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Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Saga Edition[edit]

Linguist is a feat in the core rulebook. It gives you bonus languages based on your int bonus. Nobles get it for free if they qualify for it. The near omnipresence of universal translators in this setting (add it to any droid of at least 10 intelligence for a mere 1050 credits at most) means learning languages is not worth bothering with if your group picks a common language for secret communication.

Pathfinder 2nd[edit]

The Linguist is a niche archetype that any character can pick up so long as they know three languages. Just by entering this archetype, you gain training in the Society skill (or just rank it up one level) as well knowledge of four more languages by giving you two instances of the Multilinguist feat.

Languages tend to be a wrench that a gm will throw at a party when they want something they can't just kill their way through it, but now you can turn that into its own set of tools beyond just writing. Though none of it is offensive in nature, it does give you the ability to replicate whatever you read, impersonate a person's mannerisms after reading every detail about them and even find ways to interpret unspoken communication.

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