Lord Mazdamundi

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Yes, all the Pepe jokes have been made. No, they are not funny anymore.

"Woe to the warm-bloods who would despoil our realm, for their craving for trinkets and baubles drives them deeper into lands forbidden to them. Cast them out, show them no pity, feed their carcases to the beasts of the jungle and leave their bones to bleach upon the golden shores of our land. Let them see that it is folly to intrude upon the domains of the Lizardmen."

– Lord Mazdamundi giving his official stance on foreigners to Lustria

Adolf Hitler if Hitler was a giant toad with diabetes


Lord Mazdamundi, AKA The lord of the solar city,The Big M, Toad Hitler or "Mein Froggy" is the oldest living (Kroak is technically dead) Slann mage priest in the Warhammer world and is easily the most powerful alive. He is also the most active Slann the Lizardmen have and is constantly launching wars, raids and invasions of nearby nations and races, in very un-lizardmen like actions of going on the offensive rather than sitting in the temple cities sleeping "meditating". He usually leads these operations from the front while riding upon his Mother fucking Stegadon war-mount Zlaaq, charging into the thick of combat with his dinosaur crushing foes underfoot, while he un-peoples every warm-blood around him with his magic.

Mazdamundi has studied the ancient plaques of the Old Ones more than any other Slann and has come to the conclusion that before the rest of the Great Plan of the Old Ones can commence, the Lizardmen must first exterminate the lesser races as they are not part of the Great plan.

And you thought all the Hitler jokes were just bad /pol/ memes.


Behold the most powerful magic user in the Old World, a fat, xenophobic toad....(don't look into it too much)

Mazdamundi was birthed by the Old Ones with the rest of the second generation Slann, meaning that while he is not as powerful as the first generation Slann, of which Lord Kroak was part of, he is stronger and more skilled with magic than any of the Third, Fourth, or Fifth generation of Slann. Like all Slann he was created to help build the Old World in the correct vision of the Old ones, and being a second generation Slann was tasked with shaping the continents and oceans. This was all fine until Chaos decided to see if making a habit of invading the real world and killing everything would be a fun idea, and so started the Great Catastrophe, where Chaos Daemons spilled through Warp gates at the poles and invaded the Old World. All of it. Simultaneously.

The Old Ones bugged out, leaving the Lizardmen to finish their work and also sort out the current Daemon problem, so the Mazdamundi lead the forces of the Lizardmen next to Lord Kroak and the Other Slann to push Chaos out of the world. Huge battles were fought in Lustria with multiple temple cities being besieged, and the Slann found it every harder to control the magic they used, with many accidentally killing themselves trying to control it. After a few decades the High Elves with help from the Lizardmen where able to open the Great Vortex which siphoned Chaos from the world. The Great Catastrophe had been halted, but the Lizardmen had paid the price as all of the First and Second generation Slann had perished as they were very high priority targets for the daemons, with Lord Mazdamundi being the only exception. The Slann slowly started rebuilding the damaged world, but Mazdamundi sat thinking to himself about the Old World and all its new problems, he needed to rectify everything wrong in the world and as such he needed a plan to this problem, and oh boy did he think of one.

Mazdamundi spent the next few thousand years enacting his Great purpose and fixing the world of all its (in his eyes) "problems". And he encounters very few things to slow him down when doing this as, considering he was originally created to shape the continents, he is the Single most powerful magic user in the entire Warhammer World. Seriously, he can just clap his hands and level an entire city like it was nothing.

The End Times[edit]

Then The End Times happened

Lord Mazdamundi fought against the Skaven during The End Times when they invaded Lustria, and was still fighting against them when the Skaven decided to throw the FUCKING MOON at Lustria. Mazdamundi sensing that Morrslieb has been blown up and thinks "Fuck this, we're leaving!", and orders the Exodus. As the Lizardmen start evacuating the planet, Mazdamundi starts deleting continent sized pieces of the moon but eventually his mind burns up from destroying most of the moon. Using his last moments he tried to get to his favorite place in Hexoatl to look over the Old World one last time before dying.

No word yet if the Big M will show up in Age Of Sigmar but here is to hoping.

Total War Warhammer 2[edit]

In Total Warhammer 2 Mazdamundi became a Legendary Lord for the Lizardmen along with Kroq-Gar.

Gameplay wise he starts in Hexoatl and is a buffed up Slann with access to Heavens, Light and High Magic. He can be given Zlaaq to become an extremely good tank and melee lord as well. He also gets access to his Ruination of Cites and Banishment. While Kroq-Gar is used to attack High priority targets, like monsters, elite units and enemy lords, Mazdamundi is better suited to general crowd control and infantry killing as he can point his finger at a unit of Spearmen that gave him a funny look and say "Fuck you. You don't exist anymore." as he casts Ruination of Cities on them while Zlaaq crushes another unit underfoot.