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The Squat Leviathan which would later be reappropriated by the 'Guard. Proving that copyright is dead in the 41st Millennium.

The Praetorian-class Leviathan (Not to be confused with Hive Fleet Leviathan) is a super heavy mobile command center, and one of the largest land based weapons platform within the Imperium. It is similar in size to the Capitol Imperialis and the Ordinatus. It is only surpassed by the mobile Hive Cities and Capital Ships. These beasts, as its looks suggests, uses the same chassis (E.g. stolen) as the ones used by a certain they who shall not be named faction, further solidifying the unoriginality and laziness of the Adeptus Mechanicus within the Imperium.

Also, its boxy design and size would most probably sent a certain Chaos Lord flying into an autistic RAEG at the mere sight of it.

  • Length: 100m
  • Height: 90m
  • Mass: 70-100 kilotonnes; approx
  • Crew: 1,000 crew including 600-700 Imperial Guardsmen; approx


Another model of the Leviathan, this time looking a bit more practical and realistic in a military sense rather than a giant bling of cathedrals just asking to be shot. Well... a little bit.

Similar to the Capitol Imperialis, the Leviathan acts as a mobile HQ as well as acting as a massive mobile army group command center for coordinating and ordering the vast numbers of Guardsmen and their vehicles within each Imperial Guard Regiments. On the other hand before they got hit on the head with the proverbial banhammer by GeeDubs, the Squats use their indigenous vehicles as a massive troop transport carrier to transport special "Ironbreaker" Brotherhoods of Squat Hearthguards into combat while protecting them with multiple void shields, meters thick walls of admantium and massive firepower (Think an army of power armored eggs with legs assaulting your position), essentially making the Leviathan into a over glorified Chimera on steroids.

To further harness its troop transport capability, the Leviathan has enough space to hold two full companies of Redshirts with all their war gear as well as featuring a rear deck landing pad for Imperial transport craft such as the Valkyrie and its counterparts to safely land for repairs or cargo. The vehicle reached heights of up to 90 meters, nearly twice as tall than the Capitol Imperialis which reached only 50 meters.


Essentially, the Leviathan packs enough Dakka to reduce titans smaller than a Warlord into molten scraps of metal. How powerful you may ask? well imagine its main weapon big enough to fit a bullet the size of a Lemun Russ battle tank, which is to say fucking powerful. That big son of a gun is a type of Macrocannon called the Doomsday Cannon and yes, its called a Doomsday Cannon due to the feeling of impending doom of whichever unfortunate piece of unit is going to face this monstrosity head on since they are going to take something whose recoil can be both heard and felt several miles away.

Other minor and secondary weapons are its eight Battle Cannons and twelve sets of twin-linked Heavy Bolters (Yes, the fucking Battle Cannon is considered as a minor armament here). The Leviathan could also be outfitted with Corvus Assault Ramps, turning the massive war machine into a gigantic siege tower, allowing its troops to climb onto enemy walls; although quite frankly, having a slow, extremely large and easy to hit vehicle to act as a siege tower (A tactic that has been outdated since the inventions of cannons in the late medieval ages) which so happens to be your mobile head quarters is a pretty stupid idea in the first place. Unless its armor or shields or whatever are sufficient (though using it as an HQ when in siege tower form is still stupid). Just because something is a big, slow bullet magnet doesn’t mean its stupid or doomed. Just that it needs a shit ton of armor.


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Obviously, the extremely famous mythological monster also appears in Dungeons and Dragons. In 3rd, it's an Elder Evil, while in 5th, it's a "mere" elder elemental.

Elder Evil[edit]

When the gods first created the world, they did so by carefully combining, mixing, separating and subdividing Law and Chaos in particular amounts. Little known to mortal races, there were leftovers and imbalances afterwards. The gods took the big chunk of chaos left over, and sealed it away. This primordial, world-shaping chaos became the sleeping Leviathan.

The adventure path in the Elder Evil book features a Cult of the Leviathan, secretly led by a vampiric ixitxachitl priest of Demogorgon pretending to be human via a wand of polymorph. The Leviathan's sign is wild, sometimes supernatural weather, and the PCs start investigating the cult after helping a major port city survive a tsunami or something, and hearing reports of storms ravaging cities across the world. After diving beneath the sea in a cool dwarven submarine, the party learns that the cult plans to awaken the Leviathan with one last ritual. This is not actually the case: Demogorgon and Dagon just want to drown the world, not annihilate it, and the vampiric stingray just wants to rouse the Elder Evil then put it back to sleep before it fully awakens. Unfortunately, the PCs attacking disrupts the ritual in the worst possible way, and sign waxes to Overwhelming as the Leviathan slowly begins to destroy the world.

The temple floods, and a huge wave rushes through the room, but fortunately, the PCs wash up on shore. At this point, the ixitxachitl spills the beans, gives the PCs the key to putting the Leviathan back to sleep, and peaces the fuck out. The book notes that the party can convince him to come with them and help, but cautions against bringing along the evil, demon-worshiping vampire. For some reason. The remaining encounters of the chapter have a brief description of what he does if he's there, and he's nothing but helpful.

Like Atropus, the Leviathan is far too large to fight, or even stat, and you mostly fight its aspects. Unlike the world born dead, the Leviathan has more than one aspect, each Colossal in size, and isn't affected by their deaths.

The only way to 'defeat' it is to go back to the island temple, which is actually the tip of one of its horns, poking out of the ocean, and then fight their way down to a pit into its body proper, and have a spellcaster throw the macguffin in after a lengthy invocation to put it back to sleep. It's noted that in the final fight, a trio of krakens try to distract the rest of the party while the boss, a buffed-up aspect, will target the macguffin's bearer, and try to eat them before swimming down into the pit itself. The book explicitly leaves it in the GM's hands whether that counts as successfully throwing it in, or if the world is doomed.

Elder Elemental[edit]

The Leviathan makes an appearance in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, as the elder water elemental. In this appearance, it's a CR20 gargantuan siege monster that can summon tidal waves.