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The real question is, what would it be like to snuggle with a snake girl?

Daily Life With Monstergirls, also called "Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou" or just plain "Monster Musume", is an ecchi (as close as possible to smut without actually getting there so the artist can make more money) harem-comedy manga themed around monstergirls. Created by Inui Takemaru (who goes by the pen name Okayado), the series began with his more hentai-flavored "My Life with Monstergirls" oneshot doujins and the similarly lewd "Monstergirl Report" series.

Origin of many /tg/ memes, the most common of which is images of Monstergirls with various facial expressions stating what kind of genitals their race has (see the gallery).

My Life With Monstergirls[edit]

The original comics featured several identical young men (later revealed to be septuplet brothers), each in a relationship with a type of Monstergirl; Centaur, Dullahan (a kind of Irish psychopomp that carries its own severed head), Slime, Lamia, Harpy, Arachne, Mermaid, and Minotaur). None of these men or the Monsters are named. The various characters are early prototypes that would be refined and featured in Everyday Life with Monstergirls, sharing many designs and personalities as their later incarnations. However, these one-off comics feature far more straight-up sex than the more famous ecchi series.

Monstergirl Report[edit]

After the immense popularity of the previous comics, the creator went on to make a sequel series called Monstergirl Report which focuses on a single character, known as Mr. Smith, and his adventures through the Monstergirl world, while having sex with every kind of Monstergirl FOR SCIENCE! The differences between the really real world and the world of Monstergirl report are never fully explained, as apparently humans are aware these races existed to an extent, but these girls are still exotic and relatively unknown to modernity, and yet some races (like Harpy and Lamia) have no males and could only have reproduced with human males. Only very recently have the "two worlds" begun to organize diplomatic relations; it is unknown whether these monstergirls are literally coming from somewhere off-Earth or not. Not that it really matters, but /tg/ is nothing if not poised to over-think everything. Notable from this series is it must exist as a prequel of sorts to the others, since Mr. Smith actually creates Slimegirls out of ordinary garden pest slimes which even by the next work are still largely an unknown to the world at large and not covered (or protected) by laws regarding monsterfolk.

Everyday Life With Monstergirls[edit]

This is the most recent of the Okayado comics, and the first to be made into a fully-fledged manga! In the summer of 2015 it was adapted into an anime (to literally everyone's surprise). It features a man whose name is so forgettable that everyone calls him pet names (aka "Darling" or "Master" (in the master and apprentice sense, not the sexual sense)) or just assumes he doesn't have one, who lives in a world where various monster races are beginning to coexist alongside humans (for the curious among you, his real name is Kimihito, loosely translated as "you person", probably as another jab at him existing solely as a surrogate for the reader). Due to an exchange program (and a lazy government worker named Ms. Smith that may or may not be related to Mr. Smith) he finds himself living with a Lamia that just so happens to be in love with him. Unfortunately, strict rules regarding inter-species relationships prevent anything coming from this one-sided attraction due to serious legal consequences. This is the excuse for the series being ecchi. After the appearance of various other monstergirls he is forced compelled to similarly adopt, harem anime shenanigans ensue. In addition to the aforementioned Lamia, our hero's harem so far includes a Harpy, a Centaur, an Arachne, a Slime, a Mermaid, and a Dullahan. A large number of other monstergirls also appear, acting as minor supporting characters, in particular Ms. Smith's police/paramilitary team made up of a Zombie, a Doppelganger(her species is technically shapeshifter, she just uses doppelganger because more people have heard of that word than shapeshifter), an Ogre, and a Cyclops who handle incidents involving violence caused by monsters. This touches on an aspect of the setting, monsters by law cannot harm humans (but can harm each other) and vice-versa since it significantly increases the legal consequences, necessitating entirely monster law enforcement.

Notably, for the genre, it includes monster men as well as the traditional monstergirls, and not all of them are ugly as sin (with a humorous version of Mermaids where fish-bottom Mermen are popular with humans, while a second Mermen ethnic group of human-bottom fishheads are resigned to second-class in interspecies romance). The manga actually does a bang-up job of investigating the various quirks of monstergirl biology. Points to Okayado for pandering to the over-analyzing fa/tg/uys he knows will be reading (and now watching).

