in the hopes to aid everything running smoothly. The next largest presences on the planet are the Ecclesiarchy and Inquisition who keep a significant position here. Outside them all other organizations could say there presence there is moderate and noticeable, mainly the Arbites, though the Astronomica tries to remain unobtrusive.

Due to the high quality of life of the Hive, and the number of munitions carried by the people, and the high presence of penal organizations, even the Underhive is a relatively orderly place to live where 'gangs' operate less in open daylight, preferring more discreet measures out of fear of retribution from the Argent Strix, large military and Arbites forces. These 'gangs' themselves are closer to worker unions, guilds, and noble houses which occasionally engage in skirmishes and turf wars against each other. Vetus Sanguine is a world where the struggles for power happen in cloak and dagger behind the scenes lest an Enforcer smash your face in, save the occasional bar fight mostly involving the Girls Club, officially the Seamstresses Guild.

Hive Prosekan[edit]

Capital Hive of Vetus, and the seat of the Argent Strix chapter. As such it tends to draw a wide variety of people, mainly the powerful and influential.

House Chesire[edit]

A relatively recent development, in the galactic sense, House Chesire is a group of artists, writers, entertainers, and the like who officially formed somewhere in the early 41st Millenium. Though for a people that love to write, ironically, the exact date the house was founded has been lost to the records of time. Don't get us wrong, it's probably written down somewhere or stored on something, it's probably just under fifty rejected novellas in some hotshots basement. It's safe to say that without them the life in the Hives would be much wearier. For within their small-time of existing they've become one of, if not THE, most powerful underhive group on the planet. Now there's one of their members on every street corner, juggling, telling stories to young children, and performing their arts. Along with hosting balls and galas in the upper spires, with theater shows, vox broadcast, and recordings in the cities to bring happiness to those returning from a day of demanding work.

Despite this cheerful nature, however, the people of the house themselves to be a quiet and reclusive bunch. Retreating to write in their studies, practice their arts, and fills the halls of their homes with gentle songs. Their hierarchy and advancement are also surprisingly relentless. Here one's rank and standing are not determined by experience, wealth, or strength. But by how much one is adored or how much success they've achieved. It's the accolades of the people that decide. And one terrible book can see a veritable king struck lower than a child, while a lucky playwright can find himself among the masters of the house.

Familia Stalisi[edit]

"Stalisi are good folk, long as you mind your manners. They've got deep roots and old values, sturdy, reliable folk that pay their debts. Look after their communities. Just whatever you do, in the Emperor's name, never double-cross one or try to cheat them. You walk into one of their casinos and they rig it, which is always, you just leave calmly and don't make a scene. What I'm trying to say is don't disrespect the Familia, or you're liable to sleep with the fishes as they'd put it."

– Prosekan Underhiver

The Familia has been around for a long time, even longer than the Strix who call the upperspire home if the records are to be believed. For Millenium, they've held a steady position of power in the underhive and city. While House Chesire appeals to the brighter and nobler sides of life and entertainment, the Familia tends to deal in vice. Not drug-running, but alcohol, strip clubs, and their biggest draw, gambling.

From the uppermost reaches of the spire, to the lowest rungs of the underhive, you'll find a Stalisi casino to throw your money away at. They lure people in with a few 'lucky' games before blindsiding them and taking them for everything they have on them. Despite this, however, they take pride in their communities and territory, preferring to keep it as clean as and 'crime-free' as possible. Afterall one must keep a sightly home.

The members of the Stalisi themselves are a tightknit bunch, withdrawn and hard to read like the Cheshire, which gives them no small advantage in their games. Due to the way they operate they've taken to see the value of cunning, and education. Here one will only ever swim above the minnows if they have a good head on their shoulders.

When it finally comes time for the Familia to go to war they arm their boys and girls for a real fight. A body glove covered in a light set of flak armor, with a syth-weave trenchcoat, and ceramite lined fedora to complete their look. Of course, this may vary based on the individual, but don't let appearances deceive, they're well-armed, and better armored.

Girls Club[edit]

Duster Caravans[edit]

Vetus Sanguine IVa[edit]

Vetus IVa is a small moon, relative to the planet, that orbits Vetus Sanguine specializing in mining. Typically in exchange for the weaponry to defend itself, and due to required shipments in exchange for trade goods, the moon supplies Vetus Sanguine with the ore it needs to create its vast output of advanced weaponry no part in thanks to the main planets own poor mineral composition.

The Wild Hunt[edit]

Vetus Sanguine IVb[edit]

Detroit on Ice. As if Vetus Sanguine Prime didn't have enough people it's the second moon (Koschei IVb) is yet another hiveworld -- a hivemoon, if you would -- consisting of some 8 billion adherents of the local Machine God cult, housed & busily employed building many machines -- primarily cars and other ground vehicles -- in the sprawling caverns below the frozen, hilly surface worthy of the term "Stairmaster planet," which combines an Antarctic climate with unbroken Himalayan foothills, so nearly everyone there lives underground. The largest factory hosts & employs many orphans, motley attired, driven hard to meet production deadlines by a jovial overseer with a penchant for red. Because Koschei IVa's water is tainted and Koschei IVc is under indefinite quarantine, Koschei IVb is Vetus Sanguine's primary source of water. Perhaps a billion ice miners harvest tremendous amounts of ice, shape it into massive spikes, and fire them from enormous canons at the planet below, aiming for areas in the wastelands between hives; these massive shards of ice are quickly seized by Dusters or Icebandits before melting away, which itself is worth an entire article.

