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The Mekboy is the Ork hero for Last Stand.


Green, mean, and completely insane, the Mekboy is an unusual beast (well by the standards of a non-ork). Notable for his amazingly high damage output - from up close or afar - this Ork hero is a favorite of many, owing to his accessible weapon options, hilariously over-the-top abilities, and surprisingly high survivability compared to other ability-focused heroes like the Farseer or Chaos Sorcerer. However, whereas the other heroes may focus on raw power or efficiency, the Mekboy is unpredictable and wild.

His weapon options, fittingly enough, are almost all exceptionally powerful - among the best in the game - but are all flawed in some fashion or another. The Big Shoota, for example, has insane DPS, but relies on Ork Shooting Accuracy and volume of fire, making it a poor choice against heavy armor. The Rokkit Launcha has splash, fairly fast firing, and armor penetration, but sprays like crazy so it's like a rocket shotgun. The Big Choppa does big damage but is a melee weapon only, excluding the use of most standard weapons, and barring the DLC the Mekboy does not get a sidearm.

Similarly, his abilities are strong, but all flawed in some fashion. Booby Traps are good for slowing enemies, but are placed all over the place and tend to scatter. Mega Rumblah stuns everyone near the Mek, but also stuns the Mek himself. The Juiced-Up Tellyporta, Roks, and 'Uge Bombz are all ludicrously powerful, but quite capable of friendly fire. More than really any other hero, the Mek's abilities are often a game of high-stakes roulette; when the Mek works well, he often is quite effective, and when he doesn't, he tends to come apart in a quite literal sense. As a side-note, the Mekboy tends to get strong abilities earlier than other classes, but at the cost of them being somewhat weaker in the long run.

The cruelest cut of the Mekboy, however, is the complete lack of Combat Expert - a vital trait that literally every other hero except the Shas'O can get (and the Shas'O can essentially ape it with the Command chassis). This makes the Mekboy reliant on teammates for attack power buffs, and means that the Mekboy, for all his sturm and drang often only barely keeps pace with other offensive heroes. To make up for this, the Mekboy is much more team-oriented than other heroes, with a lot of options that work very well when he's in a fireteam.

Using the Mek is a balancing act. His survivability comes from either heavy armor and high health or quick and easy access to teleportation or other tricks, with no middle ground. His weapon options, whilst offering plenty of dakka, are all loaded with their own drawbacks so careful choices are the watchword. About the only item available to him that isn't a gamble is his commander item, giving you the choice of an enemy-weakening aura (Trophy Rack), your own nuke spell (Roks), or major buffs to your teammates (Bosspole). More than any other hero, the Mek is a bizarre hodge-podge of high damage and strong abilities, which will either rush you headlong to victory or fail miserably. One thing's for sure - playing the Mek, you'll be laughing all the way.


