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Libators Shoulder Pad.jpg
Founding 2nd Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Strength Around 1,000
Specialty Getting drunk Spilling Blood
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Yellow with Black Trim and Shoulders
Libators Scheme.jpeg


The Liberators Libators have an... interesting chapter history. They pull a reverse Star Phantoms, being well-documented as a member of the Ultramarines Second Founding chapters but having almost no notable engagements or alliances before Roboute Guilliman awoke and called them out. Currently, they dispatched two companies to Maccragge to defend against the Death Guard and have three companies on crusade with the Black Templars and aforementioned Star Phantoms to clear the Karthago sector, who due to the Castigation of Sidon Ultra (Badab War reparations which included the 14 billion population of the Sector's capital being identured into servitude for six generations), was in no condition to repel attacks from Ork Pirates.

Chapter Iconography[edit]

The chapter's name comes from the word "libation", which means "a pouring out of liquid (usually an alcoholic beverage) or grain as an offering to a deity or to the dead." This is an ancient practice that has appeared in many different cultures and even continues to be practiced today. It even appear in media often enough to have a TVTropes page. But until 8th Edition, nothing was known about their practices so one could interpret the name in several ways.

The mystery has been officially unveiled in the "Indomitus" Space Marine Codex for 8th Edition. Apparently, their name and iconography stem from their habit of letting their enemies' blood as a tribute to both their Primarch and the Emperor, a fact that has led them to be known as some of the most brutal Ultramarine successors. They have a tendency to reserve the worst treatment for enemy champions and leaders, as these are seen as the worthiest offerings of all (reason for which they incurred in several censures during various occasions).

Tl;dr: Khorne-flavored Ultramarines. Might be interesting to have some details on some of their earlier campaigns... I mean, can every one of these guys have remained uncorrupted by the touch of the Blood God, when we have plenty of traitor marines hailing from, say, the Sons of Guilliman?


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