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The Space Marine Captain is the Space Marine hero for Last Stand


The Captain is the brutal front-line of Last Stand. He is notable for his surprisingly high levels of durability and for the relative flexibility of his tactical loadouts. Unlike other front-liners, like the Hive Tyrant, Tau Commander, and Farseer, the Captain is designed to be directly involved in a combat situation no matter what loadout he has. With one of the highest HP totals in Last Stand, the Captain is designed to survive, and with his ability to have an almost ludicrously high regeneration rate, he also tends to have the ability to stick around with only a short time out compared to other heroes. With an impressive number of offensive options, the Space Marine Captain boasts some terrifyingly high damage output and some top-class support abilities. His Plasma Gun and Power Axe boast phenomenal anti-armor ability, the Lightning Claw is a terrifying anti-mob weapon, the Chainsword gives him truly absurd levels of survivability, and the Bolter, Plasma Cannon, and Thunder Hammer are tricky but potent weapons that offer all new tactical options for those willing to indulge. He has a number of secondary wargear options that give him massive firepower, additional backup (and how!), or the ability to bolster and assist teammates.

Unfortunately, what the Captain has in raw power and survivability, he loses in energy capacity and battlefield control. Energy boosts are few and far between for the Captain, with only one armor giving him any more than his base 50, and only one weapon boosting his energy regeneration rate. With many expensive abilities, the Captain often will run low or even completely dry on energy, often at bad times, even with the help of a Tau Commander's Ion Battery or allies who can help bolster your energy regeneration like the Farseer.

The captain also has extremely poor anti-mob damage until much later in his career, when the Plasma Gun brings the Hellfire Grenade to the table, with the Lightning Claw, Frag Grenade, Plasma Cannon, and Orbital Strike not becoming available until close to the end of his progression. This means the early days of the Captain is hallmarked by him being tactically one-sided, often pigeon-holed into a melee role until the better weapons start to become available. Even afterwards his gear tends to set itself up oddly; Combat Expert, one of the best abilities the Captain can get, demands the Plasma Pistol, which mandates that the Marine carry a melee weapon. This means that the captain's combinations of viable gear are much more strict than they initially appear, and demand much more attention than they initially appear to, demanding that the player kit extremely carefully to get the most out of this front-line bruiser. One you have all his gear, he's surprisingly versatile - but you need to balance his offense and abilities carefully to get the most out of the guy despite a generally very-straightforward play style.


  • Power Armor - Default
    • Armor: 62
      • Defailt space marine armor, to be replaced by better wargear. Useless.
  • Armor of Resilience - Level 1
    • Armor: 128
    • Unshakable (Knockback immunity)
      • The starting armor for the Space Marine is decent; though its protective value is overshadowed by other armors, it is the only way the Captain gains access to Unshakable, which actually does have its merits.
  • Armor of Vengeance - Level 9
    • Armor: 208
    • Traits: Reactive Strike (Melee attacks against the Captain have a chance to damage and knockback the attacker.)
      • The Armor of Vengeance is incredibly tanky, and useful for many builds. Reactive Strike doesn't quite kick in as often as desired, but it does help to keep some blobs away.
  • Artificer Armor - Level 13
    • Armor: 162
    • +50 Health, +25 Energy
      • One of the most common armor choices on a Captain, and for good reason; its protection is sufficient, only overshadowed by the Armor of Vengeance, the energy boost is much needed for the Captain, and the health boost doesn't hurt, either.
  • Armor of Fortitude - Level 17
    • Armor: 144
    • +2.5 Health Regeneration
      • While not a bad armor, exactly, the Armor of Fortitude is often outclassed by its kin; More times than not, the extra health from Artificer will match the regen of Fortitude, on top of Artificers other benefits, and the sheer tankiness of Vengeance makes it somewhat preferable as well; that said, Fortitude can work well with builds focusing heavily on health regeneration, aiming for 8.5 or 9 health per second, and works extremely well with ranged Captains.
  • Sacred Relic Armor - DLC
    • Armor: 135
    • Traits: Melee Expert (Melee Damage is increased by 15%.), Crushing Blows (Melee attacks will deal additional damage in an area around the attacker.)
      • A decent set of armor, but very much a one-trick pony. The buffs it offers can make the Captain terrifying in terms of damage capability, but its armor value is the second lowest of the whole lot, sometimes leaving him more vulnerable than even with the Armor of Resilience due to the presence of knockback. Use it alongside the Power Axe and Plasma Pistol and you can tear apart blobs of heavy infantry in a matter of seconds.


