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Thanks to the large number of player character stories, writefaggotry, drawfaggotry, quest threads, etc.; /tg/ has birth forth a number of various characters to call our own. Either since we think they're funny, awesome or they just make for good fap material (don't fucking deny it), they persist in all forms. Often in various comics or the like, or they're recruited to play soccer. Hell, sometimes they even manage to sneak into official products. Go figure.


  • Sir Bearington – A bear, that is the animal, who used his very high bluff skill to convince others that he was a noble adventurer, and not a wild animal who was incapable of speech. His deeds resulted in achieving knighthood, with no one else ever being the wiser.
  • Beeforged - A warforged who became a living beehive. As if that weren't disturbing enough, his personality also changed, from bee-like humming to crying tears of honey.
  • Sir Brian Consumptington III – When someone asked how and why a giant brain in a pool of brine would have a disguise skill, /tg/ responded with the dapper gentleman Sir. Brian Consumptington III, who was in no way an illithid elder brain wearing a top hat and monocle.
  • Drew - A lich who went through a crisis of identity and alignment and in the end became flat-out awesome.
  • Golem 6b - A defective golem who runs away and makes his own garden.
  • Ilsenhoon - An illithid, who after eating the brains of several bards and getting kicked out of his own city, went out into the world to rock out and eat more brains.
  • Incest Smith - Thanks to a fa/tg/uy accidentally posting the wrong image for a story thread, this character was born. This blacksmith specializes in diamond dicks and has the mother of all chins.
  • Los Tiburon – Half-orc monk who stylized himself as a luchador. Became the stuff of legends after wresting a dragon... in mid-air... and pinning it.
  • Millennial King - A lich king who uses necromancy for good.
  • Muscle Wizard – Most spellcasting classes use stats like intelligence, wisdom or charisma as a base for their magic abilities. The Muscle Wizard uses strength.
  • Noh – A magical construct in the shape of a small girl who stood before a collection of treasure and could only say “No.” and “Please do not take these items.” However, the DM never expected the party to take a liking to the girl and adopt her.
  • Oinkbane - A wereboar assassin who is far too subtle for you.
  • Pun-Pun – The most powerful kobold in existence. Created when a player wanted to see just how far he could abuse optimizing options in 3.5; the result was a scaly orange dogman who could destroy gods.
  • Rood – Once a magic talking door that someone decided to turn into a warforged. Many door-themed puns followed, often involving “knobs.” Oh, and large keys being inserted into him.
  • Sandwich StoutaxeDrow girl raised by dwarves. So named due to her adopted father finding her in a basket and at first mistaking her for someone's lunch. Speaks with a thick Scot accent, enjoys good drink and fine craftsmanship and eventually became a paladin of Moradin.
  • Shoggy the Seldom Dog - A dog that polymorphed into a random creature every few hours and survived a high-mortality campaign.
  • Ssen Patrick - A lamia child who is adopted and raised as a player's own daughter, after her unwittingly orphans her. She grows up to become a paladin as the main character of quest thread.

Warhammer 40,000[edit]

