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Notable Games Ork and Space Marine Bit swaps, Tank bit swaps

Kromlech or Bits of War is a Polish-based model company. They make a lot of 40K-related conversion bits and models, mostly for Space Marines, Chaos Marines, and Orks (though they do have Demons and Guard bits as well.) Most notable for their Ork product lines, which include Orky Afrika Korps models, Orky Nazis (I am not kidding, look it up) a wide array of Mega Armored models, and artillery. They also sell a bunch of assorted Chaos and Imperial goodies, but really, their main attraction is the orks. Which is good because there is some gold here. From cybork bodyparts (which do allow you to build a robo-Ork if you get them all, "Kommando" heads, which are Orks in beanie hats, various components to build feral Orks, (if you have a phobia of Age of Sigmar) ORKS IN FEZ's for making "Ottoman Orcs", Orks warthog heads, (they can't all be winners I guess) a great variety of backpacks and weapons, upgrades for Space Marine Canned Corpses to make them look Orky, and a bunch of little things like tank crew of both Ork and Grot descent and set dressing like bottles, missles, grenades and skulls. Everything except the skulls is pretty orky.

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