  • Bolt Pistol - Default
    • One-handed Ranged Weapon.
    • 4.8 DPS
      • As there are multiple pistol replacements, one being another bolt pistol, there's no reason to keep this, ever. Why would you?
  • Chainsword - Default
    • Melee Weapon
    • 7.6 DPS
      • Like the bolt pistol, there are multiple melee weapon replacements, including another chainsword. Replace this immediately.
  • Bolter - Level 1
    • Two-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 21.8 DPS
    • +0.3 Energy Regeneration.
    • Ability: Blind Grenade (10 Energy; throws a grenade that stuns a cluster of enemy targets upon impact.)
      • An often overlooked weapon that is deceptively powerful. Despite what the DPS says, it really only excels against lighter targets, like Imperial Guardsmen, Eldar Guardians, and Gaunts. Its attack against heavier targets is resoundingly mediocre and a great example of why judging wargear purely by listed DPS is often a bad idea; with only 50% accuracy and poor per-shot damage, the Bolter is notorious for missing and failing to do damage either to mobs or to armored targets. Suffice to say, the blind grenades and energy regeneration bonus on this weapon, however, give it plenty of value, giving a tactically-minded Captain a great way to control mobs and high priority targets [such as the dopplegangers] as they're stunned for a few seconds, especially at its cheap energy cost. You won't get many kills with this weapon, but you can change how a battle is faring, which in many ways can be much more valuable.
  • Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol - Level 1
    • One-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 4.8 DPS
    • +1.5 Health Regeneration
      • Though completely unremarkable in power, to the point of forgetting its even doing damage sometimes, the additional health regeneration makes the bolt pistol useful in some builds, especially where it may be lacking otherwise. Has an unlisted effect to slow enemies on hit not really useful but annoying when a clone slows your ass enough to not get away from the mob on wave 20.
  • Master-Crafted Chainsword - Level 1
    • Melee Weapon
    • 12.3 DPS
    • Traits: Zealous (Every melee attack the Captain does gives him back 10 health.)
      • The starting melee weapon for the Captain is respectable. Though its damage is low, its attack speed is respectable, and the 10 health back per swing can allow a Captain to stay in melee combat for an extended period of time. This can, therefore, be looked at purely as a tanking item, allowing the already tough Captain to soak up damage all day and keep standing, as long as can keep swinging at something.
  • Plasma Pistol - Level 3
    • One-Handed Ranged Weapon
    • 3.5 DPS
    • Traits: Corroding (Targets hit by the plasma pistol have reduced armor for a short period of time), Combat Expert (30% damage buff to melee and ranged attacks.)
      • Combat Expert alone justifies the use of the Plasma Pistol, as its damage buff makes the Power Axe or Lightning Claw all the more terrifying and makes all of the Captain's special attacks that much stronger. Corrosive and decent damage atop this is just gravy.
  • Power Axe - Level 7
    • Melee Weapon
    • 19 DPS
    • Traits: Armor Piercing (The power axe ignores armour values up to 100.)
      • Though the power axe swings slow, leaving the Captain vulnerable at points, it swings HARD, especially when combined with the Plasma Pistol and Sacred Relic armor. Taking one makes the Captain very, very good at taking out single, tough targets. The power claw is far better against squads but isn't quite as painful as the axe against heavier enemies (especially when combined with the plasma pistol) but the axe's slow attack speed means it handles hordes poorly and renders zealous leadership a waste of a good slot. However, combined with sacred relic armour makes it able to deal reliable damage to all targets so long as you can say in the fight.
  • Plasma Gun - Level 11
    • Two-Handed Ranged Weapon
    • 22.6 DPS
    • Traits: Armor Piercing (The plasma gun ignores armor values up to 100.)
    • Abilities: Hellfire Grenade (15 Energy: Throws a grenade that, after 1.5 seconds from impact, does low-medium damage evenly across a pretty wide area, ignoring some armor.)
      • An incredibly useful weapon, and hard to go wrong with. The Hellfire Grenades are very useful for wiping out blobs of weaker enemies, and the plasma gun itself is an effective tool at plinking off tougher targets, especially with its Armor Piercing trait. Its only real weakness is the complete lack of any melee power without the use of Oath of Merciless Rage, and its somewhat sluggish fire rate. Arguably the best ranged weapon the Captain gets, since it has both armor piercing, relatively high damage, and can be used with a Jump Pack.
  • Plasma Cannon - Level 16
    • Two-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 10.5 DPS
    • Traits: Knockback (Blasts from the plasma cannon will knock down infantry.), Heavy (The Plasma Cannon requires a setup time to fire, and a teardown time to move again.), Area of Effect (The Plasma Cannon's blasts deal damage over a wide area.)
    • Incompatible with Jump Pack!