On the flipside, several species are explicitly stated to be biologically compatible with humans, with lamias and harpies in particular being all-female and entirely dependent on human men for reproduction. In fact, nearly all of the girls are stated to have human fathers. Initially this begged the question on why monstergirl sex is banned in the first place, although an in-universe explanation is later provided via a political crisis regarding mass eloping of human/monster couples in one of the Mermaid kingdoms. Even though, after the crisis is resolved, the government frowns on sex without marriage first, the cultural exchange festivals feature an area with soundproof booths where human men and women can write down on a piece of paper on the door the fetishes traits in monstergirls and monsterboys they want to "meet". Longterm relationship couples are also shown that ignored the ban.

And in case you're wondering, yes, there's tits aplenty - in the manga and DVD version only, not on Crunchyroll and sometimes not even in the official manga translations by Seven Seas due to censorship in the raws they get from the Japanese publisher. That's right, they're punishing you for buying their products. Best stick to the scanlations, which are based on the serialized version and are far less heavily censored as a result.

The Cast[edit]

Kimihito and his Girls[edit]

  • Kimihito Kurusu: The protagonist of the story. A staggeringly average guy taking care of his ever-increasing harem although in typically harem anime style he excels at domestic tasks including cooking and managing interpersonal relationships with the fucked up characters that make up his harem. The only sane man by far, he is unusual for a protagonist within the genre in the way that he actually is sexually interested in the girls that fall for him. However, because of a law, he cannot have sex with any of the girls at the start of the series, made more difficult by the fact that all of them would very much love to jump his bone. Later on, that law is repealed (likely due to inability to enforce it, as human/monster exchanges seen later involve quite a bit of sex) although he then is given a government mandate to marry one of them which as expected causes drama for many chapters. Forced into being a host for the girls by the overworked/lazy monster/human affairs social worker, he nevertheless takes his predicament in stride, even taking in other girls that would otherwise be forced to return to their homelands. His dedication is to the point where when a succubus arrives and "[unleashes his] true desires" in an attempt to make him do his go/d/-given /d/uty, this backfires because his only true desire was for her to put some fucking clothes on (someone sign this guy up for the Grey Knights already). He works an undefined part-time job to make ends meet (his parents are out of the country for business, in typical harem anime fashion), which can get difficult because of how much they all eat. He is a low-key anime/manga fan, quoting from a variety of works. A running joke has him crushed, mauled, trampled, scratched, drowned, tied up or harmed in other hilarious ways, all occupational hazards of having to take care of the half-monster girls, with him shrugging it off rather quickly; the girls, later on, realize this and have various beliefs or jokes regarding his seeming invulnerability. Fans joke that because of how average he is nobody remembers his name and instead call him by a variety of nicknames used by the other girls, with "Darling" and "Darling-kun" being favorites. While not exceedingly bright, he's willing to put his life in danger for others and has also physically fought other humans without hesitation.
  • Miia: The Lamia of the group and something of the "main" girl as the first monstergirl character in the series. Being assigned to Kimihito by mistake, he took her in regardless. She fell head over heels for her darling and is frequently trying to get intimate with him, much to his dismay. She is cheerful and a bit ditzy, but has shown bouts of ruthless calculation and rivalry (so she's the Ryoko Hakubi of the series). Very possessive of her darling, she frequently lashes out at the other girls (and even him by mistake) when she feels they get too close. Yet, as dictated by the genre, whenever he accidentally does something that could be seen as sexual or perverted she smacks him about as a knee-jerk reaction. Yet her attraction to Kimihito is genuine and he in return has shown signs of being interested in her as well. Which is probably a good thing since it was later revealed she was set by her tribe to kidnap him for use as a breeding bull, but she abandoned that plan when she decided wants him all to herself. Her VERY aggressively sexual mother later appears to finish the job until deciding to let her daughter only have to compete with her current rivals instead of the entire tribe.
  • Papi: The group's loli Harpy. Despite looking about half their age Papi is just as old (as in: legal) as the rest of the group. A complete birdbrain for whom the myth of birds forgetting things after taking three steps is applied literally (when she flies, she retains memories but the comic will point out when she takes three steps followed by a joke about forgetting her current situation), she tries to do good but often forgets important things. As the loli her figure is the most modest of all the girls, but this doesn't stop certain perverts. As a bird-creature she frequently lays eggs, but she has no qualms about them being eaten. Being intellectually something of a child herself she really gets along with other children, and this lets her get along great with Suu (see below). But don't underestimate her: she can fly rather fast even when holding Kimihito, and her razor-sharp claws aren't there just for show. Papi's mother appears as a darker-skinned version of her, and is actually capable of remembering things including the fact that she is married (although she needed to retrieve a photograph of her husband that she gave to Papi to remember what he looks like when he's not around; still, remembering that she gave it to her at all is impressive given what is shown of Harpy memory).
