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General Tactics

Kruleboyz are a sub-faction/sub-species of Orruk native to the many swamps and marshes of the Mortal Realms, particularly Ghur. These lean and lanky gits prioritize Mork over Gork, leading to an extremely cunning and cruel natured society, hence the name. Roused by the return of Kragnos, the Kruleboyz join the greater Orruk Warclans in a Waaagh! of realm shaking proportions.

Unlike their Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz cousins, the Kruleboyz actively utilize Grots in their forces, making them the closest thing to the oldschool Orcs and Goblins combined army. However aesthetically they draw less from the traditional Fantasy/40k redition of what an "Orc" is (a big angry overly muscled, almost gorilla-like design), and have more of a lanky, thin look, almost resembling an Uruk from Lord of the Rings more than Warhammer (although, this could be due to being influenced by the old 2nd-3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Greenskins appearances). Most off-putting of all, they stand upright.

Why are they so different from other Orruks?[edit]

The ancestors of the Kruleboyz were Orruks who colonized the swamps of Ghur. These enviroments were extremely deadly, and in a way that couldn't be solved with traditional brute strength and ignorance. Being bulky only makes you more vulnerable to being trapped in quicksand, and the biggest choppa in the world can't save you from being dissolved by acid fog. As such, the evolutionary pressures of their enviroments forced the Kruleboyz to evolve into a new subspecies (referred to as "Morruks" by some scholars) that was far more intelligent and lightweight (though still far stronger than the average humie, think of them like chimps to the Ironjawz' gorilla).


The Kruleboyz have since spread out of Ghur and now reside in all of the swamplands of the Mortal Realms. Their fortresses are designed to blend in with the enviroment and to be easily abandoned, ensuring that they can hide from any enemy they don't feel like fighting. Kruleboyz in general are exceptionally patient and cautious and refuse to enter any fight they haven't rigged to their favor, relying on stealth, sabotage and terror tactics to undermine their enemies before the battle even begins. This is what kept them out of the limelight until the Era of the Beast, as they only went to war against weak targets of opportunity. Only with the massive uptick of Destruction activity and the Cities of Sigmar sending out new expeditions by the day to build vulnerable new settlements have the Kruleboyz truly become confident enough to be a common threat.

Similar to Skaven clans, each Kruleboy Orruk belongs to a tribe with a particular set of skills (which in themselves are seperate from the Warclans). Said tribes are the Badstabbaz (front-line warriors), the Beast-breakaz (animal tamers), the Deffspikerz (engineers/marksmen), and the Gitsnatchaz (slavers/corpse recyclers). The typical military formation of the Kruleboyz is the "Klaw", which is divided into five fingers: the 'Thumb' (Command, consisting of the boss and his shaman advisors), the 'Jab Finga' (consisting of the strongest warriors), the 'Middul Finga' (for insulting the enemy, consisting mostly of Deffspikerz), the 'Trophy Finga' (for showing off, consisting mostly of the monsters of the Beast-Breakaz and Gitsnatchas) and the 'Light Finga' (for nicking things, consisting of Hobgrots and yoofs sent off on stealth missions).

Since his return to the Mortal Realms, Kragnos now plays an important part in the religion of the Kruleboyz, though most aren't sincere in his worship. They merely respect his capacity for mass destruction, and if pledging allegiance to him is the best way to get him to kill their enemies instead of them, that's what they'll do.

Also, if you haven't figured out by their name they're incredibly cruel. Their use of poison, traps and psychological warfare is just as much due to their love of watching their enemies suffer as it is due to pragmatism.

Da Forces uv Da Kruleboyz[edit]

