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Leman Russ. Showing that even posthuman viking furries could gain Daddy's FABULOUS hair. L'Oreal, because you’re wolf it.

"It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be."

– Virgil

"Throw me to the wolves and I will return, leading the pack."

– Seneca

"Wrestle me arm and your spine shall implode."

– Russ plays a 'Small Baby Game' with the Dark Eldar

Were you looking for the tank named after yours truly?

Leman Russ, The Great Wolf, The Lord of Winter and Ruin, and Wolf King of Fenris, also known as Lemon Russ, Lemon Rust, That Fucking Furry and A Cat Man, not to be confused with the tank bearing his name, is the primarch of the Space Wolves legion. A superhuman nordic king with a warrior's crude humor and a stubborn streak a mile wide. He was such a hard headed son of a bitch, that he's survived extended fights with Angron, Magnus, The Lion, Horus and even the Emperor himself. General all-around badass deserving of much respect, but superstitious and flawed, with a serious problem valuing others' points of view, even if he understood them. He's blond underneath all the blood. There appears to be no specific way to pronounce his surename as both the wider Imperium and the Wolves themselves commonly alternate between "R-UH-ss" and "Rh-OOs", when speaking about him or the battle tank named after him.


Young Leman with his furpals; off to visit the local dog show.

When the Primarchs were lost, Leman's capsule landed on Fenris, a harsh planet of insane violence that the Norse gods shit out after a three day meth fueled orgy with a tyranid hive fleet. The locals there enjoy a life of fishing, drinking, sailing, fucking, pillaging, and conquering other tribes of people for the modest little islands they all have to live on. Granted, it's also usually a very short life, because they're sharing the world with trolls, yetis, wolves the size of horses, wolves the size of battle tanks, bears the size of a house, whales that kill for fun, and krakens, which are to a squid as a Hierophant is to a Hormagaunt.

So it was that little baby Russ left his capsule in the polar mountain region of Asaheim. There, some monstrous female wolf found him and said to herself "I WANT!". So Russ was raised by a dire wolf In Spess (google "Romulus and Remus" for a "real life" version). A few years pass, Russ growing up big and strong and hairy, having a grand old time running around the mountains and killing the sheep and such of the humans there with his wolf brothers. Eventually a king named Thengir heard of the Wolf-man, and decreed he be captured and brought to his hall. The mist of ages (and retcons) have hidden the details of Thengir's first meeting with Russ. Some stories would say that Russ was bound and gagged and dragged into the hall of the King Thengir after his Wolf family was slain, others claim a hunting party stumbled across his cave and kicked off a bloody melee in which a dozen hunters were killed, along with Russ's mother, after which the hunters realized they weren't fighting a wolf (they were probably drunk and kind of retarded) and somehow convinced Russ to stand down and come with them, a conversation that may or may not have included copious amounts of alcohol and whores. Thengir took a wondrous interest in Russ and ordered he be educated. In a short time, Russ was trash-talking every short bastard who dared look at him the wrong way, and had become insanely good with weaponry. When Thengir finally died, all declared that Leman of the Russ become the new high King.

Also, remember that Volsung Saga quote regarding Warrior Initiations for Berserks? Considering that (according to old Fluff) Sanguinius looked like a young teen adult at 1 year old, Leman Russ passed this trial that when he was around 7-10 months old or so. No wonder he went on to be a dick with some of his brothers and his new recruits (first, the Space Wolves feed them like they arrived to Valhalla and then, throw em in a thunderhawk and kick em into them in the cold wilderness of Fenris until they transform into Wulfen or return home by themselves...) and was easily manipulated by the Luna Wolf Primarch in tearing a new asshole to Magnus.

GW origins[edit]

He was just an ordinary commander who came with two wolves, Freki and Geri. This is them.

This is the very first canonical portrayal of Leman Russ. I shit you not (In Rogue Trader; before primarchs were a thing, but still.)


The Next Step[edit]

Russ conquered and took. He bartered and traded. He united the people of Asaheim under his rule. Somehow, the Emprah heard of it and realized it all had to be the work of a Primarch. So then he attended a royal banquet in the Hall of the Mountain Ki- I mean Leman Russ. The Emprah, taking a leaf out of Odin's book, disguised himself as some old geezer, then waited until the right moment to reveal his true identity. When he did Russ refused to bow down and challenged him to several contests, he ate so much the Emprah was forced to back down. Russ drank so much the Emprah was forced to back down. By now, the Emprah was fairly surprised at finally being out-done by someone else, Russ gazed upon the Emperor and challenged him in combat, and so did the Emprah raise his Power Glove into the air for all to see, and so did he then bring it down on Leman Russ's head, knocking him the fuck out in one solid hit.

...and this is the first portrayal getting ready for a furry con.

Of course fluff changes and a 1-hit KO wasn't very fulfilling, so the new lore arrived: After the Emperor revealed himself Leman Russ skipped the eating and drinking contests and just challenged the Emperor to a fight. It is unknown whether the Emperor was in his full armour and actually had his Power Fist at the time, or whether he used his psychic powers; but the duel lasted for hours. (Presumably Russ did a lot better this time by virtue of not being drunk.) In the end, though the Emperor, presumably pissy that Leman was waving his cock in his face by just straight up fighting him, punched him square in the face and dropped him. When Russ awoke, he laughed it off and swore loyalty to the one who managed to beat him. Afterwards he ended up in command of the one Space Marine legion that knows how to eat, drink, brawl and make war upon any asshole that mocks their Thunderwolf.

Rumour has it that the Emp was so pleased with Russ' prowess, that he tasked him and the Space Wolves to be his executioners and it seems Russ is the reason the 2nd and 11th Legions no longer exist. So he has experience fucking up a Primarch, which is pretty goddamn manly. (Not confirmed by any sources and is not more than passing conversation in one Black Library novel, other than that, yeah totally definitely didn't kill the other legions. Also if you take how he acted with Angron and Magnus, he totally hated his job of being the executioner... and apparently thought Lorgar was a pretty cool guy; the title of executioner is very much a self given title; Russ believed that he had the “right” to unofficially police his brothers, just like he did with Angron (the Emperor was never even consulted, Russ just decided that he wanted too do it)- Vulkan once mentioned that the Wolves being sent by Russ to watch over the other Primarchs was considered to be a bit of a joke.

(The novel "Betrayer" give's Angron's version of their run-in, where he tells to Lorgar what happened. Russ had taken it upon himself to school the World Eaters as he was disgusted by their behavior. Angron was having none of Russ's babbling and picked a fight with him by insulting the Big.E. Angron eventually defeats Russ in single combat, and the world Eaters end up killing the wolves faster then the wolves can kill them- because they were fighting to kill while Russ was trying to teach. It then ends with the Space Wolves nearest the battling Primarch outmaneuvering the Eaters and winning a tactical victory by surrounding Angron, some more hissing vitriol between the two Primarchs and Angron leaving. The World Eaters believed they won due to a higher kill count and the Wolves leave disappointed that their legion brothers were too retarded to see the lesson Russ was teaching. It is pretty telling that even Lorgar replies to Angron that he was a complete tool on that night and would have been killed after hearing him boast of how he won against Russ. With that said, Lorgar was able to get Angron to learn the lesson Russ was trying to teach him by just talking to him for two minutes, and he did it without getting a shit load of his own men killed or getting his ass kicked in a duel. Not only does it show just how badly Russ failed at what he had set out to do on the Night of the Wolf, but also how his own hot headedness and fundamental inability to understand his brothers can royally bite him in the ass.) In addition, Russ “plan” wasn’t a very good one; in order to surround Angron the Wolves left themselves outnumbered in the rest of the field, which resulted in the World Eaters killing them at a much greater rate; they had achieved a localized superiority around Angron, at the cost of losing superiority across the rest of the battlefield. If Angron hadn’t stopped he would have very likely killed Russ, the surrounding wolves would have tried to kill him (not sure they could have succeeded), then the wolves themselves would have been surrounded by some very angry and vengeful Worlds Eaters; good thing Angron walked away or Russ’s plan would have resulted in two potentially dead Primarchs and two crippled legions- not sure this was very well thought out?