  • Orky Armor - Default
    • Armor: 22
      • Naff Armor. Don't bother.
  • Teleporta Pack - Level 1
    • Armor: 22
    • Ability: Teleporta (7 Energy, teleports the Mekboy to a targeted location)
    • This is your bread and butter. This is how you compensate for your heavy guns and your weapon when using the Juiced-Up Tellyporta. Mobility is the golden egg of Last Stand, and the ability to get around the battlefield is worth any price, even the ridiculously weak defense this armor happens to have.
  • 'Eavy Armor - Level 3
    • Armor: 180
    • +75 Health
    • This armor has you give up teleporting, but it instead gives you some serious armor and health. The problem is that you'll often be running up against swarms who'll run you down the same, but that is mostly made up for by the fact that you'll tank attacks you never could have withstood with the other armors. Suffice to say, this is one of the best Mekboy armors and only gets better as the Mekboy levels up.
  • Mad Teleporta Pack - Level 9
    • Armor: 86
    • Traits: Reactive Escape (When Mekboy is hit in melee, there's a 15% chance for him to teleport to a random location. After teleporting, he will be temporarily phased out, reducing his likelihood of getting hit.), Reactive Teleport (When Mekboy is a hit in melee, there's a 50% chance for the enemy to be teleported to a random location)
      • Significantly tougher than the starting Teleporta armor, the Mad Teleporta is a chaotic piece that has hilarious synergy with Sturdy Bitz, the Zzap Knife, and a Juiced Up Teleporta to make you something of a crazy quantum 'splosionmancer. Just stay away from your teammates, and maybe invest in Cybork Bitz too, for extra armor, though that's all your accessories right there. Can be handy also in defensive builds since it can forcibly teleport enemies away, though its mediocre armor and the lack of control do make it hard to fit into some builds. Worth considering.
  • Electric Armor - Level 14
    • Armor: 32
    • Traits: Damage Aura (Enemies near the Mekboy will take gradual damage)
      • This armor looks like absolute garbage at first - it has very little defense and its ability doesn't seem all that good - at first. Electric Armor makes it so that any enemy near you takes gradual damage that ignores defense. This isn't really enough to kill on its own, but when paired with Bouncy Shield or an aggressive melee build can make attacking you a losing proposition for melee foes. Is particularly valuable for Dakka Deffgun users, since the effect damages any enemy that gets near you.
  • Kustom Force Field - Level 19
    • Armor: 44
    • Ability: Kustom Force Field (15 Energy, makes the Mekboy temporarily invulnerable)
      • An outstanding piece of armor that's easy to ignore, this armor is a significant survivability upgrade for the Mekboy. Ideally used with Speshul Tools and Roks to allow you to go play in your own apocalypse, Kustom Force Field can save your butt when a lot of other armors would rely on sheer tankiness or mobility. Extremely good for aggressive fighters and has hilarious uses with 'Uge Bombz, but it also makes your clone capable of using it - which sucks.
  • Leaky Armor - Achievement Unlock: Kill 2,500 enemies as the Mekboy
    • Armor: 145
    • Trait: Leaky Armor (When hit, there's a 25% chance to drop two mines)
      • Not a bad armor. If it had a health boost of any kind or triggered on ranged attacks as well, this would arguably be preferable to 'Eavy Armor in many builds. As it currently stands, Leaky Armor is pretty tough armor and allows you to, when hit, drop two proximity mines (See that wargear entry). This potentially is a godsend when running from packs, as melee opponents that aren't knockdown immune and are anywhere near the mine will often be thrown into the air and damage by the blast, enabling your escape. Works very well with defensive builds, especially ones using the Flamer, since that weapon often requires you to fire on the move and get close.