  • Killaboss: The leaders of the Kruleboyz Warclans, who are just as eager to shove a poisoned dagger into a rival as they are to lob off their head in a fight. They’re often followed by little guys called Stab Grots, “brave” minions who help their boss fight off enemies or serve as a nice meat shield. The most ambitious (or crazy) Killabosses will ride bog-hounds called Great Gnashtoofs or the colossal Corpse-rippa Vulcha, both of which are tamed by a Breaka-boss.
  • Breaka-boss: The bosses of the Beast-breakaz tribe in charge of capturing and taming beasts for battle, these domineering Orruks ride into battle atop Mirebrute Troggoths and goad then into rampaging through enemy lines.
  • Snatchaboss: Leaders of the Gitsnatcha tribe that naturally specialize in grabbing high value targets mid-fight. They ride atop large monsters called Sludgeraker Beasts, which look like a cross between an alligator and a sloth.
  • Swampcalla Shaman: Considered to be disgusting even to the other Kruleboyz, these Shamans channel the copious gunk and poisons of their marsh homelands into vile magic to fling at enemies. Interestingly, they appear to wear the facial part of a Gargant skull as back-armor. They are always accompanied by a cauldron laden Pot Grot who helps the Shaman brew his potent spells.
  • Murknob: Lieutenants and underbosses to the Killaboss. They usually carry around enchanted Belcha-Banners that repel enemy wizards and cover the area in a swampy fog.
  • Man-Skewer Boltboyz: A step up from the Arrer-Boy of old, these Orruks wield poison coated crossbows designed to pierce through armor and shish-kabob any unfortunate soul in the line of fire. They are surprisingly very professional when it comes to their weapons, boasting a scary level of accuracy (F̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶G̶r̶e̶e̶n̶s̶k̶i̶n̶ 2+ TO HIT!) and even having a sentimental connection to their crossbows after years of tending to and upgrading them. Said sentimentality though is easily ignored should they spot a better looking weapon.
  • Beast-Skewer Killbow: The artillery version of the Man-Skewers, and the AoS take on the Spear Chukka.
  • Marshcrawla Sloggoth: An especially degenerate quadrupedal breed of Troggoth made to serve as mounts for a crew of grots (as no Orruk would ever want to ride such a pathetic beast). While the Sloggoth does what any dopey monster does, the grots on its back are tasked with capturing their terrified foes with nets and barbed snatcha-poles.
  • Gutrippaz: The most common of the Kruleboyz, equipped with jagged poisonous spears and leer faced shields. They all hail from the Badstabbaz tribe and form the bedrock of any raiding party.
  • Hobgrot Slittaz: Hobgoblins are back! Stated as diminutive middle men for the Kruleboyz and clans of chaos-worshipping duardin rather than actually a part of the Orruk fold, these yellow skinned backstabbers use crudely made stick grenades to blow apart enemy formations.

Notable Bosses[edit]

  • Gobsprakk, the Mouth of Mork: The most powerful of Swampcalla Shamans who’s blessed with a mastery of multilingual communication. He can even speak the dead language of Kragnos’ people, meaning he can understand and be understood by Kragnos and influence other Kruleboyz to do whatever the End of Empires says… at least, whatever Gobsprakk tells them he says. He's already being billed as a pretty big badass between this and severing the hand of a Lord of Change and keeping it as a trophy despite the rest of that daemon getting banished. All of which make Gobsprakk the de facto leader of the Kruleboyz and sets him up nicely as the kunnin’ to “Fist of Gork” Gordrakk’s brutality.
  • Swampboss Skumdrekk: A renowned and fabulously wealthy Snatchaboss with a propensity for gambling on the outcome of his fights.
  • Killaboss Gazog he tried to make it so an infinite Waaagh! backed up by Kragnos would happen. The plan he came up with was to brew a magic poison so toxic that when poured on a leyline in Ghur it would cause the living continent of Thondia to go into convulsions and trigger an earthquake that would destroy the last remnants of the nation of Donse, which had been the home of Kragnos people. This Gazog hoped would then send the Drogrukh-turned-god on an apocalyptic roaring rampage of revenge that would last indefinitely. Unfortunately for Gazog, his efforts were uncovered due to Yndrasta sending her old friend Lord Imperatant Tyberain Vorst and his Auric Lions (a new Thunderstrike Stormhost of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals) to investigate why certain villages in Ghur were suddenly going silent. This leads to the battle of Amberstone Watch in which the Orruks are ousted from the storm keep and chased back to their home in the Morruk Hills though the Greenskins haven’t given up and continue to launch assaults in an attempt to retake the fortress.


  • Grinnin’ Blades: Posterboys who favor attacking under a shroud of swampy mist.
  • Big Yellers: Loudmouth braggarts who prefer to sit back and lazily mow down enemies with their startlingly efficient ranged weapons. Their name is also a delightful pun since not only do they yell a lot, but their skareshields are also a bright yellow.
  • Skulbugz: Creepy and vile Orruks with an obsession with all manner of bugs. They prefer the company of monsters and their beloved bugs as opposed to the other Orruks.


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