  • Assholetep – A necron tomb lord known for his childish tantrums and then rubbing it into people's faces just to be a dick about it. Will kill an entire world for the slightest offense and torment people in horrible ways and then send video of it to their families. Also perhaps the only necron who can wink.
  • Blue – A tau earth caste orphan girl that was unintentionally kidnapped and raised by the Scraplootas ork clan (they thought she was a grot). The orkiest tau to ever live, her stories led to the creation of the Scraploota clan and all the various odd orks and grots that make it up.
  • Alice Boone – The psyker daughter of a planetary lord, who was spared the grim fate of most weak psykers due to her father's connections. Doesn't really have much in the way of power and spends most of her time being cute and cheerful.
  • Boris the Titan – When the Scraplootas managed to capture a chaos imperator titan, Boris was the mekboy who managed to fight and smash his way to the controls. Once seated, he decided that this was his destiny and had himself hardwired to the ancient war machine, never to leave and becoming one with it. The Warp energies that power the titan have affected the many grots that keep Boris running, with many becoming much more intelligent and even creating a complex society within the titan. Boris remains unaware of this.
  • Cata-chan – Gap-toothed member of the Catachan Jungle Fighters. Fills /tg/'s need for musclegirls.
  • Chem-chan – Scantly-clad member of the Savlar Chem Dogs. Hangs out with Schlicktau.
  • Cultist-chan – Annoyingly cute Chaos Undivided cultist. Loved by some, hated by many others. Known for her slurred speech, thanks to her bad teeth, and being adorable to the point of inducing homicidal rage.
  • Dranon – Unlucky, chain-smoking Word Bearers Chaos Marine. Roped into taking care of Cultist-chan since the Chaos gods decided that making him miserable would be fun.
  • Gav - Character from the story Gav and Bob. He is an Ogryn bone 'ead whose greatest joy is to searve the Emperor.
  • Castus Grendel – Luckiest bastard in the Imperium. A chubby, bookish acolyte from a Dark Heresy campaign, who thanks to some utterly incredible rolls, became the slayer of daemons and a hero of legend.
  • Emperasque – The fusion of the God-Emperor of Mankind and the Tarrasque. YOU'RE FUCKED NOW.
  • FaptauTau fire warrior noted for his severe lack of self control... and not much else.
  • Commissar John Fuklaw – The strictest, most pissed-off commissar in the entire Imperial Guard. Also the only non-augmented human enraged enough to hang with the Angry Marines.
  • Jeanstealer – A cute genestealer with a pants fetish. Can't actually wear any of the jeans she steals, however.
  • Kasrkin-chan - Large-breasted Kasrkin shock trooper who found herself in a wacky, sexy and meme-filled adventure.
  • Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 – Member of the Death Korps of Krieg, who moves in with an average guy thanks to a dating service.
  • LIIVI - Vindicare assassin ordered to kill Eldar Farseer Taldeer (from Dawn of War: Winter Assault), falls in love with her instead. Set off the series/clusterfuck known as Love Can Bloom.
  • Lofn - Offspring of aforementioned Vindicare and Taldeer.
  • Lolicron - A.K.A. Moecron. A loli Necron. She has a whole family of support characters, generally resulting in d'aaaw.
  • Loli Daemonette - Showing that no fetish is beyond the reach of Slaanesh, Loli D (as she's sometimes called) lures in those looking for a delicious flat chest.
  • Nerdmonette - Daemonette who preys on your “sexy librarian” fetish.
  • O'ren I'shi'ii – Half-tau, half-human commander of a mixed Tau regiment. Tough and angry as hell.
  • The Daughters of the Primarchs – Nineteen young girls beloved by all of /tg/ who were given to the Primarchs after the Great Crusade in an alternate universe where the Great Crusade went much better than it did in canon.
  • Commissar Conrad Raege – Or “Connie” if you're feeling lucky. Raised as a boy, became a tough as hell commissar. Trained John Fuklaw and tries to keep Alice Boone out of trouble.
  • Reasonable Daemonette – One of the few daemonettes who prefers to be fully-clothed. However, her glasses and fondness for tight sweaters doesn't make her any less attractive.
  • Schlicktau – Faptau's female counterpart. Hangs out with Chem-Chan.
  • Commissar Daniel Sterne - "Charge you pig fuckers!" Flat-out crazy, even by commissar standards. Owns a Basilisk named Fluffy and uses it as a frontline tank, ramming enemies with it. He's now canon thanks to Fantasy Flight Games; it's from them that we get "Daniel Sterne". According to them, he died when trying to ram a Helbrute with his Basilisk.
  • Xeno – Earth caste tau who woke up on a ship overrun with necron technology and ended up becoming merged with it. Despite all this, she keeps a cheerful attitude and child-like exuberance. However, her threads became shitty to the point that even bringing her up is a good way to enrage the mods.

It should be noted that the characters Alice Boone, Daniel Sterne, LIIVI, and Castus Grendel all get mentions in Fantasy Flight Games fluff. In short, /tg/ Gets Shit Done.


  • Boxcar Joe, the Magic Hobo. Keeps being created by random character generators. By multiple groups, in multiple campaigns, playing separately. And never in any two sessions at the same time. Always has a bass guitar and a couch in 'remarkably good condition', drifts into the game early on, always makes either crits or crit fails, is only mildly magical, and at the end of the adventure he disappears in an explosion or some other disaster which fails to leave a body.
  • Cestree – Game-loving succubus who replaced Ribbon in the /tg/ Explained comics. Too innocent to actually be seductive, which is a problem for a succubus.
  • Crazy Hassan – Whenever lost adventures are in a desert looking for transportation, Crazy Hassan will be there with incredible deals on used camels. It doesn't matter what world, what era, or what desert the adventurers are in, Hassan will appear with his CRAZY BARGINS!
  • DJ Phylactery – No other lich has funk and flow like him.
  • Elsimore - Okay, not /tg/ created him, but /tg/ made him ascend as a minor deity.
  • Jim - A human living in the no man lands of the monster wastes. Known to be incredibly strong and friendly to all people. Is thought to be the embodiment of Chaotic Awesome.
  • Old Man Henderson – The only PC to ever win Call of Cthulhu. The drug addled, lawn-gnome loving mohawked maniac was created to thwart the designs of a railroading GM. Performed his duty so well that the scale of measuring plot-derailment was named after him.
  • Rage – Aptly named floating salamander who partners with Ribbon.
  • Ribbon - Cute elf girl who starred in a series of comics that attempted to explain /tg/. Ended up going to hell. Came back. Twice.
  • Secundus - Scourge of the ancient doomed city of Pompeii, his taste for young boys was only matched by his love of defecating in random places.