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The Lamassu is an obscure monster from ancient Sumeria, also known as a Shedu. It appears as a winged bull or lion with the head of a human man and is regarded as a protector spirit, as well as being associated with a particular goddess. Its Sumerian origin is probably one of the reasons it's so obscure, as it doesn't originate from Greek/Roman, Egyptian, or Lovecraftian mythos. Muslims adopted the critter as Buraq, the creature that carried Mohammad to Paradise for a one-on-one with God.


In Dungeons & Dragons, Lamassu (usually misspelled as Lammasu) and Shedu are two seperate Good aligned outsiders. Lamassu are winged man-headed lions with the powers of a 7th level Cleric, whilst Shedu are winged man-headed bulls with psionic powers.

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