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Lofn is a cute lil' bugger created due to some perverse self-loathing on the part of fa/tg/uys where they AGREED DAMN IT that having a half eldar spawn of LCB would just push things into an ocean of bad but then we did it anyway cause we're kind of retarded and damn it, it's cute anyway and turned out much better than we anticipated. Lofn, in Scandinavian mythology, is the goddess of forbidden love, aptly named, according to the Anon who named her, since the entire LIIVI/Taldeer thing is pretty (wee)taboo to begin with anyway.

Concerning her /tg/ related lore, she has the terrifying ability to render anything completely docile without giving it a second thought. Some fa/tg/uys claim it to be a synapse aura like that of the Tyranid hivemind, but on a much smaller scale. She tends to travel with a small group of Tyranids or local wildlife as her retinue and travels across planets either via webway or hiding aboard trade ships.

Older GW lore does contain one example of an Eldar-Human hybrid, Illiyan Nastase, and he is a chief librarian astropath of the ultrasmurfs, no less. That said, from a canon standpoint the two species interbreeding shouldn't be possible considering the more recent information from xenology implying that the Eldar's equivalent of a digestive and lymphatic systems are somehow powered by their psychic mind (these systems are anatomically incapable of functioning based on their biology alone, making a psychic explanation likely). In addition to this not only do Eldar have a much more complex chromosome analogue, they have way more of these "mega-somes" than humans have chromosomes. Even on top of THAT, there's the differences in reproductive methods, with Eldar males depositing more genetic material over a long period of time and many sessions, as opposed to humanity's one step conception. The breeding methods are not an anatomical difference, though. Eldar just have to bang a lot to get anywhere because of their low birthrate they accepted for increased psychic power. Look, I ain't saying Lofn is a daemon, but some serious biological or genetic fuckery was needed for her to even be born. There are eldar human hybrids in Commorragh ,but then again there is some serious biological AND genetic fuckery there.

In Dawn of War Retribution it is firmly believed that the 'Good End/Epic End' is a combination of the Space marine and Eldar endings. Lofn is said to have escaped before Taldeer's death/soulstone transmission, her current whereabouts are unknown. Probably still searching for Daddy LIIVI though. "NO I WON !!!!!!!!"

She's also usually depicted with a Tyranid Ripper as a pet of sorts. Said Ripper may or may not have eventually evolved into Unyuufex.


Six years.

Only six years had passed while she searched for her lost love. To one blessed with a lifespan as long as hers, a century was no more than another start of a new set of seasons. But now everyday seemed to last an eternity.

For six years had he been gone. She only kept hope of finding him by his nightly whispers in her dreams. She knew in her mind that he was most likely dead. His death was likely brutal, to be tortured until he confessed or finally died of his wounds after being brought back from death time and again until he would admit to heresy. She knew he would never make a sound if he thought to do so would betray her. He would rather die. She tried to keep that knowledge outside of her head, instead believing in the tiny spark of hope that her heart clung onto.

For six years she had remained vigilant in her search. Even after their daughter, their beautiful, beautiful daughter had been born. She couldn’t believe her father who had in all of his life only shown compassion to her mother before her untimely death had warmly held his grandchild after her birth. Her elder sister and apprentice had been much more open and vocal. The child was a living miracle. A half breed should have been born a genetic monster, lucky to survive in the womb until birth at all. Yet fate was to be kind and gifted her a tiny being of love even the writers and watchers of her universe couldn’t help but melt at. Finally, after so long there was a tiny star whose light had the power to eventually touch and pierce the darkness of the galaxy. Her love had to be alive to see their tiny star, he just had to.

She was roused from her thoughts when her daughter snuggled deeper into her breast with a small sniffle as if she could feel her mother’s distress. Quickly she began slowly running her fingers through her child’s hair, making soft cooing noises. Her daughter quickly calmed and the small, alien organism beside her pillow let out a relieved ‘unyuu’ and promptly fell back asleep. She smiled faintly before snuggling closer to her offspring and began singing a soft lullaby her own mother had sang to her and her sister as children. It is not something that can ever be described by words, human or eldar. Nor could the level of emotional and physical safety felt by both parties ever be quantified. Before the mother fell asleep to her own lullaby and her daughters soft, steady breathing, she could almost see her lover lying on the other side of the bed holding both her and her daughter. She even saw that he was at ease, for the first time in his life he seemed at peace.

