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Pathfinder chose to depict its basic kyton in a more seductive fashion.

Kytons are a fiendish race present in both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Originating in D&D, the Kyton is a minor fiend native to the third level of Baator, where they rule the chain-woven city of Jangling Hiter. Characterized as humanoids wrapped up like mummies in barbed chains, kytons are notorious for their skill at wielding chain weapons and their sadistic love of inflicting pain. They're also known as Chain Devils, but whether they're actually a strain of Baatezu or a minor fiendish race subliminated to diabolic rule is unclear.

In Pathfinder, Kytons have stepped out of the hells and gotten a lot more development. Now residents of the Plane of Shadow, the Kytons of Pathfinder are... well, essentially they're Cenobites. Obsessed with pain, pleasure, and the limits of the flesh, they are a race of twisted flesh and mutilating metal, servitors of the mad God of Pain, Zon-Kuthon.

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