Moon Name: Vetus sanguine moon 2 (or Vetus Sanguin IVb) Class: Hive World Tech Level: Low Imperial

Adepta Presence-

The Astra Telepathica have a Significant Presence on this moon, using it as the seat of their collegium or whatever it is in this system; promising young Psykers from the population of this hive or the hives on Vetus Sanguine are brought here by the Astra Telepathica as quickly as possible before some other group poaches them, such as the Adeptus Astronimica.

Strangely enough (and perhaps in part due to local Astra Telepathica meddling), The Adeptus Astronimica have NO PRESENCE on the moon; *all* of its exports are sent directly to Vetus Sanguine or Koschei IVa and tariffed before being exported via spaceport from either the other moon or their host planet. (This is quite similar to how all imports & exports between Puerto Rico and the rest of the world must first go through an American port.)

The Adepta Mechanicus & Ministorum both have a Notable Presence on this moon, overseeing the construction and export of wheeled vehicles without number, for which the Administratum has a Major Presence.

As practically everywhere else in this system, The Inquisition has a Small Presence on this moon, with a similarly Small Presence of Arbites to maintain law & order (which pretty much maintains itself on this moon, with token peacekeeper patrols largely unneeded).

Size: 22,333 Kilometers Axial Tilt: 16-30 Notable (6-15°), Seasonal Variation ± 10°C/50°F Length of Day: 29 Hours Gravity: Normal Gravity for the most part thankfully.

Atmosphere: It's Bearable but you shouldn't go for too long with a Void Mask outside the Hive. Hydrosphere: Arid: This world is mostly dry, having large desert landmasses, infrequent rainfall, and a peppering of oases. There is also usually a substantial water table underground which can have wells dug into it. There will be some small seas and oceans. Temperature: Chilly (-100°C to -41°C/-148°F to -42°F) Cold, but not uninhabitable. Sealed buildings are still a good idea, but smaller heating systems should work just fine. Going outside requires exceptionally warm clothing but this planet is still likely to be inhabited in numbers larger than a few outposts. If unprotected, you'll last a number of rounds equal to your toughness bonus, after which you gain +1 fatigue until unconscious. Death follows in one round. Terrain: Hilly

Population: 8 Billion Society: Religious (Machine God)

Economy- Exports: Vehicles Imports: Minerals(Common)/Lumber(Luxury) 80%/20% And here it is, A cold ass rock in the middle of space that is a car factory. Could be worse, could be outside sweating in the sun. But regardless, I hereby bequeath this moon into your hands Chapter Master.

Vetus Sanguine IVc[edit]

[REDACTED BY ORDER OF IMPERIAL INQUISITION] [QUARRANTINED -- AVOID ALL CONTACT] A sparsely populated moon with half earth gravity, plenty of water and a decent climate, *something* causes most of the population to vanish centuries ago, the Inquisition isn't allowing anyone to go poking around. An Ork Rok landed here about a century ago, so now the scattered settlements of iron age humans must defend themselves from a significant population of increasingly feral Orkz. Nobody but the Inquisition has any presence here, and theirs is token at best, consisting of a few Inquisitors who are feared & respected as wizards by the native populous.

Vetus Sanguine IVd & Vetus Sanguine IVe[edit]

Relatively small and uninteresting moons, tidally locked with a permanent dark side similar to ancient Luna. These moons, like the wastelands of Vetus, are routinely used as testing ranges for ordinance produced on Vetus. Small stations are maintained on them for defense with a small cache of arms. Documents on what the moons are like other then bombardment targets are scarce.

Planet Crunch[edit]

Vetus Sanguine.
Planet Class
Hive World.
Tech Value
High Imperial.
Galactic Position
Planetary Governer
Adepta Presence


198,000 Kilometers.
Axial Tilt
Length of Day
24 Hours.
Length of Year
116 Days.
Number of Satellites
Gravity Level
Standard (1.2G).
Temperature(with Tilt)
+31°C to +50°C/88°F to 122°F(51°C to 70°C/158°F to 190°F).
14 Billion(Approximate).
Society Type
Exports(Advanced Weaponry)|Imports(Water).
Enforcers(Massive/Medium)|Militia(Large/High)|Standing Army(Large/Medium)|Armoured Force(Huge/Medium)|Private Armies(Large/Medium)|Navy Forces(Huge/Medium)|Missile Silos(planet)(Large/Medium)|Missile Silos(orbital)(Medium/Medium)|Defense Lasers(Massive/Medium).