  • Slugga - Default
    • One-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 1.1 DPS
      • Similar to the Sorcerer (with the exception of DLC), the Mekboy has no way to replace his default gun, and he suffers like no other for it. Unlike the Sorcerer, however, he isn't stuck with it for a lot of his playstyles.
  • Choppa - Default
    • One-handed Melee Weapon
    • 8.2 DPS
      • Naff Choppa. Don't bother.
  • Big Shoota' - Level 1
    • Two-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 44.0 DPS
      • Don't be fooled by its ludicrously high DPS; the Big Shoota achieves that mostly through volume of fire, and neither has terribly great accuracy nor particularly high individual-shot damage, which means its potential drops off extremely quickly against armored targets. On the other hand, it's one of the Mekboy's longest-ranged weapons, is extremely reliable when fired from cover or a building, and can be fired on the move, all of which are good things for any Mek.
  • Burna - Level 1
    • Two-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 6.0 DPS
    • Traits: Ignore Cover (Enemies cannot take cover to avoid damage from this weapon), Area of Effect (Damages enemies in an area around where this weapon fires)
    • Notes: This weapon has an undocumented Armor Piercing trait (Attacks with the Flamer ignore up to 20 Armor)
      • The best weapon for early Mekboys, as the cover-ignoring damage coupled with the Teleporta gives you a major advantage over the Lord General's flamer before he gets Guardsmen to use it with him. Like many Flamers, it has a built-in hidden armor piercing trait, but only a minor one.
  • Big Choppa - Level 6
    • One-handed Melee Weapon
    • 16.0 DPS
    • +2.0 Health Regeneration
    • Traits: Invigorating (When an enemy is killed in melee, Mekboy gains 5 Energy)
      • More than just a good close-combat weapon; it's a great weapon for any Mekboy using high-energy toys like Roks or Mines, since every kill scored with it (and it's good at splattering lighter mooks) will give you a little bit of energy. In addition, it also makes you a bit more survivable via you having better Health regen, which is invariably a great thing.
  • Rokkit Launcha - Level 12
    • Two-handed Melee Weapon
    • 4.6 DPS
    • Traits: Knockdown (Knocks down enemies), Armor Piercing (Attacks with Rokkit Launcha ignore up to 140 Armor), Salvo (Mekboy fires 3 rokkits at once)
    • Notes: This weapon has an undocumented Area-of-Effect trait (attacks from this weapon cause damage in a small area)
      • Don't go by its general appearance - this weapon is more of a shotgun than a dedicated anti-armor weapon, though it technically handles both roles quite well. It has a long delay between shots and its accuracy is relatively poor, but each rocket explodes in a pretty big way and it can deal serious harm at close range. It's ideally used to discourage close-combat attackers who would otherwise target friendlies; its powerful impact lets it knock entire squads on their ass. Its individual-rocket firepower is mediocre, but if all three hit, it adds up to solid damage, making it more useful against large targets. It's especially good when backing up a Shas'O Commander with a Command Chassis or a Sorcerer with Icon of Pain, where its damage quickly increases substantially. A risky weapon, but a lot of fun and quite effective. Its main drawback other than the aforementioned are that the Mekboy fires it low; it's generally incapable of firing over terrain obstacles, so fight with this in mind.
  • Dakka Deffgun - Level 16
    • Two-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 26.0 DPS
    • Traits: Suppressive (Can suppress enemies attacked by this weapon), Heavy (Requires time for setup and teardown before firing)
      • This weapon is a little unusual - in most respects it comes across as an inferior version of the Big Shoota with longer range, but a setup time before firing and lower damage. Unlike other weapons with a setup time (The Plasma Cannon on the Captain), the Dakka Deffgun is easy to use and the Mek readies it quite quickly, making it a good tactical option. In practice, it does more damage than the somewhat-comparable Burst Cannon from the Shas'O, hurling a ludicrous number of shots downrange and easily suppressing foes. Suffice to say it's great when backed by any armor that encourages the Mek to dig in and cut loose; the Electric Armor, Kustom Force Field, and Leaky Armor are all good choices, as is the 'Eavy Armor. When bolstered with the Bouncy Shield, the Mek can provide fire support to an entire squad, and even better, can do so from inside a building. Alternately it can be used with Teleportation to get around and into good shooting positions. Woe betide any enemy who gets in range of a Mekboy using this if he can get an attack power boost from Take Aim! or a passive ability from an ally.
  • Zzap Knife - Achievement Unlock: Achieve 350 Kills as the Mekboy
    • One-handed Melee Weapon
    • 45.0 DPS
    • +2.0 Health Regen
    • Traits: Proactive Teleport (When attacked in melee, the Mekboy can teleport the enemy to a random location), Proactive Escape (When in melee, the Mekboy can teleport to a random location)
      • Vicious. Odds are good that it'll have more of an effect bouncing you and the enemy around than it will doing damage (though its damage is quite high), but when paired with the Juiced-Up Tellyporta, it can create tons of explosions and result in relentless hilarity (make sure you have sturdy bitz if you're gonna use this). It has the same delicious health buff as the Big Choppa, too, so all in all, a good (and fun) weapon.
  • Pokkit Rokkit Launcha - DLC
    • One-handed Ranged Weapon
    • 5.2 DPS
    • Traits: Knockdown, Armor Piercing (This weapon can ignore up to 140 Armor)
    • Notes: This weapon has an undocumented Area of Effect trait (this weapon does damage in a small area)
      • This isn't a great weapon on its own, being somewhat-comparable to the Plasma Pistol of the Space Marine Captain, but it's an unbelievably useful boon to any Mekboy who's using a Choppa, since it's the only alternative he has to a basic Slugga. The knockback capability can help keep threats away, whilst the armor-piercing trait gives you a bit of punch against the errant tougher foe.