  • Centorea "Cerea" Shianus: The resident Centaur. She is rather old-fashioned and noble, putting great pride in proper behavior. This makes her the most composed of all the girls, yet is easily flustered when something lewd happens. Because of this, she can be freaking adorable in spite of her stoicism bordering on LARPing. She is a trained knight, comfortable in armor and skilled with all sorts of weapons but with a preference for her sword. Because of her adherence to the old ways she considers Kimihito to be her master, who found out after the fact that riding on the back of a centaur makes you her master in cliche harem fashion. In fact, like Kimihito she's a low-key anime fan, though she takes anime cliches seriously as though they're traditions, and she's also a bit of a fantasy genre nerd. Despite her traditional mannerisms she's rather attracted to Kimihito and would love to elope with him. The massive size of her breasts is a running joke, with them bouncing around as she runs and Cerea being unable to fit a bra (despite there being girls with larger boobs - shown to be due to bras not being designed to withstand a full gallop) and her shirt is frequently undone, soaked, or damaged to reveal her breasts. Her mother secretly bred with a human rather than the Centaur he was supposed to get her hot and bothered enough to tolerate (Centaur females require teasers just like real horses due to their males acting like Greek myth Centaurs AKA fratboy slobs), and pretended to have difficulty accepting her daughter doing the same in order to use a sneaky plan to help kick-start a centaur women's lib movement.
Suu says hi to Lala.
  • Suu: A slime and the most adorable serial rapist you'll ever meet. Officially Slimes have not been categorized as Monsterfolk (the porn comics which preceded the manga show a researcher accidentally creating the first sapient one by introducing his DNA to garden pests by poking them when bored), but when one appeared in Kimihito's house Ms. Smith did not give enough of a fuck to put effort into getting her to be there officially. Her body consists of a blue mass of semi-transparent blue slime with three yellow-tipped green head tentacles sprouting out of her head to serve as "hair". She does not speak a lot and tends to use simple words with poor grammar, but isn't unintelligent. In fact, she appears to be only playing dumb most of the time, with occasional flashes of brilliance. Because of her child-like behavior, Papi took her under her wing (the writer of that pun has been *BLAMMED*), with the two becoming best friends. Suu mainly survives on water, and when she takes in enough of it her body grows from that of a small, modestly-curved woman to a far more matronly form. This is a weakness of hers though: if she were to be exposed to too much water at once (like falling into a river), she would become too diluted and dissolve (although she managed to grow to an enormous size when exposed to experimental fertilizer and brainwashed into thinking of herself as a Gelatinous Cube). If she gets too thirsty, she'll aggressively seek out any source of moisture, including sweat and other fluids - personal boundaries be damned. Taking in other things than clear water changes her personality: poisonous plants make her more abrasive and lustful for example, while mineral water makes her smarter (and crass). Being a Slime allows her great control over her body, as well as an ever-increasing list of bullshit powers, from shapeshifting to mind reading, voice mimicry, and eidetic memory. Suu's origin is unknown prior to Kimihito saving her from dying via dilution in a rainstorm. While an ongoing series of arcs dealt with the backstories of the harem before coming into the series, Suu's instead focused on the race itself; Slimes merge with one another to reproduce, the offspring inheriting memories and evolved powers but the parent Slimes die in the process. When a giant unintelligent but powerful Kaiju-sized Slime wanted to reproduce with Suu (almost turning the rapist into the victim) she herself grew to giant size and fought back, with Kimihito defeating the opponent and saving the life of Suu by removing their Slime cores from the bodies, as the core is where their personality remains when the body turns back into water.