Apart from that, Russ and his Space Wolves had a goddamn good time during the Great Crusade, although it hasn't been written about so this is all we can guess. Until Inferno dropped. It turns out that Russ and his legion earned their “dark” reputation during the process of fighting the Rangdan Xenocides, which saw entire Army regiments, Titan Legions and [REDACTED] Space Marine Legions (could be Chapters, could actually be entire Legions) wiped out (they along with the Lion and his legion were charged to do what needed to be done). With the Luna Woves up to the eyes in glorious warfare in the Galactic East, Russ and the VI headed north along with the I Legion - this is the war that ended the I's time as the largest Legion. The end of the Xenocides entailed a series of bio-pogroms which left the Wolves with a very ugly reputation, and from then on Russ' role was the doer of necessary dirty deeds.

Burning of Prospero and the Horus Heresy[edit]

When that bitch-ass Horus started whining and crying, Leman Russ and his Legion were on their way to Prospero to bring Magnus the Red to Terra for questioning. Horus intercepted the message and re-worded it to order Russ to destroy Magnus and his Thousand Sons, and interestingly Russ found when they arrived at Prospero he didn't want to do that. He decided to go against the orders he thought were legit, and instead detain him and his legion so that they could be transported to Terra (ironically doing exactly what his legit orders were by going against what he thought they were), but when Magnus refused to answer the phone and the Thousand Sons' calls were all being blocked by the Primarch (and by a Tzeentch Daemon in disguise) he became more and more annoyed, and eventually he was pissed off enough that he and the Space Wolves carried out a class-10 clusterfucking on Prospero (aided along a bit by Magnus himself lowering his planet's defenses because he wanted to atone for his wrongdoings in the dumbest fucking way possible). It should have ended with the glorious finale where Leman Russ himself lifted Magnus the Red over his shoulders and broke the sorcerer's back over his knee (rumour has it that Russ could be heard shouting “Ah yes. I was wondering what would break first: your spirit… or your body!”...turns out it was both at the same time!). But even so, the red bastard managed to utter one single word of power and escaped through the fucking ground. Russ was so enraged that he ordered the 13th company of Space Wolves to pursue the fleeing Thousand Sons through their pansy-ass portals.

(Though Russ lost his duel with Magnus. The Red Giant gained the upperhand and was going to kill Russ had his two Wolf Pets not intervene and distracted Magnus enough for Russ to counter-attack and win. 3 vs 1, Pathetic. Only Corax, Dorn and Lion were able to beat Traitor Primarchs on their own during the Heresy) (Previous author evidently forgot about Russ beating post-Moloch Horus himself and only not killing him due to hesitating twice.)

This said, winning the Battle of Prospero left a bitter taste in Russ' mouth and complicated things for the Wolves in the long run. First of all, despite his reputation as the Emperor's Executioner, fighting Magnus took a serious toll on Russ. Rumour has it, that during the battle between those two demigods Magnus, by psychic means, laid his heart and mind bare to Russ, revealing that he knew not only every blow that was coming from his brother, but everything that he had come to know, accepting his failure and his fate, which was defeat. In the recently published Horus Heresy novel Wolfsbane Magnus' last words to Russ are finally revealed "You are a sword in the wrong hands. You have severed an innocent neck." In other words: Magnus was even aware that the wolves had been manipulated into wiping the Thousand Sons out, instead of detaining them and bringing them back to Terra (but not aware he wasn't actually innocent), and the idiot just let it happen instead of talking to Russ who wanted to ignore his orders and detain the Sons, in order to bring them back to Terra.

It will be interesting to see how GW tries to fill the logic gap regarding the hatred of Magnus towards the wolves now, considering he obviously *knew* that Russ had been manipulated into killing Magnus and the entirety of the Burning of Prospero is directly his fault. One easy way out would be the loss of the shard of Magnus that held his nobility which was absorbed by Ianus (first grandmaster of the Grey Knights, a former Thousand Son that was in the process of succumbing to the flesh change when this little "accident" occurred), but most fans would prefer a more convincing explanation. Seeing a hypergenius like Magnus hating the Space Wolves for destroying his legion - irrespective of the fact that he *knew* that they had been manipulated into doing so and the fact that he intentionally chose for his legion to be destroyed - makes less sense with Magnus' added layer of remorse and self-awareness. Then again, said hypergenius, even at his best and most complete, had a monumental know-it-all complex, a lot of pride in his life's work, and a long history of mutual scorn with Russ. That, plus the fact that Primarchs are not known for making rational and empathic decisions with one another, might help explain some of it.

Only room for one wolf pelt wearing Primarch in this universe.

Either way, the events of Prospero shook the Wolf King deeply, but Russ decided to carry on and try to make the best of a real clusterfuck of a situation. (An Inquisitor once called it an "emo phase" in front of a Rune Priest, and was fed balls-first to a Thunderwolf.) Not long after that, the news of the Drop Site Massacre reached the Wolves; which was another blow for the Wolf King. In his own words, Russ felt he'd been "in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing", wasting his time and men fighting an eventually futile battle instead of standing with his brother Primarchs against the real threat. Just to make things worse, the Alpha Legion turned up to batter the Wolves and prevent them from heading to Terra and helping Big E. As the rotten cherry on top of an already really bad cake, the White Scars, who'd been bros with the Thousand Sons and had no idea why Russ had just decided to fuck them up royally seemingly out of the blue, weren't going to help them after Prospero. But the Dark Angels of all people aided the Wolves in fighting off the Alpha Legion, letting the Wolves damage their fleet to an impressive degree. A plus here was that Bjorn the Fell-Handed came to his attention, setting the young warrior on the path to ironclad badassness. This said, when he went to Yarant to fight the main Traitor advance, Russ was badly injured, entering a coma and giving Bjorn temporary command of the Legion. He bought Dorn and the Emperor more time.

One of the key reasons that the Wolves fared to badly against the Alpha legion fleet is that the Wolves, as a legion had badly neglected their void combat abilities; they were pretty terrible when it came to ship to ship combat. The Wolves considered it to be a boring and ‘unmanly’ way of fighting; only weak and cowardly people would want to fight at such long ranges- the true warrior wants to be eye to eye with his opponent when he kills him. Their fleet was considered to be more of a glorified taxi service then a way of fighting the enemy, a means to get their warriors from one battlefield to the next, and not much more. They would come to regret such an attitude, and would seek to correct this gap in their combat abilities.

