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The word Lahmian refers to a type of Vampire Counts from Warhammer Fantasy. It is derived from the word "Lamia", a female supernatural monster/vampire/demon who feeds on blood. This derives further from Greek mythology where Lamia (derived even further from the Greek word Laimos, or gut) was the queen of Libya and one of Zeus's lovers. Since she had no children with Zeus to punish as she usually did, Hera instead killed all of Lamia's children. This drove Lamia insane and caused her to become a Snek monster that eats other women's children. Note that Lahmians are unrelated to Lamia in the traditional gaming context (preferring cats to snakes).


Queen Neferata was said to despise men. This led to her and her bloodline being very gynocentric. They are made up of a majority of women with very few male members, the latter never attaining a high rank, and despite their magic and supernatural abilities they control society (especially the men) from behind the scenes (sounds like they're a feminist's wet dream come true) One gets the impression the editors don't know anything about feminism.


  • Chaos
    • Beastmen
      • In the novel "Neferata" there is an encounter between Beastmen and Lahmians. The Beastmen hunt the vampires before they turn the tables and kill the Beastmen. One says their blood tastes like goat's blood and they briefly consider whether it carries the taint of Chaos.
    • Chaos Dwarfs
      • Chaos Dwarfs have no concern or interest in the Lahmians and vica versa.
    • Daemons
      • Daemons have virtually nothing to do with the Lahmians as Vampires are outside of the cycle of life and death, their souls never returning to the Warp. One of the only rules implied among the Lahmians is that they never consort with the followers of Chaos.
    • Warriors Of Chaos
      • The WoC have no concern or interest in the Lahmians prior to End Times, when they were enemies.
  • Dwarfs
    • Von Carsteins antagonize the Dwarfs a great deal, and the Dwarfs aid the Empire whenever they can. As a result the relationship is quite unfriendly and the Dwarfs are more likely to attack the VCs than the other VC Bloodlines. The bad relation began a long time ago when Neferata invaded a Dwarven fortress called the Silver Pinnacle which led to the Dwarves to record the first grudge against vampire (or the undeath as a whole). Ironically, they consider Dwarf blood tasting somewhat unpleasant.
  • Elves
    • High Elves
      • The Lahmians were not a concern of the Asur. It is implied that there are Lahmians among the High Elves or spying on them, as Neferata knew of Aliathra's true parentage even though Mannfred and Arkhan didn't and very few High Elves (including Finubar, Alarielle, Tyrion, Teclis, Eltharion and Eldyra) are stated to know.
    • Dark Elves
      • Dark Elves have no concern or interest in the Lahmians, though there was an alliance in the past. Neferata's ship was attacked by Dark Elf Corsairs and she and her handmaidens fought them off. It's also revealed that Elf blood is intoxicating to vampires like a tasty but potent wine, making a vampire's body and mind sluggish. However, the poison and drugs Witch Elves take before battle can knock out a vampire, as one Lahmian discovered to her cost.
    • Wood Elves
      • Wood Elves have no concern or interest in the Lahmians and vica versa.
  • Humans
    • Bretonnia
      • The Lahmians are spread among the nobility of Bretonnians. They often disguise themselves as wives, or take advantage of the Bretonnian knights code to play damsel in distress and the excuse to avoid associating with peasants. Neferata herself likes the Bretonnians because they're so easy for her to exploit.
    • The Empire
      • The favorite pawns because of their influence around the world. The Church of Sigmar stands between them and their goals and they have a mutual hatred of each other, due to the Sigmarite faith opposing their unholy nature and immorality.
  • Lizardmen
    • Lizardmen have no concern or interest in the Lahmians, but their encounter will still be a violent one since vampires are not part of the great plan like the Skaven and Dark Elves.
  • Ogre Kingdoms
    • Ogre mercenaries in the Empire, as well as the population living in Ostland, would be concerned about the Vampire Counts but the Kingdoms themselves are likely to work alongside agents of the Lahmians as they are to be against them. Few if any Lahmians would consider dealing with the Ogres directly, and the Lahmians generally find the Ogres beneath them.
  • Orcs & Goblins
    • While they did manipulate them to act as enemies against Ushoran, otherwise Lahmians have no regard for Orcs. They think Orc blood tastes too plant-like for their liking.
  • Skaven
    • Lahmians have never worked directly with Skaven, and both sides see each other as enemies.
  • Tomb Kings
    • One of the Lahmians most hated enemies and this goes both ways. From the vampires role as Nagash's work and servants, to the vendetta between Nefarata and her cousin Queen Khalida, and several Tomb Kings back in the days when they were living humans lost their wives, fiances or daughters to vampirism. Prior to the End Times the Lahmians and the Tomb Kings never worked together, the former want to subjugate or exterminate the latter while the latter want to wipe out the former.
  • Vampire Counts
    • Strigoi
      • A hated enemy of the Lahmians and the feeling is mutual due to Neferata undermining Ushoran then ruining Mourikhan. Wandering Strigoi find themselves driven out or eliminated to prevent them from bringing unwanted attention from the Empire to the region, a treatment that extends to the Strigamy people. Or simply because the Strigoi doesn't know when to stop regarding feeding on the peasants, possibly getting a delicious maiden or elderly warrior that someone who could appreciate the meal could have had. Strigoi in return hate them for causing their fall from grace and how they get to live in luxury supping off kings and nobles while the Strigoi shiver in caves and feed on peasants or corpses.
    • Von Carsteins
      • Another hated enemy of the Lahmians. The Lahimans see the Von Carsteins as second-rate upstarts and charlatans. The two are direct rivals for power, the Von Carsteins pretending to be vampire overlords in crumbling castles while Lahmians pretend to be human overlords in well-furnished and modern decorated castles. Much of the intrigue not related to ruling the world of both Bloodlines is against each other, with a small amount left for kicking Strigoi in the teeth for lulz.
    • Blood Dragon
      • The Blood Dragons have limited connections to the Lahmians. There is animosity as Neferata tricked Abhorash into becoming a vampire and he hates her for it, but his honor prevents him from killing her over it.
    • Necrarch
      • Necrarchs have the same relationship with the Lahmians that they do the other Bloodlines (Strigoi excluded). Necrarchs build monsters or discover new spells, they sell them to the Lahmians for gold or supplies. However, this is rare as the Lahmians tend to either do magic experiments themselves or spy on mortal practitioners of magic and steal their work.