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You send in your Cold Ones and I send in my Knarlocs.
They used to have models

Lesser Knarlocs also known as Knarlocs or Common Knarlocs are the smaller relatives of the Great Knarloc, trained by the Kroot. They are smaller in size and work more as a team, unlike their larger, solitary cousins. In the wild jungles of Pech, Knarlocs are formidable carnivorous predators using ambush and long distance pursuit techniques to run their prey into the ground. They work together in groups of up to ten, including their young, and have developed a significantly greater brain to body ratio, allowing them to attack any size of prey native to their world.

The Kroot are known to capture and raise Knarloc young to form elite mounted units. They mainly make use of their razor claws, sharp beaks and powerful leg muscles to rip apart their prey. The Kroot riding them carry Kroot Rifles to fire from advantageous positions that the Knarloc can deliver the Kroot to. It is also seen as a social statement to be riding a Knarloc.

The term Knarloc actually covers a wide variety of creatures, all exhibiting similar characteristics and habits. Some, for example, are broad and muscular and lack the clawed forearms that others display, while some are tall and lean. All of these varieties are highly prized by the Kroot.

They come in a variety of colours!

Knarloc Rider Herd[edit]

Knarloc Riders operate in groups of three to six Knarlocs and riders and are often delayed by Knarlocs feasting on the corpses of the prey they have just killed.

While not as fast in the open as a Pathfinder team mounted upon its modified Devilfish carrier, the Knarlocs are far better suited for moving through terrain that armoured vehicles would have problems traversing. When moving through forests, jungles and swamps, the Knarlocs are stealthy. When launching an ambush it is common for the riders to dismount, sometimes using their mount as additional concealment or cover. Other Kindreds, generally those in possession of more vicious beasts, utilise them more like heavy cavalry.

Knarloc riders equip themselves according to the character of their mount and the tactics they intend to employ against the enemy. Those riding the more aggressive mounts sometimes carry crude spears or lances, while those utilising the more stealthy beasts carry a longer version of the Kroot rifle. Others carry the more common version of the standard fire arm, which, thanks to its muzzle- and stock-mounted blades, makes an effective weapon close up as well at range.

Lesser Knarlocs are roughly the size of a horse and are the Tau equivalent of Imperial Rough riders.

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