After he escaped from the Alpha legion Russ limped back to Terra with what remained of his legion were he stayed for a few months doing repair’s and restocking. Despite his brothers asking him to remain so he could fight beside them when Horus finally arrived, Russ told them to fuck off, as he had no intention of staying on Terra. Russ took up the spear he hated so much and went on a suicidal mission, aimed at Horus himself. The Wolves made great progress until Russ stood before Horus himself. The two brothers fought and Russ was able to wound Horus with the spear, but didn’t follow through (the spear would have some interesting effects on Horus, but eventually would be the thing that would course Horus to fully embrace Chaos completely). Horus shrugged off the wound initially and preceded to beat Russ into the ground, if not for his wolves sacrificing themselves to allow his marines to drag him away he would have died. It was then that the wolves realized that their success in getting to Horus had been a trap, Horus had allowed them to get to him, but now the trap was sprung and the Sons of Horus swarmed the Wolves. By the time the wolves had carried Russ to his ship and escaped, the legion had been devastated. He had done exactly what he had accused Angron of doing, being so focused on fighting Horus that he had walked straight into a trap that had himself and his marines greatly outnumbered and surrounded- his tunnel vision had led his legion to destruction, like a lamb to slaughter.

Corax would discover his heavily wounded brother, on the brink of death, and would nurse him back to health. The Lion would encounter his brothers on his path of destruction of the traitors territories. The Lion would question what Corax had been doing all this time, but Russ would defend the Raven lord by explaining that Corax had saved his life. Russ and what remained of his legion would join the Lion on his campaign, but Corax did not, providing what forces he could.

Both Russ and the Lion would eventually arrive at Terra for the final climax, charging into the traitor forces and driving them back, but they would be to late to save the Emperor.

From a story perspective Russ’s personal journey through out the Heresy is a good one; he starts out during the Great Crusade and early Heresy as a brash, hot head that charged straight ahead, with a reckless confidence that was frankly unearned (his actions seen to have mostly made a bad situation worse); believing that he had the right to tell his fellow Primarchs what to do. He was quick to anger and had an itchy trigger finger- all to quick to throw his weight around, and although not stupid he had, by his own admittance, bought into his own hype; he had worn the guise of the ignorant savage for so long, that it had become apart of him. His pride and blind confidence made him an easy target for Horus to manipulate- it had been so easy to use Russ’s own self-image as the Emperor’s chosen weapon against him. The Heresy might as well have been Horus taking all of Russ’s faults and forming them into a fist, which he then preceded to punch Russ repeatedly in the face. By the end of the Heresy Russ had seen first hand the cost of his failings, he had been beaten down and humbled, he had failed, but at the end he emerged wiser then before. He and his legion would no longer be the blunt weapon that they were before, no longer a weapon to be thrown blindly at the enemy without question, no the wolves would reforge themselves a new identity, as heroes that the common citizens of the Imperium could look to for hope and protection (they might eventually go a bit overboard with the whole wolf thing and lack of personal hygiene, but you can’t get everything right).

Oh and Empy totally gave him a spear after most of the Terran members of his original legion died fighting various gribbly xenos. Including Tyranids. Yup. Said spear was tossed into a certain Daemon Primarchs single eye, thereby preventing him from manifesting in reality AND resurrecting his legion. Russ totally hated this spear btw. At one point Russ tried to hit a moon orbiting some planet (he was drunk, don't judge) and the spear was lost for months but since it had been a gift from Big.E the Wolves did spend said months searching for it. In the novel "Wolfsbane" and the short story "Two Metaphysical Blades," it's revealed he was secretly fearful of the spear and purposefully avoided using it while claiming he was a short range fighter that preferred swords and axes; "forgetting" it at conferences before people brought it back. He later uses it and became fond of it as a weapon after a trip into the Warp revealed its intended purpose in parallel with his role. Later he uses said spear to fight chaos-empowered Horus, after another try to get rid of it. He manages to stop the Warmaster with it, but then he acts like a fucking idiot, instead of just killing Horus and ending the rebellion then and there, he tries to reach out to Horus' good side and gets fucked up because of it.

Funny thing, that spear. It's actually the twin of another spear, the Apollonian Spear, wielded by the commander of the Custodes, Constantin Valdor. Russ's spear is known by many names, including Gungnir (the spear of Odin), simply the Spear of Russ, and others. But, this spear and its twin were both crafted by Big E and infused with parts of His psychic insight, so before any of those other names it was called the Dionysian spear. Now, this is a bit of a deep cut on GWs part, but the Apollonian and Dionysian actually refers to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (feeling lost yet?), who was in turn writing about the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus. In Nietzsche's philosophy, the Apollonian is representative of everything bright and individual, meaning life and the person living it, as well as order and stability. The Dionysian, however, is representative of the primordial state from which all things originally emerge, the CHAOTIC nothingness from which the individual Apollonian springs forth. So, bringing it back to 40k, the Apollonian spear of Constantin Valdor can impart the memories of the person it kills to its wielder, capturing that individual and orderly moment. When inquired by Valdor, the Emperor intended it to be a tool to make Valdor understand his foes and as a check to keeping from getting too arrogant. What does Russ's spear, the Dionysian spear do? Well, we really don't know, but if the novel Wolfsbane is anything to go by, it seems that at least a couple people believe it's the weapon best suited for killing a Primarch. As seen with how the spear stabbed Russ and showed him how horrifying the truth of the Primarchs' origins were and how it erased all the corruption temporarily from Horus' mind, it's certainly a potent and terrifying weapon. And since the Primarchs are essentially the Emperor's Own Daemonkin, it stands to reason that the Dionysian Spear was designed by the Emperor to destroy the soul of the Primarchs and return them to the primal Chaos from which they originated. This in turn gives with Russ's word of being the Emperor's "executioner".

Russ and his Brothers[edit]

My hand is fire, my hair is rage, my pauldrons are justice and my cock is wolf. Prepare to die!

In many ways Russ can be best understood by looking at the clashes between him and his brothers, butting heads with Angron, Magnus, and Lion El'Jonson over the years. All three of them had much in common with Russ, and there was potential for great brotherhood there, but in large part his lack of tact or understanding crushed whatever relationship might have been.

