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Yotsuba, mascot of 4chan. She is sacred.
The term loli is used on 4chan to refer to girls who appear to be pre-pubescent aka Petite. The word is derived from lolicon, a Japanese term which is itself an abbreviation of Lolita complex. within the anime fandom the term loli is often used to refer to any girl that meets the aforementioned criteria, regardless of sexualisation or lack thereof. A well-known example of such a loli is Yotsuba, the mascot of 4chan.

Some people contend that using the term loli to describe a character always implies a sexual attraction on the part of the speaker, which is false, since we could also say we like Petite woman, is it a crime to like cute girls?. There are some who claim that a character's given age can exempt them from loli status (for example, the character Konata from Lucky Star, who is 18 years old but loli can be 200+ years old, Loli does not describe an age,it describes a body type (Petite and cute).

Related to this is the slang otaku term "moe" (萌え, pronounced [mo.e]), which literally means "budding," and a pun on "burning" with passion or light or life. This originally described a sort of protective instinct invoked by certain characters. These days it's either used by people to describe girls that are Adorable and cute you want to take care of them.

The rule 63 version of Loli is Shota, which is typically preferred by either overly maternalistic women or extra, extra creepy men.

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