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Krynn is the world in which the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting of Dragonlance takes place. Most of the action is centered on one (sub)continent, called Ansalon.

2nd edition sourcebooks cover other continents; of those which we know Taladas is the largest and most famous, having been the setting of the computer game Dark Queen of Krynn. It featured in the boxed set Time of the Dragon and in the supplement Taladas : The Minotaurs.

A once-off sourcebook for 2nd edition called Otherlands features the lands of Chorane (an enormous, borderline-Underdark heated valley hidden amidst the northern ice fields), Selasia (a coral reef island chain near Taladas, home to the Irda subraces), and Watermere (the underwater kingdom of the Dargonesti).