His fight with Angron was an attempt to teach his brother a lesson. Both of them were consummate warriors, both relied on their amazing athleticism and berzerker rages to triumph in battle, both were known for losing their temper when challenged, but Russ saw weakness in his brother's lack of strategy. Leman tried to just talk to the World Eater's primarch, but Angron was so uncontrollably, incredibly, "calm down son", angry that he just attacked Russ; well not really, Angron said that he would love too walk up to the emperor and separate his head from his shoulders, to which Russ lost his temper and was the one to attack Angron. While Russ and Angron were dueling, their retinues kicked off an open war, and in the battle that followed Russ found himself defeated by Angron, but Angron was in turn outmaneuvered and surrounded by the Space Wolves, thus proving Russ's lesson that warrior prowess isn't enough. That said, no one learned anything. Angron thought himself the victor because he'd won the duel and his sons had inflicted greater casualties than the Wolves, but Russ thought himself the victor because he'd proven his point and "educated" his brother. On the flip side, arguments that Russ should have been more tactful ignore that he was trying to deal with a Space Marine Legion of questionable loyalty that could and had caused massive amounts of collateral damage. There's a time for caution; it's not when rampaging supersoldiers are threatening the Imperium and its people. Which is indeed a good point, but then he should have gone all the way and gotten Big.E's approval to deal with this shit once and for all if it came down to that instead of trying to do things on his own on the sly. No matter how you look at it, Russ' idea to "educate" his brother was one of good intent (no really, it's a genuine bro' move that the Primarchs rarely extended to another) but of poor execution. If Russ had paid more attention and thought things through rather than sticking to do things his way, he'd have used subtler methods of persuasion to calm Angron, as Fulgrim and especially Lorgar had done in the past. Russ would have had an easier time of persuading Angron than either of them, given that he and Angron had a similar sense of brutal honor and a great lust for war. But, ultimately, it didn't occur to Russ to slow down and think his idea though, so he failed that day..... Well, that last statement is a bit in the grey zone. It was rightfully pointed out above that Russ was not exactly cool-headed either. And it was only when Angron said that without the Nails he might have been a more honourable man (like Russ claimed to be); but that if this were so he might have decided at some point to storm the Emperor's palace and "chop the slavering bastards head off". That was the final straw for Russ who couldn't take more of that shit, hissed "Heretic" as he lost his temper and things went downhill from there until both legions clashed. It is also noteworthy (and of course grimdark/tragic) that Angron made some pretty valid and surprisingly logical arguments including showing genuine regret for having been pressed into a role he had never wanted ("I died on Nuceria") , especially considering what a berzerk killer he was even then already. Several years/brain hemorrhages later only the berzerk killer with the attention span of a two year old was left but that's a story for another day (as in: when he was trolling Ultramar with Lorgar, which ultimately culminated in his ascension to daemon(prince)hood).

Russ really, really didn't get along with Magnus, even before the burning of Prospero. He hated that his brother used sorcery and warpcraft so extensively. The Rune Priests of the Space Wolves use their psychic abilities in a much more limited and controlled way than the Thousand Sons, and the Rout never used Chaos familiars (which the Thousand Sons - to be fair - were totally unaware of using. They thought them to be benevolent spirits or "tutelaries"... until the Burning of Prospero of course when these spirits showed their true colours and turned on Magnus' sons). The Wolves also use the spirits of Fenris, hence all the totems and runes. Nearly all fluff indicates that this is utter horseshit, until the Spirit of Fenris was revealed to be real. Russ' convictions led him to feud with Magnus, but so did his concerns over the threat the XVth Legion posed to the Imperium and his frustration with Magnus' tendency to abandon his allies in favor of investigating some psychic artifact or slow down a conquest to avoid damaging some books. Russ never stopped to consider that Magnus' understanding of the Warp might have been better than his, or that the things Magnus preserved might have value for the humans Russ wanted to make the Galaxy safe for. Ridiculous theories that Russ was a psyker aside, another significant source of the feud between Magnus and Russ was The Crimson King's sheer arrogance. Leman Russ was rightly proud of his cunning battle tactics and personal ferocity, and was fully aware that he grew up on a savage death world where everything is constantly trying to kill you, while Magnus had it comparatively easy on Prospero. The Wolf King and his Legion, from the Wheel of Fire to the Rangdan Xenocides, had proved its mettle, cunning, and devotion to the Emperor many times over, yet Magnus treated him like a dumb hick and acted as though his psychic powers made him the greatest primarch. It couldn't have helped matters that some of the threats the VIth had bested were psychic in nature. Yet Magnus knew none of this; only the Emperor and the Space Wolves understood the extent of the threats they had faced down. Russ never considered that Magnus had no knowledge of the terrible secrets that only he had been entrusted with; he expected Magnus to take the word of an "ignorant savage" that the abilities he defined himself by couldn't be trusted. Whether Magnus would have listened if he did explain all that on the other hand, is another story - recall that he didn't listen the first time the Emperor told him to stop.

Perhaps most famous and most tragic of Russ's feuds was his strife with Lion El'Jonson. Both men had very similar origins, but slight differences in their upbringings drove a wedge between them. The Wolf and the Lion were both raised by the wild: both of their pods had crashed in areas with no humans, and they had to learn to survive with no lessons from other men. Both were eventually taken in when they were discovered by the men of their world, but that's where their stories differ. Where Russ was raised in the friendly, bawdy brotherhood of Thengir's men, the Lion was trained and educated in the somber fraternity of the knightly Order. While Russ had been brawling and singing with his friends, leading great hunts to destroy monsters and enemy tribes, the Lion was mastering discipline and embarking on solemn quests to destroy the Great Beasts of the forest. Russ was raised to value camaraderie, but for the Lion, there was nothing before duty; a difference which would make them the least able to understand each other of all their brothers, despite having so much else in common.

The battle between the two came on the world of Dulan, where the VIth and Ist legion were fighting together to slay a tyrant who'd insulted Russ's honor. At the beginning of the conflict the two brothers had promised to work together, but as time went on the Lion grew tired of his brother's insistence on utterly smashing every pocket of resistance rather than taking a more efficient, direct method of ending the war. Eventually he just launched an assault on the tyrant's palace, and beheaded the man before Russ could reach them. In the heat of the moment, Russ was furious to hear that and immediately confronted his brother. Russ was an angry dickhead, the Lion was a snarky bastard, and before long blades were drawn and the two were trying to kill each other in a violent battle. After a long and bloody fight in which the two of them beat one another senseless and finally fell over the ramparts of the fortress to the ground below, Russ started laughing, the ridiculousness of what they were doing finally apparent. Here they were, two Primarchs of the Legiones Astartes, brawling like children instead of leading their men. The Lion, however, didn't laugh. Like, at all. He coldly asked if his brother would yield, a question that just confused Russ. His brother thought this was an honor duel? Russ had originally been so blinded by his anger that he continued to fight even after the Lion had won the “duel”; when he had disarmed Russ and had his blade at Russ’s throat. Russ only realized how stupid the fight was after he had been beaten half to death. The Lion however saw no humor in the situation and was taking it deadly seriously. So while Russ was laughing he struck Russ a final mighty punch, that knocked Russ out cold, ending the fight; like father like son. Had Russ stopped to consider his brother's mentality, or listened more closely to the Lion's words, he would have realized that the Lion saw the conflict as something profoundly different from what Russ thought it was, taking the matter of honour as something deadly serious. Again, Russ's lack of consideration was his failing. The whole thing stems from Russ’s bruised ego, and his want to prove the naysayers in the Imperial court’s wrong. After waiting for Russ to hold up his side of the plan, the Lion could wait no longer and finished the battle, taking the head of the enemy leader. Russ being denied his prize (that he felt was his due to the leader calling him mean names) attacked the Lion with the intent of hurting him as much as possible. A fight does not end until someone is unable to continue, gives up, or both sides agree to end it; Russ had started the fight by attacking the Lion, insisted on continuing the fight after he lost the duel- turning into a brutal brawl, then thought he could just laugh it off without his actions having any consequences. When asked if he yielded, he just laughed (yes he was laughing because he finally realized the stupidity of the situation, but he had still violently assaulted the Lion at the beginning- starting the fight) the fight was not over, so the Lion ended it. Russ was way to eager to start unnecessary fights.

