Land Ironclad

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Looks like the WW1 US Military took a leaf out of the Ork's book.

The Land Ironclad is a heavy vehicle used by the US forces in AQMF. The tank features one 12-inch tank gun, a 7-inch tank gun, four 5-inch tank guns, four 4-inch tank guns and eight machine guns, making it one of the most Shooty vehicles in the game, and the third most expensive unit at 750 points alone. As the fuckhuge threat that it is, the Ironclad is most effective at being a Distraction so you can sneak your smaller units round the back of the Martians.

American Forces in All Quiet on the Martian Front
Armored Fighting Vehicles: Baldwin Steam Tanks - Mk IV Steam Tank - Flame Tank - MK IV ACP - Mk V Goliath - Land Ironclad
Transports: Fliver - Armored Infantry Carrier
Infantry: US Infantry Squad - Forlorn Hope Team - US Command Squad - Machine Gun Squad - Armored Infantry Squad - Rough Rider Motorcycle Squad - US Cavalry Squad
Artillery: Field Gun Battery - Heavy Field Gun Battery - Anti-Tripod Gun Battery - Mk II Mobile Artillery Steamer - Tesla Lightning Gun Artillery Steamer
Support: Cargo Steamer - Mk II Tesla Minelayer - Ambulance - Field Engineering Unit