Laser Cleric

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Laser Cleric is 4e Dungeons & Dragons slang that arose shortly after the leak of the 4th edition manuals. It was noticed that clerics had access to a first-level "At-Will" power called Lance of Faith, which was described as essentially zapping enemies with a holy laser. Unfortunately for the Laser Cleric, it was also soon discovered that, while hilarious, so-called Laser Cleric builds were not actually very mechanically powerful.

Particularly unlucky players dubbed the "Lance of Faith" power "Sacred Lance of Missing".

However, in 5e...[edit]

In 5th Edition, Clerics have been granted the Light domain, which gives them a lot more lasers and fire, allowing one to play a TRUE laser cleric by abusing Sacred Flame and Scorching Ray (which they get at 3rd level). These clerics are quite powerful, though they sacrifice some healing utility for PURE DIVINE SMITING POWER.