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Aliases The Guardian of Liars, The Lady of Deception, Lady of the Mists, The Mist Maiden, The Mistshadow, Mother of Illusionists
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank 1E: Demigoddess
2E/5E: Lesser Goddess
3E/4E: Dead Goddess
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Deception, Illusion, Mist
Domains 3E: Charm, Illusion, Spell, Trickery
5E: Trickery
Home Plane Courts of Illusion (Limbo)
Worshippers Illusionists, liars
Favoured Weapon Dagger

Leira is the deity of illusions and lies (apparently). Supposedly the daughter of Cyric she is less insane but just as frustrating to deal with.

Her followers fuck with people by lying for no reason other than to hide the truth and better enable them to pull Bagshot crazy Just As Planned moments out of their ass.

Death is only an illusion of the mind and so despite being murdered by crazydad she actually survived re-emerging after the 2nd sundering.


Leira had a pretty small following even after her return. Her priests, known as Leirans, or Worshipers of the Mistshadow, wore silver masks and often disguised themselves to deceive those around them. Leirans would speak the truth only to other Leirans; otherwise, that adventuring party is getting directions to |castle murderaep, not the lost temple lolz.

Not widely worshiped except by Tzeentchian cultists and sadistic DMs, the majority of her worshipers were users of illusion magic.

She has a significant following on the island nation of Nimbral (very tight-lipped), and the inhabitants on the moon of Selune, who are paranoid Toril is planning to invade them (either a massive tribute to their patron goddess or a realist's inevitable conclusion)


The Lady is never quite what you think she is. Truth is a worthless thing to know and worth even less to speak aloud. Never speak truth where falsehood will suffice. Cherish and further illusions and rumors, for distortion and legend are what make folk happy and life alluring. Hiding a thing gives it value by the very act of cloaking.