Lord of Virulence

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When you want to upgrade your derpy Nurgle Chaos Lord into something cooler, accept no substitutes.

The Lord of Virulence is a very special Chaos Lord from Nurgle.

While other typical Nurglite Chaos Lords are slow-moving, bullet sponges that like to go close and personal. The Lord of Virulence are masters of mass bombardment and has taken up specifically on the Mantle of Virulence. What ever the fuck that means, we have no fucking clue.

Nonetheless, these are powerful Nurgle-tainted Chaos Lords of the Death Guard that is all aimed at Dakka and not much else.


The Lord of Virulence is a tanky son of a bitch like most units from the Death Guard. His base stats are as follows: Movement at 5", WS and BS of 2+, S4, T5, 6 Wounds, 5 Attacks, a Leadership of 9 and a 2+ armour save. Already we have a tanky unit that can't move fast as expected but he sure as hell can hit shit. He has your typical Death Guard special rules such as Disgustingly Resilient and Contagions of Nurgle. His Diseased Terminator Armour grants him a 4+ invuln save and allows him to teleport cause fuck you that's why while he has two special abillities.

The first is his Lord of the Death Guard aura, which grants a friendly Plague Company/Core unit within 6" of him to re-roll a hit roll of 1. The other one is Master of Destruction aura which gives a friendly Plague Company/Core unit within 6" to turn an unmodified wound roll of 6 into an Armour Penetration characteristic of 1+ to ANY Plague Weapon. He is for all intents and purposes, a versatile Chaos buffer for both CQC and ranged troops.

In terms of weapons, he is packing heat. His Twin Plague Spewer is a 12", Heavy 2D6 autocannon that is S5, AP-1, D1 which autohits its target. While his Plague Claw is a Powerfist that increase his Strength to ludicrous S8, AP-2, D2 total, he will be anal fisting light to medium vehicles with that glove of doom.

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