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Lili, probably doing something evil

A Planeswalker from Magic: The Gathering, specializing in Black magic. Notable for being equal parts awesome, sexy, crazy, and power-hungry. Some demons own bits of her soul and she's trying to get them back. Also she has a thing called the Chain Veil which is a powerful artefact that'll corrupt your shit. Is (still?) being chased by Garruk who is giant and pissed off and really wants to cut her head off for getting icky evil black mana all up in his swoleness.


Liliana began experimenting in necromancy after some creepy Raven Man gave her some potion to cure her dying brother. She gave it to him, but he became a fuggin zombie who tried to strangle her but who she rekt. She then went planeswalking and fought a weird old witch and then went back to her home plane and rekt an angel. Oh and then she killed the Raven Man. And finally she sold her soul to Griselbrand, Razaketh, Belzenlok, and Kothophed (who Spellcheck hates), and got eternal youth. So now she has big purple tattoos all over her body. YAYAY


Liliana sold her soul to FOUR separate demons for power and eternal youth. Naturally, she is tried to get out of the contracts by killing said demons. As of Dominaria, all of her demons have been dealt with, but she's still not free. In fact, because she killed all of the holders of her contract, ownership of Liliana now defaults to Nicol Bolas, who acted as the middleman for said contracts. Oops.


Liliana broke open the Helvault on Innistrad to free Griselbrand so she could kill him. And then she killed him. A side effect was freeing the angel Avacyn and the planeswalker Nahiri, who were trapped in the Helvault, but who cares about that?


He lives on Amonkhet. Apparently, he kickstarts the process that returns Nicol Bolas to Amonkhet, beginning with turning Amonkhet's Luxa River into blood (sound familiar?). Met his fate at the hands of Liliana, who possessed exactly twenty-four zombified crocodiles in order to eat him alive.


Belzenlok seems to be associated with the Cabal on Dominaria. At least some of them worship him as a deity, and gave Liliana's brother a job. If you did something cool, Belzenlok will say that he did it.


Liliana's pact with Kothophed was for eternal youth. This was the last demon Liliana made a pact with and the first she offed. Liliana's tattoos are actually Kothophed's doing, as a way to keep her in line. It didn't work well enough to keep her from killing him.

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