Kustom Boosta-Blasta

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The Warbuggy has gotten a new makeover and its now roight and propa FLASH!
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PRAISE BE TO MORK! A new series of Ork buggy kits were released in the Orktober 2018 event, and they look glorious! A spiritual successor to the old Ork Warbuggy, the Kustom Boosta-Blasta is a Speed Freek vehicle that is designed for XTREME SPEED!

Resembling an overpowered beach buggy crammed with guns, this vehicle is built with a minimal rollcage, spiked tyres and a frankly ostentatious engine block/exhaust assembly that doubles as a Flamer in close quarters. The hulking brute of a driver barely fits into the cockpit, his many Cybork augmentations squishing him into his seat – not a problem for his accompanying Grot, who hangs out of the passenger side gleefully. Another Ork mans the enormous Rivet Kannon attached to the roof, with the whole ensemble topped off nicely by a ton of spikes and horns. The Meks who build such vehicles are often so obsessed with speed that they will often build themselves into the chassis. For added lulz the crew can fling stikkbombs at nearby enemies while the Grot takes potshots with his Blasta.

Put simply, Kustom Boosta-blastas are designed as fast attack vehicles, and are essentially a modified and improved version of the Warbuggy.

The Kustom Boosta-blasta is seen in especially large numbers when the Evil Sunz go to battle, for it perfectly suits their way of war. Many of their warbands field multiple Boosta-Blasta speed mobs that race across the battlefield amidst clouds of exhaust fumes, and spearhead massed charges by Evil Sunz Warbikers. Such mechanized forces steamroll everything before them amidst crashing gunfire and bestial roars of hilarity.


In 8th Edition the Kustom Boosta-Blasta's main weapon, the Rivet Cannon, is quite powerful for such a small vehicle. This is an Assault 6, S7, Ap-2, 2 damage weapon with a 36" range. It also has four Burna Exhausts, each of which has the same profile as a Burna: S4, D3 auto-hits per shot, 8" range. For lulz the crew can also throw a Stikkbomb up to 6", and there is also a single Grot Blasta that hits on a 4+. In melee, the vehicle can use its Spiked Ram which deals D3 mortal wounds on a roll of 4+ after a charge.

While the Boosta-Blasta has quite a lot of firepower, it must get dangerously close to use about half of it. Some Ork players have argued that this results in vehicle with a rather awkward lack of focus. On the other hand, the Boosta-Blasta can be used to hammer away at a target from a relatively safe distance until it has been severely weakened, at which point the buggy can move up and burninate it to death. It is also very good on Overwatch, so depending on the situation, being "danger close" might not be as much of a problem as it would appear at first glance.

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