However, while certainly abrasive, arrogant, and brutal, Russ was also every bit as loyal as Sanguinius or Dorn. The other thing Magnus, Angron, and the Lion had in common? All three of them behaved like assholes in their way. The Lion had zero people skills, arrogantly considered himself the best of all Primarchs, acted like he was some prince-in-waiting and lorded it over his brothers, him turning a small brawl into a duel of honour case in point. Magnus was much more enjoyable to be around but he arrogantly assumed he knew best because of his powers and blatantly favored psykers in his Legion. Angron's case is... self-explanatory. Bottom line, his brothers all put their own feelings/goals before those of the Emperor. Not to say that Russ was tactful, diplomatic, or understanding with these three - he certainly could have handled all of these conflicts better - but Russ was never a dick just for the sake of being a dick - he was a dick because someone had to keep his brothers in line- or at least he thought so.

His relationships with his brothers also highlight another one of his traits. Fans LOVE to call him a hypocrite, and this isn't far off the mark. However, it's not quite on target either. To elaborate, Russ did indeed criticize (and at times even physically attacked) his brothers for traits he or his Legion also had. On closer inspection, though, the way Russ dealt with his flaws was different from his brothers - and that's the best justification for his behavior:

  • Russ and Angron both led Legions that were extremely violent, especially towards the defenseless. But Russ made a point from the very beginning to rein himself in and taught his Legion to temper their bloodlust and fight to make the galaxy safe for humans by example. Angron didn't care about either his Legion or the people of the Imperium, the only leadership and example he gave the World Eaters was to slaughter anything that dared stand in his way. Even worse, Angron jammed the Butcher's Nails in the brains of his War Hounds, taking their discipline and brotherhood away from them and leaving them to degenerate into blood-crazed psychopathic supersoldiers living only to kill without rhyme or reason. Russ gave massacres of friendly units as his main reason for intervening.
  • As for Jonson, both Primarchs had an element of glory-seeking in their nature. Both were also very stubborn and combative, with an animalistic side. However, Russ wasn't ruled by his pride but his drive to serve the Emperor came from a different place: the Lion lectured Russ about wasting time destroying the Emperor's enemies, when winning wars is all that matters. (ironically a similar lesson that Russ tried to teach Angron), while Russ couldn't countenance leaving any enemies alive. During a dispute between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels over a friendly fire incident, Russ begrudgingly, personally apologized to the Lion for refusing to listen to warnings upon charging head first into a void conflict, resulting in the wolves killing at least a hundred Dark Angels, which then led to the ship of the killed marine’s knowingly firing upon the ship responsible. Upon the Lion offering his hand and forgiveness for his sons deaths Russ pulled him close and made it clear what would happen should the Dark Angels do something similar again.; which is really odd thing to do, as the whole thing was the wolves fault. The two did come to an understanding later; that the reason for the Lion breaking his promise on Dulan was because Russ was putting off the final blow and allowing the battle to drag out, costing lives, which was pretty much the lesson Jonson was trying to point out earlier. All because Russ had wandered off the battle-plan to sort out the Wulfen issue within the 13th Company, something that Russ later realised that the Lion already knew and had quietly disposed of the evidence for his brother, even though he could have used the knowledge to break the Space Wolves Legion.
  • With Magnus, the accusations of hypocrisy carry little weight. Russ' attempts to cover up the Curse of the Wulfen are somewhat similar to Magnus' treatment of the flesh change (the Wulfen curse was not exacerbated by rampant sorcerous power use like the flesh change was), and both Legions did use psykers. The real difference here is how they dealt with the situation. However, the Rune Priests were much more cautious than the sorcerers of the Thousand Sons in their dealings with the Empyrean and only "taking a sip of the cup when needed instead of drinking deep each time" as the Khan would put it. More importantly, the Space Wolves treat the degeneration of their gene-seed and the transformation into Wulfen as a curse, a failing to be contained and if possible eradicated. The Thousand Sons treat their psyker powers as a badge of superiority, taking any excuse to use them and revelling in what made them unique without considering its links with the flesh change. Russ did his best to control his secrets, he didn't glorify them or thought it made him and his Wolves better than the other Legions. Magnus was controlled by his secrets and saw them as strengths. It's also worth noting that as per Prospero Burns Tzeentchian dickery had led Russ and others to believe Magnus' equerry had planted a spy among the Wolves, with Amon apparently attacking Bjorn and a Custodian at Nikaea. It is a tragic turn of events in its own right that this "Amon" was in truth a daemon masquerading as the Amon (who had - matter of factly - faithfully stayed at Magnus' side which was generously entirely disregarded by both the Wolves and the Custodians for plot reasons), playing a pivotal role in tipping the balance towards the dissolution of the Librarius (which - ironically - would have been one of the greatest assets the Imperium/the Emperor would have been able to field against Chaos during the Heresy.. Just as planned!!!!).

TL;DR: Russ shared many flaws with his brothers, but he was defined by being in control rather than being thrall to his flaws. His bloodlust never overtook his discipline like it would Angron. His glory-seeking never overrode his sense of responsibility like it would Lion El'Jonson. He made sure his sons worked against their curse rather than have them embrace it like Magnus did. It comes to no surprise that someone who worked so hard for control resented people who thought they didn't need it, hence the accusations of hypocrisy (ha ha ha… oh wait, you’re being serious? Let me laugh even harder), however (in fairness like many of his brothers Primarchs), interpersonal skills weren't exactly his forte. Russ' real failing was not that he accused others for things he had to deal with himself, but rather that he was in an unique position where he could have been an example to his brothers because he shared and knew how to deal with said flaws but his brashness and agressivity drove them apart instead.

On a somewhat amusing tangent. Russ considered Roboute Guilliman a good choice for Warmaster, and in return Guilliman considered Russ and his legion part of his "Dauntless Few", meaning that Bobby G sincerely believed that alongside Russ and his Wolves, the Ultramarines could defeat any opponent. Rather amusingly, when he was struck down by Fulgrim, Guilliman's last thoughts were, in order, of his sons, of the Imperium, and then for his brothers, the first being Russ. While they weren't exactly best of buds, Russ actually believed Guilliman and Perturabo were the most boring among his brothers after Rogal Dorn, they had a sincere respect for each other as warriors. The only thing they had a bit of a pickle with was Rob's Codex Astartes thing; and Russ eventually ostensibly acquiesced only to ignore it when G-man stopped breathing down his neck, kinda. The Space Wolves did try to form a successor Chapter, the Wolf Brothers, but those very quickly devolved into Wulfen for whatever reason (it is suspected the planet Fenris has something to do with it).


Although unable to return to aid the Imperium in the Battle for Terra, Russ and the Space Wolves threw themselves headfirst into the post-Heresy war efforts. Aside from spanking the traitors into the Eye of Terror, he came up with the concept for the Adeptus Praeses. Though he'd told Guilliman where he could shove his Codex, Russ liked the idea of successor chapters for the Wolves. To him (or the little reformist movement within the Legion later, the fluff isn't totally clear), they were a way of maintaining the Wolves' influence alongside that of Girlyman, Dorn and the rest. Unfortunately the Wolves' gene-seed proved too unstable to set up any viable successor chapters, and as a result while the Ultramarines, Imperial Fists and Dark Angels have shitloads of descendants to call on in a crisis, the Wolves are the sole embodiment of Russ' strength and drive. This hasn't helped their situation with Imperial institutions such as the Inquisition.