      • This thing is the grand mother bull moose of mixed blessings. It looks like crap on paper - it has teardown and setup time, it has a slow fire rate, its accuracy is, at best, barely tolerable, and it cannot be used with the Jump Pack on account of coming with a plasma storage backpack - all things that would largely exclude it from use by sane players. On the other hand, this thing's devastating firepower lets it flat-out obliterate entire squads with a single lucky shot and punch gaping wounds and smoking holes in vehicles and monstrous creatures alike, and doing it from a massive range to boot. Its long range and setup time also makes it one of the best weapons to use from cover (assuming your dreadnought didn't step on it). To get the most out of this weapon, it's critical you kit out to make up for its shortcomings - carry Terror of Xenos for control, and, ideally, a teammate with more crowd-control abilities, such as the likes of Orb of Vengeance (Sorcerer), Bouncy Shield (Mek), or Toxic Miasma (Tyrant). The weapon itself has a bad reputation, and for good reason - not only is it very hard to use, but it's a go-to weapon for glitchers and exploiters, even after the patches removed the ability of a player to shoot themselves off the map. It can be quite powerful when used right, but often under-achieves if used on a team that isn't designed to back it up.
  • Lightning Claw - Achievement - "The Warrior Born" [Achieve 350 kills in a single match with the Space Marine Captain.]
    • Melee Weapon
    • 10.0 DPS
    • Traits: Lightning Damage (Strikes from the Lightning Claw do additional damage to a squad over time and ignores armor)
      • A terrifying blob-killer with respectable anti-heavy power, this is perhaps the Captain's most versatile melee option. The fastest attack speed of any of his melee weapons combines with frighteningly high damage-over-time to murder crowds of light units, despite its on-paper DPS being the lowest of any of his melee weapons. And, unlike traditional area-effect attacks, it applies the lightning to the entire squad, no matter where they are. The Captain can slap a Cultist or Guardsman with this three times and walk off, and the whole squad will BZZZT to death all by itself. While its blob-killing power makes this an option worth using on its own, the lightning damage completely ignores armor and stacks with itself, and the fast attacks will stack it very quickly, so it still kills heavier foes like tanks with little trouble. Because of its high attack speed, it also gets the most mileage out of Litanies of Zeal; combining these two makes it a somewhat safer option for tanking and spanking superheavies than the Power Axe, as its faster attacks are less likely to be interrupted...or get him squished because he was stuck in an attack animation when he needed to move. In summation, the Lightning Claw is quite a lot like the Hive Tyrant's Venom Cannon or the Tau Commander's Plasma Rifle: good for quite a few things, at least decent for everything else; no Captain ever made a mistake by bringing this to the party.
  • Thunder Hammer - Achievement - "Fury of the Primarchs" [Kill 2,500 enemies as the Space Marine Captain.]
    • Two-handed Melee Weapon.
    • 15.0 DPS
    • Traits: Vehicle Stun, Knockback (Both are self-explanitory.)
      • A hard sell, and more of an acquired taste. You know how the Power Axe swings slow, but swings hard? The Thunder Hammer is like that, only 2-handed and slightly slower. It actually does less damage per hit and you can not equip the plasma pistol with it. So its DPS trails far behind it due to the Axe's swing speed, even further behind against armoured opponents since it has no armour penetration. With this in mind, one wonders why to take this weapon. To it's credit, the Thunder Hammer has a small, short ranged and undocumented splash damage, and it reliably stuns vehicles, potentially indefinitely if you can keep up the attacks - handy for later waves, especially on Anvil of Khorne, where a Captain with this thing can render the likes of the Baneblade, Land Raider, or Battlewagon a complete joke and provide massive support to the team against other vehicles, assuming you survive that far with it (your team will wish you brought the axe the rest of the time), you may think the AOE makes it effective against packs but you are still going to need to hit each target at least once which takes longer than you might think. It's not that great on paper, but used wisely, it can work. It's highly recommended that if you use this weapon, you consider taking the Oath of Merciless Rage (for the added AOE punch) and/or Sacred Relic Armor (for AOE and damage buffing). It is worth noting that the you do not get zeal from the splash damage, combined with the painfully slow attack speed and having to equip sacred armour just to deal effective damage, it will render the captain very weak to attacks.
  • Inscribed Combat Shield - DLC
    • Shield (uses the one-handed Ranged slot)
    • +25 Armor Rating, +25 Health
    • Traits: Shield Block (reduces incoming ranged damage by 25%.)
      • The Combat Shield is a useful piece of wargear, especially for weaker armors such as the Sacred Relic Armor, protection-wise. Its buffed armor rating, health, and ranged damage reduction are all small buffs that add up pretty nicely. The sheer insane amount of punishment a Captain can shrug off can become laughable, when he's equipped with the Combat Shield, Armor of Vengeance, Larraman's Blessing, and Rites of Fortitude and/or Parable of the Stalwart Brother. Worth considering.


