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Muscular arm holding a broken chain
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Bravery, Competition, Sport, Physical Development
Domains Community (Family, Home), Good (Agathion), Luck (Fate), Strength (Competition, Resolve), Travel (Trade)
Home Plane Nirvana
Worshippers Archers, athletes, entertainers, jousters, and sellswords
Favoured Weapon Javelin

Kurgess was once a mortal who helped a traveling merchant with his incredible strength. Impressed, the merchant took him to city and sponsored him as an athlete. Kurgess proved wildly successful, but he attracted many bitter rivals. This would lead to his demise when one unleashed a trap during a major event in the capital, leading to Kurgess dying as he saved the other competitors. Afterwards he was raised to divinity by Cayden Cailean and Desna, who were impressed by his abilities and character (other tales suggest it was because he was secretly their son, though 2E Gods and Magic rejects this and explicitly lists their relation as only "divine protégé").

Kurgess's worshipers are encouraged to show off, but not out of pride. Rather, they are supposed to encourage others to excel. They are to be gracious in both victory and defeat, and oppose cheating. He actually has a few casting worshipers who share his zeal for training and know not being a fat fuck helps their mind (Which is not as Gish centric as it initially seems: A wizard with a bad Dexterity and/or Constitution is a dead wizard). While his priesthood sponsors a major gladiatorial event, the Carnival of Kurgess, he prefers fights that aren't to the death.

The Kingmaker video game expands on the deity's lore in a conversation with one of his priests. Most of his priests are wanderers who not only inspire people to do better (as mentioned above) but also teach people physical skills. Priests are to treat their bodies like temples, and as such Kurgess opposes drug use. You can hire a group of them to train your army.

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