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Not to be confused with the Kyton, the chain devils from D&D who live on the third layer of Baator.

You remember how Forgeworld thought that even a modern face-lift of the Lord of Skulls was so terrible that it couldn't even save it from the derpness that is Epic, until Forgeworld literally needed to sell an entire conversion kit to make the model less painful to the eyes. Well that conversion kit was to replace the stupidly oversized Tonka truck treads with a more beastly looking legs and lo and behold, the Kytan was born. Needless to say, it worked. How GW managed to fuck up so badly with the Lord of Skulls is unknown but nevertheless the Kytan, unlike the Lord of Skulls, actually looks cool, intimidating and actually awesome. Well done, Forge World!


The Kytan essentially have almost all of the Lord of Skulls weaponry just renamed. The weaponry which was the Kytan Gatling Cannon and the Great Cleaver of Khorne. Due to replacing the treads with two walker legs, the Kytan transforms from a super-heavy tank to a super-heavy walker and thus have the respective rules due to being as tall as a Cerastus Knight.

The Kytan is forged by the most malign Warpsmiths and Dark Magos as an act of their devotion to the supreme lord of blood and battles as well as redeeming Khorne's name from the rolling sack of turd, Kytan Daemon Engines stride across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium eviscerating all who dare oppose them until their hides of brass and blackened iron are bathed in blood and hung with gore.

In the uncommon event that it is attacked, the Kytan is warded by daemonic rites and the powers of the Warp to resist damage inflicted upon it by those few lucky enough or skilled in the ways of fighting such an abomination to survive its initial assault.

It's also famous in table top for being able to wreck other walkers like Wraithknights, Imperial Knights, and Riptides, when in melee but is considered overcosted - not so much any more since it's price drop to 410 points, but still slightly worse general-performance value for money than one of the stock knights.

Phenomenal when paired with a Lord Discordant , who buffs its weapon/ballistic skill to 2+, shits out more than enough attacks to finish off anything that somehow survives it, and gives your opponent a real Hobson's choice when deciding which one to shoot and which one to allow to reach their lines. Just don't expect him to have much chance to do repairs or either of them to survive past turn 2.

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