  • Booby Traps - Level 1
    • Ability: Booby Traps (25 Energy, lays down mines that can reduce the accuracy and speed of enemies who run into them)
      • It's like the Tau Commander's snare mines only with smaller radii, shorter duration, and the ability to lay down 3-4 at once. In general, it's superior due to the fact that you can lay down like an entire field of the things for the same energy it would take a Tau Commander to fire off like 3. Quite useful for slowing enemies down, but it doesn't do anything other than that, so be ready to take advantage of the slowdown, either to get away or finish enemies off!
  • Battery Pack - Level 1
    • Ability: 'Ave a Taste! (30 Energy, heals a nearby ally)
      • It's a useful thing for assist-focused Mekboy, as it will give a good bit of health, but it won't heal you. An absolute bitch to take since your Clones will abuse it with impunity.
  • Mega Rumblah - Level 2
    • Ability: Mega Rumblah (35 Energy, knocks down enemy infantry in a large radius around the Mekboy)
      • Early on, Mega Rumblah can save your life. It has a long setup time, and it roots you to one spot whilst it goes off, but it stuns absolutely every ground-based enemy remotely near the Mekboy's position - so unless the enemy is knockdown-immune or a vehicle, Mega Rumblah can take a lot of foes out of the fight for a short time, rendering them easy for your teammates to finish off. Beware foes with immunity or long ranged weapons, because they will cheerfully beat on you whilst you're not able to move. It tends to lose its luster within a few levels since you get better offensive options, but it's a damned fine panic button.
  • Speshul Tools - Level 4
    • +25 energy
      • Gives you one more use of Booby Traps or Proximity Mines, or another chance for the Battery Pack. Can also let you Teleport, drop Roks, and Teleport back out. Suffice to say, quite useful on casting-heavy builds - definitely has it's uses.
  • Cybork Parts - Level 7
    • +66 Armor
      • Teleporta-centric builds and Electric Armor users will definitely benefit from this, as the armor is naturally pretty flimsy. It's ironically also quite good on 'Eavy Armor builds since it significantly bolsters your already-meaty damage reduction further. A just plain useful and straightforward option that isn't flashy, but can help make any build that much better.
  • Sturdy Bitz - Level 8
    • Traits: Unshakable (Immune to knockback)
      • This is a mandatory choice if you ever plan on using the Juiced-up Tellyporta, as it gives you the ability to actually walk while exploding. It's also a godsend on builds using the Dakka Deffgun since you no longer need to worry about being forced out of firing mode. Other builds just benefit from the Unshakable trait as well. As is the case for many Mekboy options, this is simple, straightforward, and useful as hell.
  • Boom Time! - Level 11
    • Traits: Boom Time (Powerful explosives detonate when the Mekboy is incapacitated)
      • The core of any Suicide Mekboy build and even better, hinders your clone in Bloody Colosseum since he'll explode if he dies, killing his buddies! This ability is a giant, flaming, explosive middle finger directed at any horde wave that decides to give you trouble. Do bear in mind, however, that the suicide bomb is extremely indiscriminate and will cheerfully blow up your own teammates as well. This is important because if you do go down, being revived re-arms the explosives, so you can potentially quickly kill your allies if you go down again because of your reduced health!
  • Dok's Tools - Level 13
    • Traits: Reactive Zeal (When hit, there's a chance that the Mekboy can heal all nearby allies for 10 Health)
      • Absolutely great for squad support, especially with a Dakka Deffgun or Big Shoota. Bunker down with teammates and any time you take a hit, there's a chance your nearby buddies will heal up a bit. With Kustom Force Field, this can actually be extremely helpful, since you can activate it and charge into a crowd - potentially saving nearby allies swamped in close-combat in the process. Deceptively useful.
  • Bouncy Shield - Level 15
    • Ability: Bouncy Shield (20 Energy, builds a force field that bounces back any nearby infantry)
      • This amazing little wargear option is one of the best ones the Mekboy gets - and surprisingly so! This barrier will hurl back anyone who gets too close to the bearer for its duration. As such, this is an absolute godsend for any shooty Mek and has hilarious implications for your team-mates and your minions, who you can also buff in this capacity. Cast it on a Shas'O to remind those pesky Banshees that the Tau doesn't like to be touched, or bolster your Lord General's Guardsmen to keep them safe from angry predators. It also provides a bit of zero-risk trolling when cast on melee-focused Sorcerers and Captains; these units can still do damage, but they'll have to run around chasing their knocked-down prey.
  • Proximity Mines - Level 17
    • Ability: Proximity Mines (25 Energy, throws mines in an area. Enemies that step on them get knocked back in a large radius)
      • Significantly better than Booby Traps tactically, and somehow stolen from Cyrus. Proxy mines are similar to booby traps, except they knock back instead of slow down - and unlike Booby Traps, they actually cause damage. This alone makes them worth taking, since you can use this to whittle down enemies that otherwise would chase you across no-man's land. An impressive piece of wargear with a lot of utility.
  • 'Uge Bombz - Level 19
    • Ability: 'Uge Kaboom! (35 Energy, places a huge bomb at the targeted location. Click to explode.)
      • Absolutely amazing. One of the best abilities the Mekboy gets. Plant a big fricking bomb that you can then detonate when you feel the mood. You can place as many as you want, and though they aren't very strong (each one is about as powerful as a Frag Grenade), you can set them up any way you want (including chaining them if you place a few really close together). The uses for this are legion; set up nasty surprises for pursuing enemies, help Shas'O players get that fucking achievement, and demolishing entire hordes as only an Ork would. Easily one of the best options for raw destruction you get, despite the relatively modest firepower.
  • Juiced-Up Tellyporta - DLC
    • Traits: Ported!! (When an enemy or the Mekboy get teleported, they will explode, dealing area of effect damage and knockback)
      • This may sound nice when you start out, but beware this beginner's trap; the knockback applies to you as well, and whilst it can be useful at the outset, it also means that you'll be vulnerable for a short time each time you teleport unless you equip Sturdy Bitz. Additionally, the blasts, whether caused by you (Your own teleports) or the enemy (via Zzap Knife and/or Mad Teleporta Pack) will cause friendly fire damage. Early on, this is one of the best abilities for helping the Mek score kills - as time goes on, this item loses some of its appeal since enemy health going higher makes it less and less likely to kill on its own, though the knockdown remains as valuable as ever. An wargear option that entire strategies can be built around, this one is not to be ignored.