One-hundred years to the day after the Emperor's internment on the Golden Throne, during a feast in the halls of the Space Wolves fortress, Russ climbed upon a table to give a speech. He was stricken with a vision, and after standing there speechless for a few minutes, he fell to one knee, issued hushed orders to his retinue, and left. He left his sons with their first Wolf Lord; Bjorn the Fell Handed, and a message.

"In the end, I will be there. For the final battle. For the wolf dinner time."

And then the winds of change blew over the fluff once again. In the audio play Parting of Ways we get a slightly different version of events. There was still an annual feast, though it wasn't just to celebrate the day the Emperor got the snot beaten out of him by Horus, but also to commemorate the Wolves that had died during the spring cleaning that followed the Heresy, plus the completion of the Aett - the giant fortress of the Space Wolves. Also instead of a hundred years, it was two hundred years since the siege of Terra, so unless Dorn was a really slow learner and not very bright and it took him over a hundred years to assemble the Golden Throne, that is a clear lore change. Then again, given how Perturabo thoroughly kicked Dorn's ass in the iron Cage, forcing Bobby.G and the Ultrasmurfs to come and save Dorn's sorry ass, it's a possibility that Dorn just wasn't very bright. It's also a possibility that the Emperor got the Golden Throne from an old IKEA warehouse, which would explain why even a Primarch would have had trouble in figuring out how to put it together in less than a hundred years.

Also Russ wasn't about to hold a speech, instead he had at first partaken in the festivities but as the party grew sullen, Russ retreated, sensing, as Bjorn put it, "a fell wind from beyond the mountains, bleeding through the cracks of the Fang". After clenching the table for a while, Russ clambered to his feet on the table, screaming “No More!” The shout silenced the Space Wolves in their brawling and made the flags of the smoke filled halls tremble, so Russ apparently also had a gift for speech, plus he had a gift for getting instantly sober as Bjorn described his face going from being ruddy flushed with Mjod to looking like an ice spectre. Russ then held the following kickass speech:

“We come here to celebrate the All-father, we come here to remember his sacrifice and his ascension from the world of the senses and his victory over my brother the traitor.” “We remember the dead, who even now gather in the oververse, their blade sharp, their aim keen.” “They are better than we are for they perished in the war to end all wars and their souls have been purified! And what of us those left behind, wallowing in the drinks the fallen gods have left us?” “We have grown fat, we have the beast within us, but is has never yet been mastered.”

Then Russ paused to grab his drinking horn and held it aloft and continued: “So let us celebrate my father's ascension, let us remember what he was able to accomplish, let us remember what he built and what he foresaw and then what he lost and how he failed.” “Do not mourn the fact that he no longer walks among us, for the galaxy was too small to accommodate such a soul, he was of an age of gods! And we are slumped in an age of mortals.” “The lights of the stars will fade, this place will grow old and the ice will crack it.” “We will forget no matter how much the skalds tell the old tales, what battles are left for us like the ones before?” “My fallen brothers are gone, Malcador is gone, the leeches cluster around the Golden Throne and whisper of deeds done before they were born as if it were they who achieved them.”

At this point Russ looked unsteady on his feet and his eyes went glassy: “A doubt of all of this, one thing remains true. We were not on Terra, we were not there when the palace fell and that shame will pursue us for eternity.”

Then Russ dropped his drinking horn on the board and then started to speak not to his warriors, but to himself or to some presence that was unseen. “It remains unfinished… I have waited for too long, building this mountain, squabbling with Guilliman. I will not grow old, feeble, limping around a crumbling inheritance. I have an Oath to keep, there are beasts left to slay.”

At this point Russ was fully immersed in his premonitions and he looked around the room, a smile dancing on his fanged face, seeing things from either long ago or yet to come. “Listen closely my brothers, there shall come a time far from now, when the chapter itself is dying and our foes shall gather to destroy us.” “Then, my sons, I shall listen for your call, in whatever realm holds me and come I shall, no matter what the laws of life and death forbid.” “At the end, I will be there. For the final battle. FOR THE WOLF TIME!”

Then Russ gave the mustering signal and he and his retinue left, though as Bjorn made to follow only to have Russ turn towards him saying a single sentence: “Not you.” When Bjorn asked for an explanation all Russ did was repeat the words: “Not you.” Then he left.

It is theorized that Russ like Magnus had the gift of premonition and knew that Bjorn would be needed in the years to come as the first Great Wolf, as it is heavily implied that if Bjorn hadn't been persuaded to take the mantle of great wolf, the Chapter itself would have fallen apart in the absence of Russ.

More likely Russ just didn't want Bjorn's moodiness to poison what ever adventure he was on. His helmet eventually came to be in the possession of Ulrik the Slayer.

As to where Russ went and what happened to him there's a few theories given:

  • Russ sought the Lion out to make amends of their old feuding (if so they both forgot to tell both their chapters about it).
  • That he fought in eternal combat with the resurrected cadaver of Horus (no that would be Abaddon's task and he completely owned that clone of Horus).
  • That he searched for the tree of life to heal the Emperor's soul.
  • That he is trapped within a hollow star and tormented by his old adversary Magnus (Since Tzeentch was able to trap Sigmar in another dimension, trapping Russ in a hollow star and have his star pupil Magnus use him as a punching bag makes as much sense as anything).
  • That he is actually searching for Magnus, to finish the last task given to him by the Emperor and "arrest" his wayward brother.
  • That he passed beyond the bounds of space and time and now roams among the gods, ready to return when needed accompanied by the fallen of his legion sundered in a paradise of warriors (so basically he's in the Age of Sigmar at this point? Somebody put him out of his misery, that's not a paradise that's hell on earth).
  • That he's simply lost in the galactic fjord known as the Warp and has been playing drunken pranks on daemonic villagers for 10,000 years.
  • During the second Great Hunt, Russ’s armor was discovered on an altar, within a Chaos temple; so yeah, his trip might not have gone to plan. A potential darker fate for Russ might have seen him join the other side (unlikely, but a possibility), he was killed by the forces of the blood god, or the beast inside finally won, and Russ has gone full Wolfen.

/tg/ theorizes that Leman Russ may return as Horo (Implying Horo isn't just one of Leman's many, many bastard children growing up on some shithole Feudal world).

Magnus actually know where Russ is now, but he don't tell it even to his trusted sorcerer lords.

The 13th company, and a figure bearing the likeness of Russ, was spotted during the 13th crusade and the siege of the capital of Cadia.

