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A Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves. His Great Company is called the Drakeslayers. Krom is a short-tempered, rebellious, and frequently violent individual whose discipline and self-control are appalling even by Space Wolf standards. That said, he believes in rewarding success and repaying favors, and channels his pathological need to prove his badassery into protecting the people of the Imperium. He also has a quality nearly unheard of in the 41st Millennium: he makes a genuine effort to learn from and atone for his mistakes.

Krom also one of the few Space Wolves to deviate of the usual wolfing to the wolf degree, with a dragon theme for himself and his company. What the Salamanders think about this is unknown.

List of Deeds[edit]

Staring Contest[edit]

One day Lukas the Trickster bet Krom that he couldn't outstare the sun. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Krom took the bet and spent a full day staring into the sun, going blind in one eye in the process. He ultimately called it a draw when the sun set.

Comorragh Holiday[edit]

While looking for the missing Logan Grimnar, Krom was captured by Dark Eldar. He fought in the arenas of Comorragh, managing to kill a Talos while his armor was unpowered and he had no weapon, not to mention that he was drugged out of his mind by the pesky xenos. He wound up working with a couple Dark Angels to escape.

Alaric Prime[edit]

Long story short, Krom felt sidelined and decided to hunt down Grukk Face-Rippa with only a small task force of Drakeslayers. This was a complete disaster. He didn't kill the warboss, but got his own ass kicked. Naturally, Logan Grimnar called him out on his stupidity. Later on in the battle, Krom led the Imperial forces, but only after most of the fighting was done. This embarrassed the shit out of Krom, and highlighted his unreliability.

Wrath of Magnus[edit]

While mostly in the background during this one, Krom did volunteer for inglorious guard duty as part of atoning for the above-mentioned mess. He also managed to help out the Grey Knights and contributed to proving the loyalty of the Wolves.


Pts WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Krom Dragongaze: 75 2+ 2+ 4 4 5 5 9 3+

He's mostly a bog-standard Wolf Lord with a Master-Crafted Frost Axe (Strengh +2 AP -2 D3 Damage). He does have a few tricks up his sleeve, like re-rolling failed 1 to hit and his Fierce-Eye ability forcing the enemy to substract 1 from their leadership. He is rather squishly (3+ save, 4+ invuln with 5 wounds.), but can stand his ground against majority of the characters (if they dont have damage 3 or more).

With the latest Chapter Approved (being 2019), Krom has gone down to 75 points meaning that an equally equipped Wolf Lord would cost 5 points more.

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