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Kr'y'izoth are one of two species of undead githyanki which can be found in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons. Specifically, they are one of the two unique githyanki undead created by Vlaakith CLVII through the powers of the Crown of Corruption, with the other being the Tl'a'ikith.

Created from githyanki wizards, sorcerers and warlocks, kr'y'izoths appear as emaciated and charred githyanki shrouded by an aura of flickering, shadowy-black flames of necrotic energy. These flames obscure their features; even those who knew the creature in life are often hard-pressed to recognize them in death. They speak in a hollow, clipped tone of voice.

Ironically, they're described as far more social and versatile than tl'a'ikiths are, which means the lich-queen uses them as high-level troubleshooters. With their additional ability to magically heal others, this means that kr'y'izoths are often attached to elite githyanki units, and so can be found across the Astral and on other planes as well as guarding Vlaakith's palace on Tu'narath.

Kr'y'izoth Template[edit]

For obvious reasons, whilst this template can actually be used on any dead Humanoid or Outsider typed creature, Vlaakith CLVII only employs the power of the Crown of Corruption to transform Githyanki in this fashion.

Hit Dice: Increase to D12
Base Speed 30 feet outside of the Astral Plane, Speed 10ft per point of Intelligence on the Astral Plane.
AC: Gain a +3 natural armor bonus, unless the base creatures NAB was higher.
Attacks: Retain all base creature attacks.
Special Attacks: Retain all special attacks, including psionics, and gain the following special attacks:
Blackflame Touch (Su): As a touch attack, the kr'y'izoth can inflict 1d4 Negative Levels as well as inflicting (1d6 + 1/kr'y'izoth levels or Hit Dice) fire damage. After using Blackflame touch, a kr'y'izoth cannot use Spell Conversion for 1d4 rounds.
Spells: A kr'y'izoth can cast all spells that it could cast while alive.
Special Qualities: Retain all special qualities, gain the Undead type, and gain the following special qualities:
Blackflame Shield (Su): When a creature hits the kr'y'izoth with a melee attack, that creature takes (1d6 + 1/kr'y'izoth levels or hit dice) fire damage. This does not occur if the creature hits with a weapon that has the Exceptional Reach property.
Heat Mirage (Ex): A kr'y'izoth has a constant protection of Concealment (20% miss chance), wich does not apply against creatures with True Seeing or that use nonvisual means to discern their targets.
Spell Conversion (Ex): A kr'y'izoth can spontaneously convert an unusued spell slot into a Cure spell of the appropriate level, as per a cleric. If a kr'y'izoth uses this ability, it can't use its Blackflame Touch for 1d4 rounds.
Turn Resistance: +4
Saves: Same as base creature
Abilities: Same as base creature, bar reducing Constitution to NA due to being undead.
Skills: Same as base creature.
Feats: Same as base creature.
Environment: Astral Plane
Challenge Rating: Base Creature +2
Advancement: Same as base creature.
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