  • Meroune "Mero" Lorelei: The group's Mermaid. Born into royalty, Mero's upbringing has produced a kind, caring and proper young woman with a royal aura surrounding her. She's quite the "romantic", too. After reading Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid she decided she wanted exactly that: a tragic romance like how the character in the story dies and turns into seafoam rather than lives happily ever after (in practice she initially wants to be cuckolded, die in a lover's embrace a la Romeo & Juliet, or else have Kimihito posthumously father her children; generally most Bad Ends are exciting Good Ends to her). This isn't unique just to Mero, as its implied that all Mermaids tend to fall in love on a whim and are thrilled by tragedy or drama. However, after spending some time with Kimihito and the others, as well as realizing that tragedy fucking sucks when it's ACTUALLY happening to you, Mero decided that she wanted a more happy ending to her "tragedy" and some time after that decided that she just wants to be Kimihito's wife with all the others as his mistresses for the purpose of maximum drama. Aside from being her fetish for soap opera plots she seems to somehow enjoy Miia's horrible cooking and being restrained by Rachnera, suggesting she's some kind of masochist. Her royal mother was the reason that humans and monsters weren't legally allowed to marry or have sex early in the comic; the queen drug the cast into her political drama of scapegoating an octopus woman as the one causing their race to increasingly elope with humans out of seemingly nowhere (in reality both male and female Merfolk just really love humans and the more it was forbidden the more it happened) almost ending the legal mingling of human and monsterfolk entirely, all just to make her own personal elopement with a new man (after Mero's father, a human, left her for another Mermaid) more thrillingly tragic than that of any other Merperson. After seeing how serious her daughter was about being willing to die for Kimihito's survival, the queen publicly confessed everything but her own involvement. Afterwards just about anything either Mermaid royal can think of has been purchased and applied to the living space of the cast (without anyone else being informed).
  • Rachnera "Rachnee" Arachnera: The Arachne of the house. Rachnee is a cruel mistress, taking enjoyment in tying people up and dominating them to the point of, as one annoying and lusty Devil found out, minor mindbreakage. She is by far the largest of the girls, with her large abdomen and long legs making her take up more space than even Miia or Cerea, ironically her biggest rivals for Kimihito's affection (his leg fetish gives him a great deal of interest in her). The only girls she doesn't know what to make of are Suu, given that she can't tie up the Slime girl, and to a lesser extent Papi, who's childishness doesn't blend with Rachnee's adult worldview; the two have repeatedly turned her self-spun bondage setups into play equipment (given Suu's possible normal intelligence, this could mean she just enjoys trolling her). She is extremely seductive and is more than willing to use her womanly wiles to get what she wants (or mess with people, male and female alike). She uses her webbing to great effect: she can tie people up in various ways with but a movement of her hand (though this is likely for comedic effect rather than making her look awesome) and enjoys knitting. She also dislikes dishonesty and would rather have an ugly truth rather than a pleasant lie, something that caused her to take interest in the naive and good-natured Kimihito. It has been hinted that her vicious dominatrix persona is just an act and she wants to not get emotionally hurt due to a life full of rejection from both humans and other monsters, something Rachnee will violently disagree with (giving it a grain of truth). She's quite protective of Kimihito or the other girls (when her past dealings aren't getting them into a situation) as she's far more than willing than the others to threaten violence and even murder. Also, she gets drunk off coffee (real life spiders are far more affected by coffee than any other non-lethal chemical alteration), something nobody else has figured out yet.
  • Lala: A Dulluhan and the last to join the main cast, although she only appears rarely. Lala is a very serious but shy woman who calls herself an "agent of death", something that apparently all of her race do. As a Dulluhan she can detach her head and function normally on both sides. Her neckstump can casually ingest anything from (terrible) soup to a large amount of chips without her really caring. However, if the two get separated she needs help to reunite the two, which is how she met Kimihito. Once her head and body were reunited she warned him that he was on the brink of death. Kimihito suspected she was full of shit and quoted several famous last words of a few anime/manga characters without dying. It was then revealed that Lala was not an agent of death but rather an ordinary psychopomp, a ferrier of souls. She can still, however, teleport around seemingly at will, but only in accordance with horror movie tropes (vanishing only when out of sight, even momentarily, and only appearing behind someone's back, Grudge-style). She also does manage to dispel a ghost later on in the series, and every time Kimihito is near death he appears near the Sanzu River (the River Styx for the Shinto religion) which is why she became interested in him in the first place. She kept running away from her families (because they were all too healthy - Ms. Smith knew about her obsession with death) but was content with staying with Kimihito. After this she was reduced to a minor recurring character, showing up only a few times. While she's not crushing on him as the other girls are, she has stated that once Kimihito dies his soul shall be hers, making her the most patient member of the harem. Aside from being able to detach her head and the color of her skin and eyes she is by far the most human looking of the group, with many fans lusting after her generous but not oversized form. And the fact that her head can separate from her body has lead to all kinds of creative fanart smut - some more horrifying than others. Ever heard of a "neckjob"?. She pretends to be calm and cool, but becomes flustered easily when someone calls her out on something... or when Rachnee ties her up, which is apparently a fetish of hers given her reactions.