  • Rite of Fortitude - Level 1
    • +75 Health
      • There's not much to explain here; +75 health is a noticeable survivability buff to the Captain. A bit situational, as sometimes its twin the Parable of the Stalwart Brother's health regeneration is more useful, but it's hard to go wrong with it, either.
  • Rift of Swift Victory - Level 1
    • Ability: Victory Charge (10 Energy, charges in a direction, knocking enemies in the way down as the Captain moves)
      • The Rite of Swift Victory grants some extra manuverability to a Captain, though it tends to be overshadowed by the Jump Pack once that becomes available, especially as sometimes the Rite of Swift Victory glitches. It does use less energy, though, and it can clear a path for teammates, so it doesn't completely lose its usefulness.
  • Oath of Merciless Rage - Level 2
    • Ability: Merciless Strike (15 Energy, strikes out in a certain direction with an explosive melee attack.)
      • Do not underestimate this wargear, even though it tends to be more useful to lower-level players. It can miss, tends to be a little wonky due to targetting the ground (it does NOT target enemies; it targets where they were at time of clicking), and is susceptible to lag. On the other hand, it gives zero fucks about whether you're using a melee weapon or a ranged one, so have fun causing explosions with naught but your power armored fists. This adds a nice chunk of (literal) melee punch for a ranged build, and is still useful for some melee setups; it becomes quite formidable with the Plasma Pistol. It's quite handy for the Power Axe and Thunder Hammer to add crowd-killing power and adds some much-needed raw offense to the "I'm only here for the healing" Chainsword; the Lightning Claw obliterates blobs all by itself and thus has little use for it.
  • Parable of the Stalwart Brother - Level 4
    • +1.5 Health Regeneration
      • The twin to the Rite of Fortitude, the Parable of the Stalwart Brother is a useful accessory that's hard to argue with. Sometimes the health regeneration is better, sometimes the extra health is better, sometimes both are best. It all depends on the rest of the config.
  • Litanies of Hate - Level 6
    • Ability: Taunt Target (3 Energy, force a targeted enemy to stop their actions and engage the Captain.)
      • The Litanies of Hate are a powerful tool; its cheap energy cost and quick cooldown allows the Captain to draw the attention of many targets quickly, keeping fire off of his teammates and giving a lot of needed crowd control, presuming the Captain can either shrug off the attack or run away from his chasers, of course. Also, he was one of the first heroes and lacks voice clips, so make sure that hearing "Carry the Emperor's will as your torch!" roughly one billion times every match won't drive you insane.
  • Jump Pack - Level 8
    • Ability: Assault Jump (15 Energy, soar through the skies and crash down upon a location, knocking back any nearby foes.)
      • One of the most useful accessories to the Captain by far, the Jump Pack's increased manuverability completely changes the capabilties of the Captain, giving him the much needed ability to run away when things get too hot. Its energy cost is a bit steep, especially compared to the Tau Commander, but hardly unreasonable.
  • Rite of the Tireless Crusader - Level 10
    • Ability: Revive (30 Energy, revive a fallen comrade with temporary invulnerability and full health.)
      • An extremely powerful ability, but a dangerous one on the Bloodied Colosseum. The ability to instantly revive a teammate from a distance, with invulnerability for a short time, explains itself; but the Doppleganger has this too, and has lead many defeats due to such. If this ability is brought to the Colosseum, the Captain Dopple must be brought down first, and is literally guaranteed to be an asshole on wave 20 when he decides to randomly revive the Lictor Alpha, Warboss, or Terminator.
  • Terror of Xenos - Level 12
    • Ability: Fearsome Shout (35 Energy, causes all nearby enemies to retreat to their spawning points.)
      • Though its energy cost is quite steep, the Fearsome Shout is a powerful crowd-management ability, granting the team reprieve as its wide radius will cause quite a few foes to stop what they're doing and run away. It can single-handedly turn an assured defeat into a fair chance again.
  • Litanies of Zeal - Level 14
    • Traits: Zealous Leadership (Melee attacks will heal the Captain and nearby allies for 5 health.)
      • The Litanies of Zeal can be a useful buff. It scales well with the Master-Crafted Chainsword, as 15 health back per swipe is nothing to laugh at, and the constant swings can cause some health-deprived allies some aid. That said, the Rites of Fortitude or Parable of the Stalwart Brother tend to be better options in the long run.
  • Frag Grenades - Level 18
    • Ability: Frag Grenade (15 Energy, Area-of-attack with damage that is higher the closer a target is to the center, knocking down any survivors.)
      • Frag Grenades pack a hell of a punch, when timed right. Though the Plasma Gun's hellfire grenades are generally better for blobs, Frag Grenades can wreck some too, as well as do more damage to tougher targets. They can also grant some much needed damage to support Captains wielding weapons like the Bolter.
  • Purity Seals - Level 19
    • Ability: Feel No Pain (20 Energy, Restores health to a nearby ally.)
      • In theory, the Purity Seals accessory should be incredibly useful, and, to its credit, it does give a large health buff. In practice, though, there are better options; the Feel No Pain's range is painfully short, forcing you to almost run up to the teammate to heal them; Revive becomes more practical at that point, and the Litanies of Zeal allow you to heal your allies just by fighting. It can be worked in, and it can be effective, but it is very situational.

