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Gold coin bearing the image of a key or a quill
Aliases The Master Thief
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Hero-God
Pantheon Oerth (Oeridian)
Portfolio Theft, Treasure-finding
Domains Chaos, Luck, Trickery
Worshippers Rogues, thrill-seekers, treasure hunters
Favoured Weapon Dagger, rapier

Kuroth (pronounced CUR-ahth), is the Oeridian Hero-God of theft and treasure-finding.


Kuroth, when alive, was the greatest thief to live. Despite living in great wealth, he continued thievery to keep his skill up and reputation. His exploits include but are not limited to: stealing Shador's Gavel whilst the court using it was in session, stealing flawless emeralds from a sleeping vampire lord's coffin, as he slept in it, and stealing a reality altering quill from a lich. He earned his godhood after he performed a particularily risky quest for Olidammara.


The ultimate challenge is taking something that its owner doesn't want you to have. Constantly push your limits in your attempts to acquire newer, more valuable, and unusual things, for stealing from a common merchant is little sport compared to stealing from a dragon's hoard. Even if you lack nothing, avoid the trap that success would place on your mind, and seek to acquire more, discarding it afterwards if you don't need it. Never destroy a valuable item, for that deprives another of the chance to steal it in return.

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