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Kuliak Symbol.jpg
Aliases The Dead Goddess
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Goliath
Portfolio The dead, exiles
Domains Death, Magic, Travel, Water
Worshippers Goliath exiles
Favoured Weapon Morningstar

Kuliak is the goddess of the dead and the exiled goliaths.


Kuliak was originally the goddess of mountain springs, but one day overslept and didn't lead the goliath tribes to the water, leading to the other gods to shun her.


Kuliak appears as a starving, rail-thin goliath.


Among the nonexiled goliaths, her existance is largely unmentioned and only brought up when a goliath dies. Her followers are exclusively the exiled, who find comfort in her tale, and are eager to more of their goddess. The clerics often act as shepards to the exiles and are always willing to help those in danger. She has no formal shrines, but the graves of goliaths who died heroic deaths act as gathering spots. Her only rite is the Rite of Welcoming, a counterpoint to the shunning preceeding exile, where the exile is embrace three times when entering a home or a group.