  • Miss Smith : Kimihito's case officer and that of several others, the liason of MON (Monster Ops: Neutralization) and all-round troubleshooter, Miss Smith is a competent but highly irresponsible woman. "Chronically overworked", she slacks off as much as possible, frequently crashing at Kimihito's place. Her fuckups kickstarted the plot, bringing Miia and several other girls to him due to his competence at managing trouble cases. She has taken a liking to Kimihito and relentlessly teases him, much to the dismay of the other girls. Despite trying to avoid as much work as possible she is actually skilled in a variety of fields, from leadership to a squad commander and can be intimidating to boot. Is chronically addicted to coffee. Did we mention she always wears shades? Like, indoors too? Doesn't it remind you of a certain other agent in a suit? Yes, subtle. At least her name doesn't sound like a twelve-year-old made it up.
With high enough CON, you don't need DEX.
  • Zombina: The squad leader of MON, Zombina is a zombie. Because of what she is she can easily take several bullets to the chest, even dismemberment, and get back up (after some repairs). A highly-trained commando with near ninja-like command of her body she is a very competent soldier. Her physique allows her to remove parts of her body and sew new ones back on: this can include arms, legs, boobs and more. She's quite chipper and lives for the moment, reveling in fully-automatic small to medium calibre violence, ensuing gore and works about her people (aka, zombie movies). She also enjoys Yaoi because of a pun that doesn't translate into English, which netted her quite the hatedom. She requires maintenance on her body, including preservation techniques such as use of embalming fluid, to stay functional and at human-speed (early Zombies apparently are now more Romero due to improper techniques when the virus first began to spread) and is a very active, and lusty, woman. Her bites are contagious but are later revealed to have a low chance of spreading (more Resident Evil than Walking Dead). In one of the translations, her dogtag indicates she served MON since the mid-8o's. This makes her the oldest character, and as much as your mom.
  • Manako: A monoeye (think a small Cyclops) and MON's sniper. Her eye gives her amazing detailed vision, allowing her to snipe weapons out of the hands of suspects without harming them. However, because she's got only one she has trouble seeing depth, causing her to run into things at times. Her single huge eye makes her feel incredibly self-conscious, giving her a shy and distant personality. She's also (in typical anime fashion) shy about her modest curves, especially when compared to Cerea's huge size. Despite this when things get serious she knows how to focus and can take a perfect shot without too much effort.
  • Tionishia: The largest of all the girls, Tio is an Ogre of the Japanese type: large human body with a single horn sticking out of her forehead. Standing at a staggering 7'5" she towers even over Cerea and Rachnera, and has a matching full figure to boot. She works as MON's living battering ram and tool of entry, being able to run through walls in her full armor while casually hauling two siege shields. No, not the plexiglass riot ones, we are talking fridge-sized slabs of ballistic steel. Tio is immensely strong and can casually pick up a vending machine and toss it dozens of yards without breaking a sweat. Despite this she's also a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world. She's a huge sweetheart and very girly, wearing long, proper dresses and all sorts of cute hats and hair decorations. She is huge, therefore she has huge tracts of land calorie needs and is frequently seen eating. She's somewhat self-conscious about her weight and even more so about her height, which paired with her strength allows her to walk through door frames without noticing in time. She's also a very huggy person, which given her staggering 160P cup size, strength, and enthusiasm can make it very dangerous. Tio is also a very calming presence, being able to make stubborn people relent and calm the restless without any effort on her part (think of Chien-Po (the fat guy) from Mulan). Because of her adorableness and massive curvy body, she's a fan favorite.
  • Doppel: An incredibly skilled infiltrator, borrowing from her abilities as a Shapeshifter. She calls herself a Doppelganger because more people tend to know them, but a Doppleganger in the setting is still just a premonition of death resembling the viewer whereas Shapeshifters are a distinctly Lovecraftian race of Monsterfolk. She walks around "naked" in a humanoid form, her white "hair" covering her brown skin just enough to keep her modest. When her shape changes she can change her voice and even her scent to fool pretty much anyone. She's a notorious prankster, has something of a sadistic streak and is willing to inflict horrible punishment on those she feels deserve it. It has been (heavily) suggested she's something even more alien than just a Shapeshifter, being able to turn into some kind of eldritch horror straight outta Lovecraft although the worldbuilding pages imply her entire race have disturbing mysterious properties known only to themselves. According to her, seeing her sleeping would cause SAN loss and her "just woke up" face has eyes and teeth inside her modesty locks of hair.

