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Kundo symbol.png
Ornate shield or breastplate
Alignment Lawful Good (Neutral Good tendencies)
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Touv)
Portfolio Building, Defense, Music, Noise
Domains Community, Earth, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Hepmonaland, Oerth)
Worshippers Builders, guardians
Favoured Weapon Shortsword

Kundo is the Touv god of building, noise, music, and defense.


Kundo was born from the union of Xanag, the goddess of metals, and Vogan, god of storms. He created the moons of Oerth, creating two metal disks, one for his mother and another for his grandmother Nola, so that all may remember Nola's light and beauty even as she slept. When Damaran, the god of vermin, infested his house, he went to confront the demigod, only for him to run away.


Kundo is depicted as a laughing Touv man, bearing a great shield on one hand and carrying saplings under his other arm.


Kundo's clerics and shamans are defenders of the weak, going to great lengths to save other from danger. Alongside acting as protectors, they teach the tradional songs to tribe members and build shelters for the poor. They can be recognized by their ornate, but functional, shield and/or breastplate.

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