Legends of the Wulin

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An underappreciated game of Wuxia action from the same system as Weapons of the Gods.

Think Exalted, but much less broken. Notable for having one of the most poorly-organized rulebooks in tabletop gaming.


Legends of the Wulin is set in Shen Zhou, an exaggerated take on China in much the same way that Rokugan from L5R is an exaggerated take on japan.


Legends of the Wulin uses a system in which the result of a die roll is derived from sets of d10. For example: Moot wishes to hide from a mob of angry neckbeards. He rolls dice equal to his Lake, which in this example is six. He rolls three fours, one ten, and two sixes. Moot can now choose the result for his stealth roll: Three fours becomes 34, two sixes becomes 26, and one ten becomes 10, as ten counts as zero in this system. Moot may also, at his option, save one or more of these dice for use later.

Legends of the Wulin 1.5[edit]

Less a homebrew and more a collection of the core game's rules, LotW 1.5 is a project led by one TechBaron and another CelestialDoggie. A document that means to fix the editing problems of the core game, 1.5 abandons the lore text between all the rules and lays them out simple as you please. It's focus is accessibility, allowing players who were frightened off by the awful editing of the rulebook to finally explore the game and its content. The PDF for 1.5.1 can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lCQdLXpalyPi2JTL2CPw95sG9epxEVk0/view. What's more, the team is working on further updates, which you can track on this particular Twitter feed.