Long Fang

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Espousing true grit and being old like a badass motherfucker even with the Furry tendencies.

Long Fangs, AKA Space Wolves Veterans exclusive to destroying shit up, are the wolfiest wolfs of heavy weaponry. They differ from conventional Devastator Squads by the fact that their experiences are long and filled with bloody deeds. And they literally have fangs in their mouth. Their temperament is unyielding as their aim is unshakable. They are entrusted with supporting their brethren in battle by utilising the heaviest weaponry found within the armouries of the Fang.


There are relatively few Long Fangs within the Chapter, for so many warriors die in battle that only a minority survive to reach a venerable age. Their life sagas are almost complete. These Veteran warriors are disciplined and steady in the heat of battle, and are entrusted with the use of the Great Company’s heavy weapons. Long Fangs as previously mentioned are the Space Wolves' equivalent of a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter's Devastator Marines. Having fought and survived so many battles, the Long Fangs are rarely unsettled even by the most serious set-back.

These dour and grizzled warriors have survived long enough for the genetic inheritance of the Canis Helix sequence within the gene-seed of their Primarch Leman Russ to manifest fully, as they are literally endowed with long fangs (Hence their name). As a Space Wolf continues to age, their canines lengthen into wolf-like fangs and their hair and beard grows thick and grey. They once hungered for honour just like their brethren when they were younger warriors, eager to earn a place within the Chapter's sagas. Yet the hot steel of youth has been tempered by honour and pragmatism, leaving Veteran warriors as finely balanced as the keenest blade.

Over time, most Blood Claws and Grey Hunters die in battle, and only a small minority survive to reach a venerable age, but those that do are amongst the most redoubtable warriors in the galaxy. Having fought in the most nightmarish conditions the galaxy has to offer, Long Fangs remain implacably composed in the heat of battle. Their former Packs, whittled down to but a handful of Veterans, know one another so well that they fight as one, often casually conversing with one another or calmly placing bets as they mow the enemy down with devastating salvos of overwhelming firepower. The Long Fangs' solid and reliable demeanour is precisely why Long Fangs excel in the role of a fire support unit. In battle, the oldest Long Fang of the Pack is entrusted with selecting enemy targets and directs his brethren's fire where it will be most effective. These Squad Leaders are able to anticipate the flow and ebb of battle with uncanny prescience. This enables their men to function more efficiently than most conventional Astartes Devastator Squads. Long Fangs being veterans of heavy weapons are allowed to carry almost all types of heavy weaponry, from Lascannons to Heavy Flamers.

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