On The Tabletop[edit]

Horus Heresy 1.0[edit]

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Leman Russ: 455 9 6 6 6 6 7 6 10 2+/4++

An impressive stat-line, even by the insane standards of Primarchs, is coupled with unbelievably powerful wargear:

  • The Armour Elavagar starts as your bog-standard 2+/4++ which is increased to a 3++ against flamer (in case you meet an AP2 flamer or something), melta, and plasma weapons, but the truly awesome severely-overpowered-bullshit part is that it imposes -1 to hit on anyone in BtB with him. Do note however that it only works in BtB contact, so the models not directly in contact with Russ would still hit him as usual (likely on 5+ due to his insane WS). Basically, he's insanely tanky in a fight.
  • The Axe of Helwinter is a +2 S master-crafted power axe with sunder and without unwieldy for your vehicle-wrecking needs and putting some more guaranteed wounds on high toughness opponents. Also useful for inflicting Instant Death on anything T4 or lower.
  • The Sword of Balenight is a Shredding AP2 power sword; oh wait, it also has Sever Life. If Russ' prey suffers one or more wounds from the sword, roll a 2d6. If this result beats your target's toughness, add 1d3 additional wounds at ap2, so you can still use your inv save against these additional wounds.
    • Thanks to vague wording, when you must make the test for Sever Life is a subject of debate. Some say "suffering one or more wounds" means that the rule applies immediately before saves are made. HOWEVER, the rule clearly states that Sever Life is used only if the model "is not slain" by the initial attacks, and you HAVE to make your save rolls in order to know if they are slain or not, so one can lawfully argue that unsaved wounds are the real trigger. Keep calm and make it clear with your opponent until a FAQ is released. Besides, the times Russ isn't going to be able to get at least one wound in with this sword are going to be pretty rare.
    • As mentioned in the description, the extra attack that would normally be added when using two close combat weapons is already included in his profile of 6.
  • For ranged fights he has the Vulkan-remade bolter (mentioned to be regular one until Xzibit got his hands on it) turned into a pistol for Primarch's hand, called Scornspitter which is assault 3 AP3 rending, but with pitiful 12" range. Of course if you aren't within 12", then you can't charge, and if you can't charge you're running therefore even if it did have a greater than 12" range it wouldn't be used anyway.

His Wolf-Kin are deployed separately and he can't join them, but they're great harassing units and surprisingly brutal fighters.

Meanwhile, his Sire of the Space Wolves gives him Night Vision, Counter-Attack, Preternatural Senses, and Hunter's Gait: all Wolves get +1Ld and Russ gets to Howl once per game (letting everyone in his detachment reroll run and charge for said turn). Breaker of Shields, Bringer of Ruin gives weapon mastery (like Horus and Calgar). If he's Warlord, you can take Veteran Tacticals (who may run/shoot bolters then charge instead of regular Vet tactics) and Varagyr Terminators as troops.

If Horus plays like everything a Space Marine Chapter Master ought to be, Russ is best compared to an Ork Warboss. He isn't exactly "tactical" in the traditional sense of reserve dickery, but Howl of the Death Wolf combined with Warrior's Mettle Veterans can make your army a strong hunter-killer force, able to get in your enemy's face and fuck up his battle plans. This is an unpredictable force, able to catch most armies by surprise and keep them off balance. Freki and Geri are practically auto-takes, and Russ himself can and will fuck up everything from Leviathans to Thanatars to Land Raiders. Due to high strength, high initiative, and high weapon skill, even Imperial Knights aren't out of the question. Worth it.

Leman Russ VS other Primarchs:[edit]

Inferno is finally released and you came here to see how your favorite/most hated superhuman demi-god fares against the other Primarchs, because you love delicious Mathhammer trolling and cautious planning before battle.


Sever Life on The Sword of Balenight is the real kicker here. Allowing him to potentially pile on more wounds than what would normally be possible for the amount of attacks he has. And since most primarchs only have a 4++, they tend to die in short order (with even the tougher ones eventually going down from sheer wound output). So if you want to add the damage for Sever Life, here's the results:

  • Against T6 Sever Life will cause an additional 1.091 Wounds on average.
  • Against T7 Sever Life will cause an additional 0.909 Wounds on average.
Note that these are Wounds that can still be saved via Invulnerable saves.

This is made even crazier with his ability to split his attacks between his axe of awesome and his sword of cheese (Yes just like Horus). Since all it takes is one wound going through to trigger Sever Life thus he can lay on the hurt with his high strength axe while still getting some good jabs in with his sword. When combined with the additional wounds from sever life (assuming it goes off, which against most Primarchs it should since they are mostly in the T6 range) this guy can lay on more wounds on a single target than just about any other Primarch (except a fully buffed Angron, though to be fair that is really all Angron has got going in a fight).

Possibly worse than Sever Life (which probably is intended to trigger after saves, hence the "Is not slain" part) is his armor, which cripples almost every Primarch's ability to damage him with the negatives to hit. Since thanks to his insane weapon skill almost all will be needing 6's or 5's at best to even hit him, and after taking wound rolls and saves into account he is basically taking almost no damage. Which really hurts alot of his opponents since most of their special rules in CC rely on doing damage (e.g. Horus disabling strike and Perturabo's fancy hammer with basically every CC special rule). Even the uber-tanks are left flailing at him, barely doing any damage, while he grinds them out.

The only ones who can even stand a snowball's chance are heavy-hitters in the range of Horus, Fulgrim, Angron with maximum attacks, Ferrus Manus, Perturabo and a fully buffed Magnus. In addition a Transfigured Lorgar might be able to tar pit him for awhile (though don't expect him to actually win). But I do mean snowball, even these guys barring some amazing rolls will probably lose virtually every fight (including Horus).

Rather appropriately, Sanguinius with the Spear of Telesto and Angels Wrath Rite of War may be able to defeat the wolf king. With the st10 HoW, S6 vector strikes and his 1 use, 2 shot melta gun (which is not actually melta, so Russ doesn’t get his 3++) that gets passed the wolf kings armour ability plus the master crafted spear generating extra wounds, Sanguinius has a more then decent shot of taking out Russ. The longer the duel takes the better the chances for Sanguinius with all his charge bonus’s and hit and run. However taking into account Russ's negatives to Sanguinius hit rolls this can seriously harm Sanguinius charge bonuses and to due to his ability to use paired weapon profiles coupled with Sever Life he can still out damage Sanguinius, especially at the start of the battle. Meaning the odds are still stacked in Russ favor. And this all doesn't take into account his wolf companions, which would heavily favour Russ in this fight.

Vulkan holds out pretty well but only if Russ is just using the sword... against the axe... well lets hope the dice are on your side!

Do note too that if Russ brings his wolves along (as he should) then they can challenge and take challenges in his place, as they are both characters. Thanks to how the rules work, this means that Russ essentially has 8 wounds, and in the case of Primarchs who can't ID the wolves 14 wounds. In effect he can use this to prevent Horus from using his talon to drop his stats or Perturabo smacking him too many times with his hammer while making the combat last even longer, since for example if Horus uses Worldbreaker to kill the first wolf Russ can just tank the wounds before his other wolf challenges in round 2, all the while Russ is beating the shit out of Horus completely unharmed. Statistically if Leman Russ brings his wolves along it is near impossible for any single other Primarch to kill Russ before he grinds them down if in a challenge.

HOWEVER if you or your opponent plays him in a list he can potentially be tar pitted with terminators with thunder hammers and storm shields. Russ is not immune to concussion and the invuln save is superior than Russ. This will bring him down to an equal playing field since while they will not be doing much damage to him (since needing 6s to hit), he will probably not be able to rip throw them before the game ends (he is more a challenge monster than infantry wrecker, again that is Angrons job). Though don't rely on this as like all primarchs he is perfectly capable of wiping them out. Such is the fickleness of the dice. And again this is not even taking into account his two wolves. With either of them tanking a shot or two and preventing Concussion from setting in Leman Russ again has a very good chance of ripping through them. So don't expect this to be a consistent solution to dealing with him.

Bottom line, Horus is lucky that Russ didn't get there first during the Siege or take his chance at Yarant.

