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Kossuth symbol.jpg
Aliases The Firelord, Lord of Flames, the Tyrant-King
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Greater God / Primordial
Pantheon Faerûn, Zakharan
Portfolio Fire, Purification Through Fire
Domains 3E: Destruction, Fire, Renewal, Suffering
5E: Light
Home Plane Great Wheel/World Tree: The Crimsom Pillar (Elemental Plane of Fire)
World Axis: Undying Pyre
Worshippers Druids, Fire Creatures, Thayans
Favoured Weapon Tendril of Flame (Spiked chain)
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Kossuth the Firelord (no, not that one), is the Primordial (no, not that one) of Elemental Fire and Purification through fire.

Despite his true neutral alignment, he accepts Lawful Good and Lawful Evil worshipers, including Clerics. While the other elemental deities of the Forgotten Realms largely ignore mortals, Kossuth is quite interested in mortal affairs. This may have to do with how fire, unlike the other classic elements, doesn’t really occur that often in nature: Other than lightning strikes and geo-thermal (both of which depend on another element) fires have to be made by sapients.

He is one of the primary religions in Thay and, aside from the universally worshiped Kelemvor, the only non-evil one. In-fact Kossuth is actually quite a force for social progress in Thay as, while he’s a harsh and darwinistic master, his clerics can progress to the highest parts of Thayan society regardless of species or ethnicity when all other venues are exclusive to Mulan (Isekaied ancient Egyptians).

One interesting thing about Kossuth mechanically that lore largely ignores is just how all-seeing he is. Most deities can see everything within miles of their worshipers, holy sites, and objects. Since Kossuth’s “objects” is fire in a setting without electric lighting, heating and cooking, he can see pretty much the entirety of surface civilization if he wants to.


Kossuth likely took part in the Dawn War, and was one of the few Primordials who stayed on Toril when Ao split it and Abeir from each other.

In -150 DR, wizards of Raumanthar somehow managed to summon him from the Elemental Plane of Fire, and made him destroy the invading armies of Narfell. After doing this, he angrily burned down the city, the flames of which spread out and burned down the rest of the nation he was summoned to defend over the timespan of over a decade and then went back to his home plane.


In Faerûn, he is the most worshipped of the four Elemental Lords, as well as the most vocal and active. His church tends to be very hierarchical and impersonal, many of it's members leaning more towards lawful neutral, and the church spends most of it's time acquiring land, power, and wealth.

In Zakhara he's known as one of the four cold gods of elements, as he doesn't care that much about mortals, and opposes the culture of Enlightenment.


Those fit to succeed will do so. Kossuth's faith is innately superior to all other faiths, particularly that of Istishia. Fire and purity are the same. Smoke is produced by air in its jealousy. The reward of successful ambition is power. Reaching a higher state is inevitably accomplished by difficulty and personal pain of some sort. Kossuth sends his pure fire to cleanse us all and temper our souls so that we can achieve a pure state. Expect to be tested, and rise to the challenge, no matter what difficulty and pain it brings. Those above you have proven their worth and deserve your service. Guide others to Kossuth's pure light so that he may reforge all life into its essential form.


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