Lords Paratticus

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Lords Paratticus.
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Lords Paratticus[edit]

The Lords Paratticus are a successful Chaos Warband existing in the outer fringes of civilization. They have chosen to venerate the God of Rogues, Paratticus, and are such regarded as enemies by the forces of the Imperium of Man and other followers of Chaos alike. They currently number in 753 Chaos Space Marines, with 24 Terminators and an unspecified amount of mortal supporters. The tale of the Lords Paratticus is one of great tragedy and betrayal, much reflecting that of their patron God. The Lords Paratticus were once known as the Legio Supremis, a loyal Space Marine Chapter. This Chapter accidentally unearthed several relics once belonging to the Word Bearers of the Horus Heresy. The relics were heavily tainted with corruption, and it immediately caught the attention of Saint Basillius the Elder. Before the Space Marines could fork over the relics, they had already been declared tainted and were given a choice; join the other Chapters engaged in the Abyssal Crusade or be destroyed. The Legio Supremis suffered heavy casualties in the Warp, but remained loyal after decades of chaotic filth seemingly engulfing them. It was when Paratticus, out of revenge, revealed that Basilius was a follower of Chaos and was acting on the orders of the ruinous powers. The Legio Supremis marched out of the Eye of Terror, striking down any Imperials who dared to defy them. Uncovering the ancient relics they had been damned for, the Legio Supremis Marines cleansed these weapons with holy fire, allowing Paratticus to enchant them with his own supreme pink manna. The immediate aftermath of these events remains unknown, but in the early days of M38 a powerful Warband emerged from the Warp, painted pink and red, numbering in 3991 Marines, all of them bearing the marks of Paratticus and bellowing "LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE" as loud as their lungs could shout.

A Lord Paratticus disguised as an Ultramarine.

It is theorized that the Lords Paratticus returned to the Warp and recruited other Abyssal Crusade Marines, but this cannot be proven. Much like their God, the Lords Paratticus enjoy cloaking their true intents with spoofs and parodies. The Lords Paratticus occasionally disguise themselves as Ultramarines, traveling to various Homeworlds of Ultramarine Successor Chapters, demanding that these Chapters fork over new neophytes for "investigation". These Chapters are usually completely compliant, not daring to interfere with or even suspect their Progenitor. These Neophytes are brought to the Lords Paratticus HQ. Unlike other Warbands, the Lords Paratticus actually convince the Neophytes to join them, instead of indoctrinating them. It is believed that narcotics and psychic hallucinogenics are applied to the more pious of Neophytes who refuse to join, in order to provide "motivation".

A Lord Paratticus.

Very recently the Lords Paratticus have come into conflict with the Sons Infinite Chapter, who are ironically an Ultramarines Successor Chapter founded in the early years of M41. The Sons Infinite were created to destroy Paratticus and his followers, and see the Lords Paratticus as the chief threat to the Imperium represented by this pink deity of Chaos. The Lords Paratticus have experienced some of their worst defeats at the hands of the Sons Infinite... And some of their greatest victories...

A Lord Paratticus.

The Lords Paratticus fight as a single force, believing that splintering into Warbands will only result in woe for their war effort. They often perform degrading, insulting actions whilst fighting their enemies, such as shouting "For the Emperor" as a parody of other Space Marines. These actions may please Paratticus enough to summon daemons of Paratticus, who are miniature versions of the God himself, complete with telepathic, telekinetic, and powerful psychic abilities which replace weapons and armor. Those who are proven to be devoted to Paratticus are rewarded through mutations which reshape the follower to resemble Paratticus, although this is purely aesthetic. Their current "Chapter Master" is one Maryn Ayas, who has become a Daemon Prince of the Lords Paratticus. He combated the Grey Knights in several occasions, nearly destroying them until Kaldor Draigo arrives to fuck shit up. These battles have bled the Lords Paratticus to less than 800 Marines, a disgraceful state which Lord Maryn has vowed to repair. The entire Warband is now engaged in a period of carefully conducted raids against the recruiting worlds of various Ultramarine Successors who have positioned most of their forces in assisting the Imperium in the Third War for Armageddon, the Third Tyrannic War or the Thirteenth Black Crusade, in the hopes of unlocking a vast amount of Neophytes and equipment to replicate their losses. At one point they encountered Varghost the Giver and attempted to buy his geneseed for sacrifice, but eventually Varghost settled with the deal offered by Fabius Bile.