List of D&D Spells

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Thought the history of D&D, there have been many spells for spellcasters. A few of these spells are especially iconic to the point where even people who don't play D&D know them, and others have become infamous for other reasons such as how they get exploited. Here we will try to make a list of many of these spells.

Black Blade of Disaster[edit]

Also known as simply "Blade of Disaster", this 9th level spell conjures a planar rift in the shape of a sword, which basically becomes a kind of free-floating uber-weapon that can chop through just about anything. If you're familiar with Slayers, it's basically the Ragna Blade spell, but Black Blade of Disaster came first.

Burning Hands[edit]

One of the most iconic low-level damage spells, next to Magic Missile, Burning Hands is a 1st level Evocation spell that lets the caster unleash a 15ft long conical blast of flames. It's usually the first access to area-of-effect damage that a wizard gets their hands on, and whilst the range is kind of sucky, it's also usually fairly quick to cast, so it can make a great emergency blast spell when dealing with low-level mooks like Giant Rats, Goblins or Kobolds.

5th edition finally added a long-missing ice equivalent spell called "Frost Fingers" in the adventure Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Cone of Cold[edit]

The cold damage counterpart to Fireball and Lightning Bolt, but it’s typically presented as levels higher than either of those. Back in the day, the Dungeon Master was expected to be a lot more cruel to players, and as such Fireball and Lightning Bolt would have all kinds of horrible side effects like uncontrollable areas in narrow space and destroying loot, none of which applied to Cone of Cold. Even after 3rd edition onward had everyone drop this drawback, Cone of Cold remains higher level for having a higher damage ceiling and a larger AoE.

Detect Evil[edit]

That spell that causes arguments about morality.

Eldritch Blast[edit]

The iconic spell of the warlock class, Eldritch Blast is just a straight-forward projectile attack of pure eldritch energy, not too dissimilar to Magic Missile.

Explosive Runes[edit]

Places words on a surface that explode when they are read. Made famous by an exploit in third edition where the runes could be stockpiled and detonated remotely with dispel magic for massive damage, and the comic Order of the Stick, where the spell is used as a running gag. In 5th edition this spell returns as an option for the spell Glyph of Warding.


Fireball elmo.jpg

An iconic wizard spell that does a lot of damage over an area. The creators of 5th edition have actually admitted that they made the spell overpowered since it is such an iconic spell.

Magic Missile[edit]

One of the first spells wizards learn. The damage it does is pretty small, but it is extremely useful because it never misses and since it does force damage, very few enemies in the game are immune or resistant to it.

Prismatic Spray[edit]

A powerful spell that shoot multiple random lasers that have different effects depending on their color. There is also a more powerful version of this spell called prismatic wall which creates a barrier with multiple layers that each have the same effects and each have a different way of breaking them. There's also a lower level called Color Spray, which effectively kills anyone lower level that is hit by it that doesn't save.

Raise Dead[edit]

The most basic of the many spells that can be used to bring back a dead character.


Like raise dead, but it might bring you back as the wrong species.

Rope Trick[edit]

Used to create the Rope Trick Bunker of Doom

Vicious Mockery[edit]

A bard spell that allows insults to inflict damage.

Wall of Stone[edit]

A spell that creates a large segment of stone that is shapable and doesn't have a duration (it lasts forever). This makes it very versatile for building things, especially when combined with spells that allow further shaping of the stone.


The spell that grants you a wish. Always comes at a huge cost to cast it or source that will corrupt it, but players will always find a way to exploit it.