Commander Items[edit]

  • Trophy Rack - Level 5
    • Traits: Fearsome Aura (Nearby enemies deal 35% less damage, stacking Fearsome Auras add only 15% more to this)
      • Surprisingly powerful. Increases the survivability of absolutely everyone on your team and has ridiculous synergy with allied Hive Tyrants (due to Psychic Scream). Multiple Mekboys with Trophy Racks can overlap the effect, to a maximum of 65% damage reduction if all three players are Mekboys carrying this item, and that's before armor protection is factored in. Just one Mekboy with it is often enough, however.
  • Roks - Level 10
    • Ability: Roks (50 Energy, Orders a massive Rok strike on targeted area)
      • Whereas most Heroes get their nuke relatively early, the Mekboy gets his almost hilariously early. Unfortunately what you gain in expedience you lose in raw power; Roks is one of the weakest Nukes and is quite random, dropping big rocks (that do lots of damage) and little rocks (which do a bit). In general, this ability hits like an artillery strike, somewhat randomly raining down destruction in a big area. Though it's nowhere near as strong as some of the other big, mean AOE abilities (like Orbital Bombardment, Eldritch Storm, or Rocket Run), this ability's great all the same at blasting the crap out of everything remotely near ground zero, and the fact that it's a commander slot item makes it especially useful. An excellent ability overall.
  • Boss Pole - Level 20
    • Traits: Resilient Leadership (+100 Health to nearby allies), Fearless Leadership (All nearby allies are immune to suppression)
      • Bosspoles are a big deal on the tabletop, and they'll be a big deal here too. The extra health saves more flimsy heroes like the Chaos Sorcerer and Lord General, and to the delight of the General and Hive Tyrant, it also significantly buffs their minions with that ridiculous health boost! Moreover, that Fearless can make or break a team in the field, and can be just the thing a Captain needs to get in and blow up a heavy weapon. Unfortunately, this item is a terribly double-edged sword; Your clones will likewise get this thing's benefits, and the addition of Fearless to the enemy can absolutely cripple your team if it's been relying on Deffguns, Bolter Turrets, or Burst Cannons. Use this thing with care, and it's awesome. Use it badly, however, and it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Tactics & Strategy[edit]

