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If you see that smug grin then odds are you're already dead.

Lhamaeans are a special kind of Dark Eldar courtesans and are the closest thing to a 'proper lady' in Commorragh. They are often the Archon's personal army of alpha bitches and hoes, and are thus vain beyond measure. These women are members of the mysterious sisterhood of Lhilitu, who are well known for being extremely imaginative lovers (though recent lore has downplayed their role as concubines) as well as highly skilled poisoners who know no equal to their art. They are believed to be descended from the original Cult of Lhamea, who in turn drew much of their knowledge from Shaimesh, the Father of Poisons. They are essentially so good in poisons and toxins that their mere kiss can kill someone within seconds.

Despite being glorified prostitutes, they aren't to be fucked with (ba-dum tss). The fact that they are masters of poison as well as the extra fact that they are often an Archon's right hand man lady means that they hold far more power than what their position might imply. In some cases, like the phrase "For every powerful man there is always a woman pulling the strings", a Lhamaean can be so influential and seductive that they are often the ones leading an entire Dark Eldar Kabal, with the Archon becoming too dependent on her for her protection and the occasional stroking his "ego" that she effectively has him by the balls (both literally and metaphorically).

However, most of the time Lhamaeans are employed as a support unit when an Archon is too busy in torturing and maiming his foes to even bother with other minor threats. Their wide range of toxic weapons means she can and will poison your entire Hierophant for shits and giggles while at the same time, she will be poisoning your entire capillary towers in order to turn your entire Hive Fleet into a husk of dead biomass.


On the tabletop, Lhamaeans are basically Wyches with poisoned weapons that wound on 2 and ID on 6. That's all it is. There's really not much reason to grab them compared to the others, other than to pad out the list and some bonus poison. Nice, cheap and great 2+ poisoned attacks though so don't be afraid to take one or two if you are looking to fill up the last seats in your Archon's party bus. Woah, hold on a sec, they have 2 attacks base (pistol + non specialist weapon) with 2+ poison, take ten for 100 points, put them in a raider and launch it at a something you want to die. Enjoy your 30 attacks on the charge that wound on 2s. For 100 points you could do far worse. Alternatively, a single Lhamean fills your mandatory HQ slot for 10 points, and doesn't have to be your Warlord- not a bad deal at all.

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