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Krynn is the world in which the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting of Dragonlance takes place. Most of the action is centered on one continent, called Ansalon. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks also cover other continents; of these Taladas is the largest and most famous, having been the setting of the computer game "Dark Queen of Krynn"; it featured in the boxed set "Time of the Dragon" and in the supplement "Taladas : The Minotaurs". A once-off sourcebook for 2nd edition called "Otherlands" features the lands of Chorane (an enormous, borderline-Underdark heated valley hidden amidst the northern ice fields), Selasia (a coral reef island chain near Taladas, home to the Irda subraces), and Watermere (the underwater kingdom of the Dargonesti).