League of Rhordia

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League of Rhordia is a confederation of city-states in Kings of War. Although originally founded by humans, the League also has a sizable halfling population. The League of Rhordia was one of the nine factions added in the Uncharted Empires supplement of second edition.


At the height of the God War the Shining One Eoswain battled her Wicked One half, Zbortan. Their conflict raged across the skies above the Ardovikian Plain northeast of Letharac. The two, weakened to near death, eventually plummeted from the sky in a deadly embrace, crashing into the ground below. A crag was left where they hit, although whether they died on impact or somehow continue to fight below the surface is unknown.

This area became seismically unstable, but five human city-states and a handful of halfling settlements were situated near the impact zone and continued to trade and war with one another after the end of the God War. As the years passed, the cities became weaker and weaker. This culminated with an invasion from outside by orcs. They razed two of the cities to the ground and began an assault on the remaining.

In one of the cities, Eowolf, a chaplain named Alobart Rhor rose to prominence calling for an end to their civil conflict and a unification of their forces to fight the invaders. He convinced the dukes of the city-states to do just that, who in turn put their military forces under his command. Rhor pushed the orcs out of their territory, but was mortally wounded in the final battle of the conflict. He lived just long enough to hear that the alliance was to become a permanent military and economic confederation.

Several decades after the formation of the League the halfling settlements were allowed to join in a subordinate role. Over several harsh winters however, their aid proved invaluable prompting the dukes to offer them a seat on the ruling council alongside them. Each duke and the halfling leader now have a seat on the council and rotate the chairman between them every eight years. It is now common for halflings to be seen in every member city of the League.

The Church of the Children of the Fall is the state religion of the League. Adherents worship the Celestians as they were before the shattering of the Fenulian Mirror; whole and balanced. They chose not to follow the Shining Ones as they believe them to be as extreme in their approach and temperament as the Wicked Ones. At times this puts them at odds with Basilea.

Notable Rhordians[edit]

Ally McSween[edit]

Orphaned at a young age, Ally grew up on the streets. As one would expect from such an origin, she eventually became a world class thief. As her takes grew in size, so did her desire for the finer things in life. This led to her taking higher end thieving jobs. She now takes work from anyone who can pay her, whether the job is looting a dwarven tomb of stealing from an orphanage, it makes little difference to her. Ally is the pre made halfling thief hero for Dungeon Saga.

Alobart Rhor[edit]

Chaplain of the Church of the Children of the Fall. He organized the city-states into a military confederation to battle the orcs invading the Ardovikian Plain before dying at the Battle of Halman's Farm. The League is named for him, although he died days after learning it had become a permanent form of governance. He is remembered as a hero throughout the League in the present time of the setting.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Tactics can be found here: Kings of War/Tactics/League of Rhordia

League of Rhordia is a less elite Kingdoms of Men army, more or less. You have access to some basic human units, plus you have a selection of cheaper halfling versions of human units. Quantity is your best quality, allowing you to field a horde army as a neutral faction.