Commander Items[edit]

  • Larraman's Blessing - Level 5
    • Trait: Healing Aura (+2 Health Regeneration to Captain and all nearby allies.)
      • Larraman's Blessing is a wonderful buff to a party. For health regeneration strapped teammates like the Lord General, Larraman's Blessing can make an enormous difference, and it can fit in to virtually any combination of the Captain, to boot, being useful to supports, ranged, and melee Captains alike.
  • Dreadnought Drop Pod - Level 15
    • Ability: Call Dreadnought (50 Energy, bring in a Dreadnought minion via drop pod. Drop Pod causes heavy cover where it crashes, and knockback to EVERYTHING nearby where it lands.)
      • The Dreadnought is a beast. A total, unrelenting beast ready to unleash tons of hate and pain to everything he dislikes on the field. The energy cost is extremely steep, but worth it; the Dreadnought is a useful companion at any time; though not without its flaws. The Dreadnought will utterly destroy any cover in its path, sometimes leaving the players without any to utilize for survivability's sake. Furthermore, it tends to wander and do its own thing, or try to catch where the Captain was 20 seconds ago. Its power cannot be understated, though; the Dreadnought is pain, and its presence will be felt. Careful with the dopple versions, though; multiple Captains with dreadnoughts can create a hell of a slugfest, potentially unwinnable.
  • Orbital Bombardment - Level 20
    • Ability: Orbital Bombardment (50 Energy, call upon three powerful, destructive beams to annihilate groups and powerful targets alike.)
    • NOTE: The stunning ability of the Bombardment's beams does NOT work on Unshakable heroes or vehicles! Keep this in mind!
      • In terms of sheer, balls out power, the Orbital Bombardment is almost second to none. Its damage is incredibly high, especially if it stunlocks the desired target right in the middle of a beam, virtually ensuring their death, be they a blob of Orks or a Doppleganger. A well timed Orbital Bombardment can make all the difference; but at its energy cost of 50, and with such low energy regen for the Captain, it cannot be used lightly. It can also be one of the most effective tools against Dopplegangers, potentially allowing the team to one-shot them before they even get to do anything; so long as they don't have Unshakable or are a Tau Commander or Hive Tyrant.
        • Combine with the Mekboy's Roks when blobs are stunned and watch the chunks fly.