  • On Achievements:
    • Can't Touch Dis (Which unlocks the Leaky Armor) is another easy achievement. Kill 2,500 enemies with the Mekboy.
    • The Sharpest Wrench (Which unlocks the Zzap Knife) is one that really focuses upon the player's preferences. Since you have to kill 350 enemies in a single match, it becomes a priority that you take a weapon that's best suited for weeding out weak mobs while also able to stay alive long enough to actually accomplish this. Teleport spam with the Juiced-Up Tellyporta and the Sturdy Bitz is a very helpful tool to grab when possible, as it can also help knock enemies off their feet long enough to wipe them out.


BUILD 1 - Quantum 'Splosionmancer

Min Level: 10 (requires "The Sharpest Wrench" achievement and DLC)

Maps: Any

  • Weapons: Pokkit Rockit, Zzap Knife
  • Armor: Mad Teleporta Pack
  • Accessories: Sturdy Bitz, Juiced Up Teleporta, Cybork Parts
  • Commander Item: Roks

With this build, lulz ensue as enemies that hit you, enemies you hit, and yourself while in melee combat are randomly teleported around and explode, often killing them instantly. This can effectively deal with the "spamshee" wave (wave 9 on BC), as the sheer amount of victims causes humongous groups of explosions (friendly fire is dealt by these explosions, so stay away from allies if you can). And using all of your accessories on support items also means you have one essentially one ability, Roks, which will recharge thankfully fast allowing you to deal with enemies from the non melee waves. And, the candy on top, your melee blows will boost your health regen. It is heavily recommended that you have a captain who can instantly revive you.

BUILD 2 - Terminator Mekboy

Min Level: 15

Maps: Any

  • Weapons: Ranged Weapon of Choice
  • Armor: 'Eavy Armor
  • Accessories: Bouncy Shield, Cybork Parts, Sturdy Bitz (recommended but not required)
  • Commander Item: Trophy Rack

With this build, sit in a corner with super armor, a damage debuff, and heavy cover, never die. It's been a bit since I've ran this build, but I vaguely recall something like 80%-86% damage reduction, can't be sure. Melee enemies? Bouncy Shield. That's really all there is to it. You're a heavy weapons Ork that makes melee units cry. Doesn't work on melee walkers, avoid the walkers. You're the party tank, you're good at it yet nothing else. Don't expect to get anywhere quick. But, you can basically ignore enemies as you walk around as a tank medic, so that might be useful. And if you're interested in a bit of dickery; use Bouncy Shield on a melee oriented ally. Captain? Hive Tyrant? --> Charge! Push. Charge! Push. Lulz ensue.

Regarding weapons. personally, I took the Big Shoota for the on the move tank. Sturdy Bitz recommended, but unnecessary if you feel like taking something else. Dok's Tools might come in handy as you'll probably heal more than you lose, creating infinite health.

