Legiones Astartes (Hektor Heresy)

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This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Legiones Astartes or Space Marine Legions were the primary armed forces of the Imperium during the Great Crusade. Their core forces were bodies of augmented soldiers, the products of the Emperor of Mankind's genetic experimentation on old Terra. But there were also ordinary men and women who supported the Space Marines or even fought beside them in the Auxilia formations of the Imperial Army.

Detailed information[edit]

Legions of the Crusade[edit]

The Twenty Astartes Legions of the Great Crusade
Number Name Speciality Primarch Homeworld Loyalty
I Heralds of Hektor Generalists Hektor Cincinnatus Olmer (destroyed), now based from their fleet within the Eye of Terror Traitor
II War Scribes Logistics Arelex Orannis Whitestone (Destroyed), now Fleet-based in the Atalantos Worlds. Loyal
III Missing and deleted from Imperial records
IV Sons of Fire World-Killing and Melee Inferox "The Burned King" Crematoria (destroyed) Traitor
V Void Angels Manoeuvre warfare Gaspard Lumey Ciban IV Loyal
VI The Entombed Heavy Support Golgothos Sepulchra Loyal
VII Missing and deleted from Imperial records
VIII Mastodontii Mechanised Warfare Tollund Ötztal Tisenjoch Traitor
IX Lions Rampant Armoured Warfare Cromwald Walgrun Sommesgard Traitor
X Steel Marshals Siege Warfare Roman Albrecht Centauri Primus Loyal
XI Thunder Kings Furious Melee Brennus Alessia (destroyed), now multiple worlds Loyal
XII Life Bringers Chemical Warfare Johannes Vrach Rai (destroyed), now Eden (Demon World in the Eye of Terror) Traitor
XIII The Justiciars Witch-hunting and surgical strikes Uriel Salazar Perfidiae V Traitor
XIV Black Augurs Sorcery-powered Melee The Voidwatcher Ostium Traitor
XV Silver Cataphracts Combined Arms Warfare Alexandri of Rosskar Rosskar Loyal
XVI Eternal Zealots Close Quarters Combat Aubrey The Grey Lazarus Traitor
XVII Scale Bearers Fast Attack Tiran Osoros Solnhofen Loyal
XVIII Stone Men Defensive Operations Onyx the Indestructible Neolithus(destroyed) Loyal
XIX Eyes of the Emperor Firepower Shakya Vardhana Marusthali Loyal
XX Iron Rangers Asymmetrical Warfare Rogerius Merrill Profi Tiroedd Traitor

Discovery Order of the Primarchs[edit]

1) Hektor Cincinnatus (at start)

2) Arelex Orannis (803.M30)

3) Uriel Salazar (817.M30)

4) Shakya Vardhana (822.M30)

5) Roman Albrecht (831.M30)

6) The Voidwatcher (836.M30)

7) Tollund Ötztal (842.M30)

8) Gaspard Lumey (850.M30)

9) Johannes Vrach (850.M30)

10) Alexandri (855.M30)

11) Tiran Osoros (859.M30)

12) Inferox the Burned King (863.M30)

13) Rogerius Merrill (870.M30)

14) Brennus (892.M30)

15) Golgothos (898.M30)

16) Aubrey The Grey (899.M30)

17) Onyx the Indestructible (908.M30)

18) Cromwald Walgrun (914.M30)

Doctrine and Reforms[edit]

Much of the discipline and organisation of the early Legions owed greatly to the ancient and proven Terran patterns of strategy, hierarchy and function as laid down in the revered texts of the Principia Belicosa of Roma and Krom's fragmentary New Model that had survived in the hands of the Old Earth tyrants down the blood-stained generations. To these venerable treatises the Emperor and his commanders had added their own genius and created a sturdy but adaptable strategic framework that spoke to the fundamental strengths and superhuman abilities of the Legionaries themselves.

Following the disaster of the Hektor Heresy and the Imperial counter-offensive of the Great Scouring, Gaspard Lumey and Arelex Orannis presided over a great reorganisation of the Loyalist Space Marines into smaller rapid strike units of a thousand Astartes. These Successor Chapters to the old Legions would form an integral part of the Reformed Imperium's defences.


Skirmish level (Warhammer 40k using the Forge World "Horus Heresy" material): This is the base game for the AU. All of the Legions above can be assumed to use the Legiones Astartes Crusade list, with modifications and special characters covered either on the main article or on one of the pages below:

Naval warfare (Battlefleet Gothic): We like Battlefleet Gothic a lot, and have sketched out some rules for playing Hektor Heresy in SPACE!

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The Warhammer 40k wiki is a very useful resource due to giving "extremely accurate summaries" of Games Workshop and Forge World material. Lexicanum's 40k wiki relies on paraphrasing but is still worthwhile.

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