Tactics & Strategy[edit]

  • On Achievements:
    • Fury of the Primarchs (Which unlocks the Thunder Hammer) is a simple task. Since the Captain's job is to kill, racking up 2,500 kills shouldn't be too big of a task.
    • The Warrior Born (Which unlocks the Lightning Claw) is a little easier for the Captain, especially when using the Plasma Gun, whose fine damage and grenades make it less of a hassle to kill 350 enemies in one match.



Gear you need: Inscribed Combat Shield, Lightning Claw, Any Armor EXCEPT Armour of Vengeance, Litanies of Zeal, Jump Pack, Parable of the Stalwart Brother, Dreadnought Drop Pod.

Maps: Anvil of Khorne

Explanation: Keep fighting, every time you land a blow you heal yourself and your allies (including the dreadnought) 5hp, the Lightning Claw is the fastest weapon the captain has, more even than the chainsword, and leaves a damage over time effect after a single hit which allows you to connect once and move on to the next squad leaving them to their fate of a slow death or hit multiple times and stack up the DoT effect for vehicles and heavy hitters. It's recommended to grab the Sacred Relic Armor for a bit of AoE damage boost but any armor EXCEPT Armor of Vengeance is solid. The reason to not take Armor of Vengeance is that Reactive Strike has the tendency to go off as your swinging and knock back the enemies you were about to hit before you do causing you to foolishly chase after enemies you were just in melee with and costing you lots of DPS. The damage from Reactive strike is nowhere near what your actual weapon is either so leave the Armor of Vengeance for ranged builds. The combination of your regen items and the dread soaking up some of the enemy fire for you should leave you time to clean a large chunk of the wave, but remember, if the situation becomes too dire you always have the jump pack to escape, earning some precious seconds of life and regeneration, it also allows you to throw yourself and disrupt enemy formations which is especially useful against Nid Warriors and Seer Council.


Gear you need: Bolter, Artificer Armor, Rite of Fortitude, Jump Pack, Parable of the Stalwart Brother, Orbital Targeting Beacon.

