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General Tactics

Kruleboyz are a sub-faction/sub-species of Orruk native to the many swamps and marshes of the Mortal Realms, particularly Ghur. These lean and lanky gits prioritize Mork over Gork, leading to an extremely cunning and cruel natured society, hence the name. Roused by the return of Kragnos, the Kruleboyz join the greater Orruk Warclans in a Waaagh! of realm shaking proportions.

Unlike their Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz cousins, the Kruleboyz actively utilize Grots in their forces, making them the closest thing to the oldschool Orcs and Goblins combined army. However aesthetically they draw less from the traditional 40k redition of what an "Orc" is, with a big angry overly muscled, almost gorilla-like design: and have more of a lanky, thin look, almost resembling an orc from Lord of the Rings more than Warhammer (although, this could be due to being influenced by the old 2nd-3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Greenskins appearances). Most off-putting of all, they stand upright.

Similar to Skaven clans, each Kruleboy Orruk belongs to a tribe with a particular set of skills. The tribes are brought together under a Killaboss to wage war. Said tribes are the Badstabbaz (front-line warriors), the Beast-breakaz (animal tamers), the Deffspikerz (engineers/inventors), and the Gitsnatchaz (slavers).

Da Forces uv Da Kruleboyz[edit]

  • Killaboss: The leaders of the Kruleboyz Warclans, who are just as eager to shove a poisoned dagger into a rival as they are to lob off their head in a fight. They’re often followed by little guys called Stab Grots, “brave” minions who help their boss fight off enemies or serve as a nice meat shield. The most ambitious (or crazy) Killabosses will ride large bog-hounds called Great Gnashtoofs tamed by a Breaka-boss.
  • Breaka-boss: The bosses of the Beast-breakaz tribe in charge of capturing and taming beasts for battle, these domineering Orruks ride into battle atop Mirebrute Troggoths and goad then into rampaging through enemy lines.
  • Swampcalla Shaman: Considered to be disgusting even to the other Kruleboyz, these Shamans channel the copious gunk and poisons of their marsh homelands into vile magic to fling at enemies. Interestingly, they appear to wear the facial part of a Gargant skull as back-armor. They are always accompanied by a cauldron laden Pot Grot who helps the Shaman brew his potent spells.
  • Murknob: Lieutenants and underbosses to the Killaboss. They usually carry around enchanted Belcha-Banners that repel enemy wizards and cover the area in a swampy fog.
  • Man-Skewer Boltboyz: A step up from the Arrer-Boy of old, these Orruks wield poison coated crossbows designed to pierce through armor and shish-kabob any unfortunate soul in the line of fire. They are surprisingly very professional when it comes to their weapons, boasting a scary level of accuracy (F̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶G̶r̶e̶e̶n̶s̶k̶i̶n̶) 2+ TO HIT! and even having a sentimental connection to their crossbows after years of tending to and upgrading them. Said sentimentality though is easily ignored should they spot a better looking weapon.
  • Beast-Skewer Killbow: The artillery version of the Man-Skewers, and the AoS take on the Spear Chukka.
  • Gutrippaz: The most common of the Kruleboyz, equipped with jagged poisonous spears and leer faced shields. They all hail from the Badstabbaz tribe and form the bedrock of any raiding party.
  • Hobgrot Slittaz: Hobgoblins are back! Stated as diminutive middle men for the Kruleboyz and clans of chaos-worshipping duardin rather than actually a part of the Orruk fold, these yellow skinned backstabbers use crudely made stick grenades to blow apart enemy formations.
  • Marshcrawla Sloggoth: Troggoths forced onto all fours and made quadrupedal to serve as mounts for a crew of grots.



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