Reviews From Users: Amazing. You don't even take damage in the first waves, and even in the later stages there must be a bloody army to kill you. Also great for reviving squishy teammates, because nobody can object you reviving them in the middle of an open ground when you are A BLOODY TANK (I used it with Sturdy Bits, it is good enough).


Min Level: 20 (requires "The Sharpest Wrench" achievement and DLC)

Maps: Any

  • Weapons: Pokkit Rockit, Zzap Knife
  • Armor: Teleporta Pack
  • Accessories: Juiced-up Tellyporta, Sturdy Bitz, Cybork Parts
  • Commander Item: Boss Pole

Very much like the first build, with more personal control with a slice of support on the side. Trades of some armor and the automatic nature of the Mad Teleporta Pack for the ability to aim your teleports manually. Just arm your teleporta, aim and boom. Wherever you hop to, you'll be leaving loads of dead bodies behind yourself. With Boss Pole you buff your allies health by a good 100 points if you're close enough to them, which in some cases is a godsend and also grant them immunity to suppression. Just be careful on wave 16, since your clone will be making your clones tougher as well. Cybork Parts adds some survivability, but can be exchanged by your own preferences. Same goes for the Pokkit Rockit and Zzap Knife. Go, try it, experiment and make shit explode. Just be careful with the friendly fire.

Reviews From Users: I find that this build also works fairly well if you take the Dakka Deffgun. The main advantage lies in the fact that you don't have to undeploy when you teleport, allowing you to jump around and instakill all the large blobs and then quickly take on the role of suppressing large enemies for your teammates to deal with.

BUILD 4 - DAKKA DAKKA TELEPORT (added by: Warptrooper)

Min Level: 13

Maps: Any

  • Weapons: Big Shoota
  • Armor: Teleporta Pack
  • Accessories: Sturdy Bitz, Cybork Parts, Dok's Tools
  • Commander Item: Trophy Rack

Teleporta armor gives you AMAZING mobility. You can teleport around from cover to cover while you go DAKKA DAKKA BUT you are VERY squishy. This is why we use Sturdy Bitz for Unshakeable, Cybork Parts for extra armour and Dok's Tools for extra survivability. Now the Dok's Tools does NOT trigger as much as I would like but when it does trigger, it heals 10 hp to you AND any ally nearby. It also triggers more when more things are shooting you. This means wave 19 swarms of imperial guards will cause it to trigger a decent amount. We use Trophy instead of Boss Pole because -35% passive enemy damage reduction is MUCH better than the little 100hp and suppression resist given by Boss Pole. Later waves chew through 100HP like paper but reducing the majority of the wave's damage by 35% just by being there is much more worthwhile especially when you use cover and Dok's Tools helps heal you. This build REALLY shines if you have a Hive Tyrant with SCREAM (scream + trophy = -85% AOE enemy damage) and a Sorcerer with Blood Orb. When you go DAKKA DAKKA sitting inside the red orb in cover, combined with Dok's Tools and Trophy, it heals you up through NEARLY ANY sort of ranged damage.


Min Level: 13

Maps: Any

  • Weapons: Big Choppa, Pokkit Rokkit if you have DLC
  • Armor: 'Eavy Armor
  • Accessories: Speshul Tools, Cybork Parts, Dok's Tools
  • Commander Item: Roks

Roks is arguably the most visually impressive ability in Last Stand, so why wouldn't you want to create a build around it? With this setup, you'll be making it rain meteors all match long. Roks' cooldown is relatively short, so energy is your primary concern. Big Choppa is the Mekboy's only source of energy regen, forcing you to take a melee-oriented approach. 'Eavy Armor, Cybork Parts, and Dok's Tools give you the health and armor you need to survive not only hordes of enemies, but also your own Roks. Don't be afraid to dance in the rain - an easy way to keep melee enemies inside the AoE - but beware friendly fire on weaker teammates and their minions. You'll get tossed around by your own barrages, and it may be tempting to swap out an accessory for Sturdy Bitz. However, health regen is passive and you'll have plenty of time on your feet to regen energy between your hilariously frequent and over-the-top nukes.

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