Other Girls[edit]

  • Draco: A Dragonewt (supposedly a dragon, but scrawnier, more like a lizardman with wings) who is constantly trying to steal Miia away from Kimihito. At first Draco appears and acts like a stereotypical bishie male, but in reality is just a really flat woman, which is revealed by exposing her lingerie. Draco's a narcissist with no sense of personal boundaries, or taking no for an answer. Spends a lot of time under Polt's watch for community service while under prohibition for her actions.
  • Kii: A Dryad living in the forests near the girls' house. She's very protective of her forest, but made friends with Papi, and thus tolerates the others. Like Suu, Kii's overall size and bustiness grows with the amount of nutrients she takes in. During her first encounter with Kimihito, she abducted Papi and tried to kill Kimihito; she was only defeated by Papi and Kimihito sucking the nutrients out of her. Take a wild guess where they sucked them from.
  • Lilith: A loli devilgirl who likes to play pranks on people. She's able to hypnotize Cerea into attempting to have sex with Kimihito, but eventually she gets captured by Rachnee and becomes totally submissive to her after a few hours of hardcore bondage games. She also attempted to brainwash Kimihito as mentioned above, assuming that he would immediately jump her bones because in her experience men are lolicons, but she discovers that some men just aren't into DFC.
  • Polt: A hyperactive Kobold who owns her own gym. Polt is a fan favorite for her eternal perkiness and the shenanigans she gets into with the girls. Obviously she's the most furry of the cast, but so far hasn't been that involved in the series' more lewd moments. Polt is a recurring character (appearing more than Lala) although whether there to cause a joke or deliver some deus ex machina to move the plot along depends on the story.
  • Cathyl: A tall, busty, and short-tempered Minotaur (of the 10% furry variety) who works as a farmhand out in the country. She puts the girls to work on her farm, but requires that Kimihito milk her because she can't do it herself and the farm owner is away. Of course, Kimihito takes no joy from it because Cathyl could easily squish him like a bug if he gets any funny ideas.
  • Merino: A sheep-like faun and Cathyl's sidekick. She grows a lot of wool and needs regular sheering, which can be awkward as that it includes down under. She's also started getting milked too.
  • Yukio: A Yuki-Onna (Japanese Ice Spirit) who works at a hotspring, which draws in a lot of business by inviting monstergirls after the girls' suggestion. Because she doesn't handle heat very well, her human boyfriend/fiance made her a modified divesuit to use while working. Despite her icy facade she sometimes gives away how much she loves her boyfriend. She can accidentally turn the hotsprings into ice if she's not careful.
  • Liz and Kinu: A Lizardfolk and Oni working for a private security company. They're a pair of idiots who fuck up constantly. Basically Manako and Tionishia minus competency.
  • Octo: A Scylla who's been accused of using witchcraft to trick mermaids into eloping with humans, as well as kidnapping Mero, but was instead the victim of a plot by Mero's mother to create the "ultimate tragedy." Octo is apparently the only sane member of the Mermaid kingdom, though she also rivals Rachnee in bondage skills and the two bond over the shared interest after a bondage game "duel" (ends in Suu appearing and winning by molesting both).
  • ShiiShii: A Jiangshi (Chinese zombie) who keeps trying to force Japanese men into ghost marriages in order to get citizenship so that she can go to manga conventions all the time. She's also frenemies with Zombina, even going so far as telling her when she's arriving so that they can do battle and then make up over cartoon porn.
  • Kiira: A pissed-off wasp girl who has a vendetta against Rachnee for getting caught in her web. Her flipout got her race labelled a dangerous species, so she had to smuggle herself in to get revenge by luring Kimihito into a trap. Was stopped by trapping her in a sauna and was eventually apprehended.
  • Kino: A Matango (mushroom) girl whose spores have hallucinogenic affects. Because she has no control over them, she has a hard time making friends and is very lonely, resulting in Papi immediately being drawn to her. Was sent to Kimihito's house by an unknown man along with the other two dangerous species.
  • Kyurii: A vampire and the third dangerous species. She has no desire to prey upon other beings and has a distaste for blood, but she was possessed by the ghost of her monomaniacal father and was forced to kidnap Kimihito. But some timely intervention and an emotional speech by Papi (also Lala banishing the ghost) helped Kyurii to live a more normal life (for a vegan vampire anyway).

