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I am the Goddess of Dreams and Wants, what do you need O loyal mortal?
- Lileath partly using her MO and partly planning to manipulate you. Certain fa/tg/uys have a fetish for this in hot elfy chicks.

Lileath, the Maiden was the High Elf and Eldar goddess of dreams, magic/psyker energy, innocence, and fortune. She is the daughter of Isha and Kurnous, and thus is the older sister to the entire Elf/Eldar race (doesn't stop her from having the hots for certain mortal elves). She like nearly the entire eldar / elf pantheon is dead now.

Warhammer Fantasy[edit]

Lileath looking like she just woke up from a coma.

Of the Warhammer world's two moons, the one that is NOT made of pure evil chaos crystals, Mannslieb, is the home to many goddesses (or maybe the same one worshiped by different races). The first of them, the elven one, is Lileath. She personally blesses good-aligned spellcasters. She's associated with innocence, forgiveness, mercy, and all those other not-grimdark things. Those among the High Elves who sin against their own race, or the Shadow Warriors who use underhanded and oftentimes downright evil tactics, rely on her to forgive them on behalf of the entire High Elf pantheon so they can be taken by to the realms of their patron god instead of becoming Slaanesh's food or Ereth Khial's plaything. Lileath personally grants many magical items directly to the mortal High Elves, most of which are designed to combat the minions of Khaine. Despite this she's adorable enough that he doesn't care, and instead rightly blames the parents. Among those items are the staff Teclis carries and drains magic from to keep himself out of a wheelchair (*cough* dispel miscasts *cough*) that has a golden bust of her... naked bust on top, a bow granted to Shadow King Alith Anar designed to cause the divine wrath of the good half of the High Elf pantheon directly to mortal elves, and a necklace granted to the Everqueen (the direct line of descendants of Lileath's original mortal sister) to give to her mortal champions/lovers.

In The End Times, Lileath is at her most manipulative, focusing her attentions on bringing together all three elven factions into one united, anti-Chaos force. To this end, she even goes so far as to poison Ariel by burying a shard of true ice, formed in the darkness before Asuryan's light enveloped the world, in the roots of the tree in which Ariel regains her strength. As she reveals to her latest lover, Araloth, after Malekith is crowned the Eternity King of the Elves, she has no plans to save the world, for it is beyond saving. Instead, she has spent her efforts and her power strengthening her daughter by Araloth, and opening a portal to a world innocent of Chaos's touch. With the last of her strength, she imbues Araloth with some deific energies and sends him through the portal, there to join their child and guardian spirits fashioned from the souls of Bretonnia's greatest knights (which she acquired in her other incarnation as the Lady of the Lake). Before she does, she reveals that the death of the world is inevitable, a part of a great cycle that has repeated itself since the dawn of time; a Creator arises and gives life to a barren world, then his family quarrels, culminating in blows that disrupt the world's precious balance and allows Chaos to pour in through the wounds, inevitably consuming the world. Asuryan was the Creator for this world, and now she wishes for Araloth and their daughter to be the Creator for the next. Though Araloth feels betrayed, he succumbs to her arguments and vanishes into the new world, even as Lileath remains behind. Her intention is to ensure the elves sacrifice themselves to the last, weakening Chaos so that Araloth and his future family will have millennia of peace before they must face the Dark Gods.


Mannfred was freed from his prison by Be'lakor in exchange for ratting out Lileath. Bea'lakor tracked her down, found out about her new plan and destroyed the Warhammer cycle, resulting in Age of Sigmar instead. She herself is discovered by the Bretonnians (who had been tipped off by the now free Mannfred), who abandon her and die attempting to flee home rather than participate in the final battle. Lileath dies (sacrificed by Teclis at her request) along with everything else other than a handful of marketable characters (and even a few of them didn't survive). tl;dr rocks fall, setting dies

40k Version[edit]

Lileath is very much in the background of the 40k setting, with only passing mentions of her name in most cases. She did have one key roles in events however and it showed how, despite being a goddess, she lacked the ability to realize telling a very angry person some bad news might not be the best course of action...

The goddess could foresee possible events to come in her dreams and she had a vision where the war god Khaine would be torn apart by the mortal Eldar race, the other children of Lileath's parents (and so kind of her brothers and sisters). Instead of talking to someone else about it first to see what they thought, she went and told Khaine and he was understandably a bit miffed. He started butchering the Eldar and this led to the complete mess known as the War in Heaven. Lileath meanwhile was either wringing her hands in horror over what she had done or was rubbing them with glee at what she had done. Her level of inner sadistic pleasure at such things has yet to be measured, but considering her portfolio, she probably didn't like Khaine going apeshit.

Like all the other Eldar gods (well not quite all of them...) she was eaten by Slaanesh as a part of a divine buffet and is currently now in the god's stomach. Lovely. I suppose immortals don't digest well then.

The Eldar name the paradise worlds they created in the past at the height of their empire the Maiden or Lileathan Worlds in honor of the goddess. Unfortunately a lot of other races have now got their hands on the Maiden Worlds (often without realizing it) and this has led to a lot of conflicts over them. Which is funny both because the Eldar don't even use them hardly ever even if they win and because it leads some of their Craftworlds into attacking the Imperium. Which everyone knows is always a bad idea.

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