Taldeer smiled softly and gently kissed her little girl's forehead.

“Goodnight Lofn, we’ll find your daddy tomorrow.”

It was something she always said to keep their hopes up and she took one last look at the ghostly image of her lover before falling asleep. Though she was asleep, the apparition did not disappear. The scarred man got up and leaned over his lover and longingly stroked her lips and brushed his own with those same fingers. He then kissed his daughter’s forehead exactly where her mother did and slowly got out of bed and stood. He took a few minutes to watch over the two as they slept and finally let out a sad smile. “Goodbye… I love you both.”

LIIVI slowly vanished, the wisp of his smile being the last to finally smoke away inside the room’s breezeless air. He would be waiting for them.

Alternate Ending by Kvist:[edit]

LIIVI slowly vanished, the wisp of his smile being the last to finally smoke away inside the room’s breezeless air. He would be waiting for them....but not for quite as long as he had envisioned. As the first rays of sunlight pierced the room after another yet long, restless sleep, Taldeer's eyes fluttered open. There was an aura present in the room, an all-too familiar one. The well-toned yet scarred arms protectively wrapped around both her and Lofn was secondary to the all-encompassing presence that flooded every single one of her senses. Glancing to her left was only a formality, as she had no doubt as to who this man was the moment her mind awakened.

With a hasty, uncoordinated movement rarely seen in the otherwise graceful eldar, she leapt on top of LIIVI and frenziedly smothered him with all manners of affection. She planted innumerable kisses on his lips, his neck, and his chest all the while holding him so tightly she nearly risked taking him from this mortal coil once again. LIIVI's eyes were half-lidded and he was seemingly in a daze, but this did not deter his eldar lover from lavishing upon him six years of pent-up emotion. Tears began flowing freely from her eyes and heavy sobs wracked her body. She could only choke out a solitary word in the midst of her ravishment of the seemingly resurrected human.


LIIVI finally came to, the voice of his lover fully anchoring him to the present. He blinked slowly before quickly wrapping his arms desperately around her back and ass, flipping their positions on the bed. On top of her now, his breathing ragged and desperate, he too ravished his long-lost lover with his lips and hands, the climax of the past six years of his existence as a formless specter finally coming to a head.

The flushed lovers, still firmly in the throes of desperate love, took yet another moment to catch their breath after what seemed like an eternity of passion. LIIVI again blinked slowly, finally processing her early question. The former Vindicare Assassin in his previous life was stoic and was not one to waste words - time was always fleeting, and one was taught by his Imperium masters to only deign to speak at the behest of the mission's success. This LIIVI, however, was thoroughly tongue-tied for another reason entirely.

"I...I don't know...but...mayb-" LIIVI was cut off as his Eldar lover yet again silenced him with a passionate kiss, their lips meeting with a spark only possible from a love rekindled.

"Maybe there are still miracles in this universe of ours..." Taldeer intoned as she looked deeply in her lover's eyes, still as blue as the day she first saw them in juxtaposition to the harsh tones of Kronus all those years ago.

"Auntie Macha always says I'm a miracle too! Mommy, who's this man? Ripper likes him!" Lofn exclaimed, now fully awake by the events of the morning. On the pillow next to her, the small alien organism was hopping up and down, releasing a chorus of excited squeaks, gurgles, and unyuus. LIIVI locked eyes with Taldeer and then his daughter and tears began flowing down his scarred face. He wordlessly reached out to her and as he had so many nights before, tentatively ruffled her hair. The girl giggled at his touch. Taldeer was the first to speak.

"Lofn...this...this is your father."

Far off, a man on a throne nodded once to a woman in a rusted and rotted cage, all was right once more.

(no grimdark and sadness in lcb universe, kthx)

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