Lheorvine Ukris

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What are you looking at, punk?

"Drop your weapon, Captain Abaddon. We’re here to steal your ship."

– Lheorvine Ukris during his first meeting with Ezekyle Abaddon

Lheorvine Ukris a.k.a. Firefist (just don't call him that to his face) was a former World Eater Armistos that became one of the founding members of the Black Legion and one of the snarkiest motherfuckers in the galaxy. Known to his friends as Lheor, he got the nickname Firefist after a plasma cannon blew up in his hands during the Siege of Terra. He's a good example of a (relatively) reasonable Khornate, as he loves battle but isn't a mindless berzerker like many of his comrades, and sees the value of ranged combat, personally wielding a heavy Bolter. Then again, he'll use that BFG in any context, so your mileage may vary.

After the Battle of Skalathrax scattered the World Eaters, he commanded a warband known as the Fifteen Fangs. Not much is known about him during this time, except that he exterminated some Word Bearers that couldn't handle his bantz.

He was also one of the people who realized the fabulous bitches and Mr. Fabulous had to be stopped before the already bad situation in the Eye of Terror became complete shit. So he and a couple of others (including Falkus Kibre and Iskandar Khayon) set out to find Abaddon; this led to the memorable quote at the top of the page when they found him.

He was one of the survivors of the Battle of Harmony where they did kick Slaaneshi and cloned Primarch butt. After that, he stuck with Abaddon and became a commander in the nascent Black Legion. At the First Battle of Cadia, he and Khayon guarded the Legion's escape from the Black Templars and Thagus Daravek's fleet, fighting to repel boarders on the Vengeful Spirit.

According to Iskandar Khayon, he eventually fell in battle on Mackan fighting the Blood Angels during the 7th Black Crusade.

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