Horus Heresy 2.0[edit]

Leman Russ: 450 8 8 6 7 6 6 7 7 10 2+(4++)

Russ is here to fuck shit up this edition:

  • The Armour of Elevagar: provides the 2+/4++ typical of Primarchs, which is increased to 3++ against Flame, Melta, and Plasma weapons. Additionally, in any turn where Russ charges, the opponent is at -1 to-hit in melee.
  • Sword of Balenight: The infantry can opener, this weapon is pretty busted against both characters and entire squads. Master-Crafted, S+1, AP2, Murderous Strike (4+), Brutal (2), Fearsome Ruin.
    • That means that any wound roll of 4+ inflicts Instant Death, bearing in mind that S8 is already Instant Death against T4... but also any wound roll gets multiplied into two separate saves, so Eternal Warriors still need to be scared of this weapon.
    • The Fearsome Ruin rule also means that enemy units who suffer casualties need to roll an extra D6 when taking morale checks at the end of the phase and discard the lowest, making them considerably more likely to run away and be swept up.
  • Axe of Helwinter: The everything else option. This weapon is also Master Crafted, S+2, AP2 Sunder and Reaping Blow (1).
    • With higher strength and Sunder, the Axe is better suited to killing vehicles. Reaping Blow is an odd addition to this weapon, as it grants an extra attack when Russ is in base contact with more than one model, so it also works well against Fearless squads of single wound models. For everything else the Sword should be the go-to option.
  • Scornspitter: a 12" S4 AP3 Assault 3, Rending (6+) bolter. Pretty poor in terms of Primarch weaponry, but Russ real strength is in melee.

Russ also has a number of helpful special rules:

  • He shares the Legiones Astartes (Space Wolves) rule. Which applies to Primarchs this edition. In Russ's case, because the Primarch unit type is its own thing, Russ does not have the Infantry unit type. This means he gains +1 WS when charging. (This becomes extremely significant in Primarch match-ups. Less so against regular enemies).
  • Sire of the Space Wolves: is his unique warlord trait. Granting all models with the Legiones Astartes (Space Wolves) rule (including himself) +1 Strength on any turn they charge. Which is actually a bit sub-par as far as "Sire of..." rules go, but again, Russ real strength is in melee. He also gives his army an extra Reaction to use in the Assault phase.
  • Howl of the Death Wolf: once per game, Russ can scream out at the start of a turn. Granting all friendly models with the Legiones Astartes (Space Wolves) rule (including himself) +1 to their movement characteristic. Additionally all enemy models with the Legiones Astartes (Space Wolves) must take an immediate Pinning check.

Primarchs also have a set of shared rules:

  • Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Fearless, It Will Not Die (5+), Bulky (4) and Relentless
  • They are not effected by negative modifiers to their statlines (other than wounds).
  • Resolve snap shots at their normal BS.
  • All hits from either shooting or close combat are allocated by the Primarchs controlling player. These hits are kept in a separate wound pool.

30k Leman Russ vs other Primarchs: Heresy 2.0[edit]

Primarch fighting has significantly changed in the new edition. The sweeping changes to the Weapon Skill system really put those with lower scores at a huge disadvantage. While the changes to universal special rules mean that characters can often bring more attacks (like with Rage and Rampage) or newer tricks (Brutal) to the table that they never could before.

This means that Primarch vs Primarch fighting is more likely to actually resolve itself within the duration of the game, rather than taking turns whittling off small numbers from each other.

Also, because Overwatch Reactions are now done at full ballistic skill, shooting will likely play a more significant role. However, for the sake of brevity, there should be no need to include them unless they make a meaningful difference to the outcome.

Russ vs Horus:

  • Russ with the Sword of Balenight: 4.25 hits, 2.83 wounds, (doubled before saves), 1.89 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 1.55 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
  • Russ with the Axe of Helwinter: 4.25 hits, 3.54 wounds, 1.18 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 0.84 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
    • Russ charging with the Sword of Balenight (hits on 4+, +1 Strength): 4.75 hits, 3.95 wounds, 2.63 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 2.3 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
    • Russ using Counter Attack with the Sword of Balenight: 5.25 hits, 3.5 wounds, 2.33 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 2 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
  • Horus with World Breaker: 3.75 hits, 3.125 wounds, (doubled before saves), 3.125 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 2.79 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
    • Horus on any turn where Russ has charged (hits on 6+): 1.30 hits, 1.08 wounds, 1.08 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 0.75 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
Horus wins. Although if Russ charges, Horus is effectively neutered for that single phase it doesn't really help in the long run. The Warmaster has an excellent defence: First by flattening out hit rolls and negating the WS bonus that Russ gets on the charge, then having Toughness 7 which means that Russ only wounds on 3+, except on the charge, then having a 3++ to get around the additional saves inflicted by the Brutal rule.
The Sword of Balenight is the superior weapon here, although the Axe of Helwinter is more likely to wound, the sword forces more saves.

Russ vs Lion:

  • Russ with the Sword of Balenight: 4.25 hits, 3.54 wounds (doubled before saves), 3.29 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 2.95 at the end of the next turn thanks to IWND.
    • Russ charging with the Sword of Balenight: 6.22 hits, 5.18 wounds (doubled before saves), 4.93 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 4.60 at the end of the next turn thanks to IWND.
    • Russ using Counter-Attack the Sword of Balenight: 5.25 hits, 4.375 wounds (doubled before saves), 4.125 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 3.8 at the end of the next turn thanks to IWND.
  • Lion with the Lion Sword & Deathwing subtype hits on MC3+: 4.88 hits, 4.07 wounds, 2.03 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 1.70 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND
Russ wins: they have the same statline but Russ gets the extra attack for having two weapons, and although he hits less often than Angron, his sword has Brutal(2), so every wound has to be saved twice.
Also, while it might be tempting to just sit 18" away and snipe with the Fusil Actineaus, Russ's Armour gets boosted against plasma to 3++, so it only causes about 0.43 unsaved wounds when fully resolved and leaves the Lion dangerously vulnerable to a charge in the following turn.

Russ vs Ferrus Manus

  • Russ with the Sword of Balenight: 5.55 hits, 3.70 wounds (doubled before saves), 2.46 unsaved wounds, subtract which is reduced to 2.13 at the end of the next turn thanks to IWND.
    • Russ charging with the Sword of Balenight: 6.22 hits, 5.18 wounds (doubled before saves), 3.45 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 3.22 at the end of the next turn thanks to IWND.
    • Russ using Counter-Attack the Sword of Balenight: 6.88 hits, 4.59 wounds (doubled before saves), 3.06 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 2.72 at the end of the next turn thanks to IWND.
  • Ferrus Manus: 2.22 hits, 1.85 wounds (tripled before saves) 2.77 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 2.44 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND
    • Ferrus Manus charging: 2.55 hits, 2.12 wounds (tripled before saves), 3.19 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 2.86 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
    • Ferrus Manus on any turn where Russ has charged (hits on 6+): 1.13 hits, 0.94 wounds, 1.42 unsaved wounds, which is reduced to 1.09 at the end of the turn thanks to IWND.
Leman Russ wins, even though Ferrus Manus has a higher per turn output; because someone HAS to charge, Ferrus Manus is half-dead after the first round of combat. However, if Ferrus charges, Russ will be half dead too. Either way, Russ is able to win by virtue of having the higher initiative.
No, Ferrus Manus does not get Feel No Pain (6+) from his Warlord trait because he is not an infantry model. It doesn't apply here.


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