Lords of Decay

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Lords of Decay
Lords of Decay.jpeg
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Lances of Pteros
Warband Leader Possibly Festernius
Base of Operations Monolith of Woe (Space Hulk)
Strength Unknown
Specialty Biological Warfare
Allegiance Nurgle
Colours Grey with green and brown rot
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Like nearly all of the Chapters that were tossed into the Eye of Terror during the Abyssal Crusade, the Lances of Pteros were ultimately damned into service of the Chaos Gods. How long they lasted before they were corrupted into the Lords of Decay and began serving Nurgle is uncertain. But at the end of the day they were transformed into disgusting shells of what they once were; becoming shambling monstrosities and spreading Papa Nurgle's love and pestilence wherever they go.

But unlike the majority of the Judged, who were pretty much never mentioned again and/or were absorbed by some larger force never to be seen again, the Lords of Decay whipped their asses into gear and proceeded to get shit done.

You see, after their fall to Nurgle they were absorbed into the Death Guard, where they became one of the largest factions within the Legion and were one of the more elite units to be called upon. Even before their unexpected return in M41, they gained plenty of experience under their fat, bloated belts. They almost always worked under Typhus and were even led into battle by Mortarion himself. So by the time they were scheduled to make a reappearance they were all warmed up and ready.

Sometime in M41, the Lords of Decay organized, orchestrated, and spearheaded an assault into the Sol System alongside other Nurglite warbands and the Death Guard. They made planetfall and duked it with the Imperials on Pluto. Pluto. Within spitting distance of Terra, and obviously scaring the shit out of the Imperium to no end. An entire Imperial Navy battlefleet, a whole contingent of Grey Knights, and even a force of fucking Adeptus Custodes came to fend them off. Oh, and some Howling Griffons, but that's only because they were nearby. Meanwhile, Typhus was watching the whole thing from orbit on his battleship, laughing his ass off the whole time.

Both sides fought tooth and nail, but a Chaos Lord by the name of Festernius was the one who really shined. This fat piece of shit challenged the head Custodes of the group and beat him by vomiting acid onto his armor and splitting him in half Mortal Kombat style. He then proceeded to massacre the rest of his squad.

Then some no name Grey Knight sergeant kills him with mind bullets. Fucking Matt Ward... 50/50 odds he just crops up again, seems to be all the rage these days.

After the Lords of Decay and the rest of the Nurgle Marines were chased off Pluto, they kept their (shit)streak of getting shit done going by participating in the Siege of Vraks. They went on with some hilarious shenanigans like gassing entire Imperial Guard regiments, spreading disease through the Space Marine lines, and just kicking ass in general.

But soon they were chased off Vraks and proceeded to be hunted by various Imperial forces. Nothing has been heard about them since, but it's certainly possible they rejoined Typhus and are now raising hell in the Forge World of Metallica.

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