Maps: Anvil of Khorne, Bloodied Colosseum

Explanation: You are the nuker of the team, unleash the lance batteries! Remember the beams will take a bit of time to appear, so this is better used at the beginning of the wave when enemy units are spawned and wait for the spawning point gate to open, alternatively you can use the stun grenades which come with the bolter to keep your intended target in place, then the beams will do the job of immobilizing the enemies, by the way, try to stay out of danger as much as possible, while you have 225 hp you are not intended to be a tank, the hp is just for you to survive long enough to unleash your nukes, use your jump pack to help yourself.


Gear you need: Plasma Gun, Artificer Armor, Rite of Fortitude, Jump Pack, Frag Grenades, Dreadnought Drop Pod.

Maps: Anvil of Khorne, Bloodied Colosseum

Explanation: Before the advent of the Tau Commander, this was the most common squad support build in Last Stand. The build is entirely self-explanatory: Use Plasma Gun for single strong foes, Jump Pack for mobility, Hellfire Grenades for anti-mobbing, Frags for armored infantry squads and hard targets, and Dreadnought as a screener. Something of an energy-hose, this build is not for the faint of heart, but offers a lot of heavy firepower on a durable, mobile chassis. Really only the Tau Commander can do better, and that thing doesn't get a Dreadnought nor anywhere near as many grenades.


Gear you need: Plasma Cannon, Armor of Vengeance, Terror of Xenos, Oath of Merciless Rage OR Rite of Swift Victory, Rite of Fortitude, Dreadnought Drop Pod.

Maps: Anvil of Khorne, Bloodied Colosseum

Explanation: So you're going to take a Plasma Cannon... Welcome to probably the most difficult weapon to use in Last stand. You are armed, uniquely, with a weapon that can end small squads in a single shot, or punch gaping wounds in even heavy armor, but is marred by a slow charge time and need to set up. If you can take allies to make this easier, so much the better, because you're about to go into hard mode. Terror of Xenos is practically mandatory, buying you breathing room if you get mobbed whilst you charge a shot. You can pair this with either Oath of Merciless Rage (to give yourself some additional CQC punch) or Rite of Swift Victory (to get the hell out of dodge) to give yourself either attack or defense. Dreadnought is there specifically to draw fire. If all else fails, you can hop into one of the towers for cover and to shoot from relative safety, but this will demand you keep your eyes peeled for enemies that can damage you in cover. Between your Plasma Cannon, Dread, and Rite of Swift Victory, cover is largely irrelevant so make sure you make use of any you can get... And good luck.


Gear you need: Inscribed Combat Shield, Lightning Claw, Armour of Vengeance, Litanies of Zeal, Litanies of Hate, Purity Seals , Dreadnought Drop Pod.

Maps: Bloodied Colosseum, Anvil of Khorne

Explanation: Position yourself on either map near the line of sight blocking objects. With this you can taunt any ranged unit safely into melee range as they have to walk to the corner to get loS. Feel no pain gives as much health back per regen of energy then Parable of the Stalwart Brother gives in pure health regen and 2 FNP's fully heals your dread, 10 energy less then replacing it. Armor of vengeance will allow you to tank melee blobs like wave 9 Banshees. Don't worry about not having a jump pack, your job is to dig in and weather the storm. When paired with a Tau/LG/Ranged tyrant you can taunt any threat off of them and watch as the game becomes the easiest thing in the world. loH will force clones to stop ressing (Another marine with Tireless Crusader will not even use it) and for them to chase you all around the map on waves 16/20 making this the single greatest build for getting past them.

BUILD 6 - Techmarine

Gear you need: Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol, Lightning Claw, Artificer Armor, Jump Pack, Litanies of Zeal, Purity Seals, Dreadnought Drop Pod.

Maps: Blood Colosseum, Anvil of Khorne

Explanation: Support Dreadnought to avoid resummon costs. Jump in place to cause knockback and avoid knockback. Try to let Dreadnought aggro and attack near and heal it with ability also. Also good for healing teammates but focus on Dreadnought won't have energy to resummon later waves.

The heroes of Last Stand
Space Marine Captain - Chaos Sorcerer - Eldar Farseer - Hive Tyrant
Lord General - Ork Mekboy - Tau Commander - Necron Overlord