Other Guys[edit]

  • Sebastian & Potempkin: The butlers employed by the queen of the Merfolk at the hotel owned by Mero's family to facilitate Merfolk/human mingling. Unlucky enough to be born with fishheads and human bodies rather than the other way around, they are unhappy at being unable to attract human women like "prettyboy" Mermen, (on the other hand: They at least they don't suffer from the "Mermaid Problem") . Most of their staff are also fishhead Mermen, while the maids are humanhead Mermaids (no pun intended). Both butlers are more concerned with keeping their job than anything else and are prone to overreacting comically. Potempkin, the taller of the two, is the head butler of the staff while Sebastian is his subordinate.

12 Beast[edit]

Another work by the same creator, shares the style and Monsterfolk of the other series. Not specified to be an alternate universe (although never referring to any other canon), in the distant past a human warrior named Eita managed to unite armies of Monstergirls under his command to liberate the world from evil. Essentially a combination of Total War and Monster Musume.

Life With Monstergirls Minis.jpg

As A Tabletop Game[edit]

Currently no tabletop game exists of Life With Monstergirls (although a vidya was made with the protagonist as something of a truant officer for monstergirl felons), although there was talk on /tg/ of a modification of the Big Eyes, Small Mouth system and a statting of the characters to make it a fully playable game. This coincides with the previews for the Life With Monstergirls licensed merchandise which includes chibi figures of the main cast which resemble the miniatures from Super Dungeon Explore and Krosmaster. Further threads on the subject have involved Maid RPG as a possibility as well. GURPS Technomancer is somewhat promising given its setting, race selection, and insane flexibility by virtue of being GURPS, but it does have a very strong emphasis on magic Here's an thread statting the Monstergirls in Atomic Robo RPG.

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