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Quite the eager looking fellow, isn't it?

Kuo-Toa are fish people living in deep seas and underground caverns. Former slaves of illithids and declared "kill on sight" by drow, they are completely insane from having their brains scrambled by slaver octopi and worship whatever seems the most awe-inspiring for them. Their most remarkable trait is being able to make a thing they believe in come true - this way, they create minor gods from whatever they start worshipping. This was how Blibdoolpoolp, made from a broken statue of a woman and crayfish parts, came into being to protect Kuo-Toa. Other traits include being able to feel the presence of invisible or ethereal creatures and love for armaments that capture rather than kill. Their society is theocratic - archbishop rules, children of archbishop ("hooks") inherit the power after they fight each other to the death.

They're basically the Dungeons & Dragons knock-off version of Deep Ones. They're less menacing, though, especially as the nightmare sea abomination niche has already been claimed.

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