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The Lords of the End Times[edit]

The Lords of the End Times are the characters that appear in Warhammer Fantasy Battle as the main characters of their respective books in the End Times series. Six true end times characters have appeared at time of writing. They are, respectively, Nagash, the Glottkin, Karl Franz Ascendant, Malekith the Eternity King, Alarielle Incarnate of Life and Tyrion Avatar of Khaine. Archaon will probably be joining this list at the end. They are defined here as either the main antagonist of their book (Tyrion, Nagash, Glottkin) or a level 5 wizard (Nagash, Alarielle, Malekith), while Karl Franz Ascendant just kinda has to be on this list. These are not just the incarnates; they have to have been improved or created in the end times series, rather than just given a fancy new name. Now, on it:


Nagash was the first of the major characters released during the End Times, and FUCK, he is a rape train. WS, BS, S, T and W 7, M, I, A 6, and Ld 10. He is a lord level monster, and despite being the first of the Lords of the End Times, he is overall the most powerful.

With a 4+ armour and a 4+ ward save, and with one of his items being rendered utterly obsolete by the Khaine magic rules, he was lifted up to hi position on top again by those same rules. He is a level 5 wizard, who can take spells from five spell lores. This is what makes him better than any of the other level 5 wizards. They get just the one spell lore. The fact that the death wind has been used in so many different iterations, and the fact that Nagash has the lore of light (due to him being Nehekaran), means that in total Nagash has 41 different spells and he can regenerate wounds with these left right and center. In addition, he can store up to four dice in his staff, and use them to empower his spells, or his strikes. In combat, he will beat out the Glottkin if they haven't buffed themselves (otherwise he's probably fucked, unless he just throws a Purple Sun of "test-or-die" Xeres at them, which he can easily do) thanks to having multiple wounds (D3) and better Initiative, he'll would crush Alarielle into the dirt, but Karl Franz, Tyrion, Malekith and even Imrik would all probably finish him off in one round, unless he has fully buffed himself with every possible spell he has (something that will likely never happen and even then Karl Franz can still beat him). However, in addition to this, he hugely buffs his army: -2 wound due to combat res, and the reason he's still up there for the most powerful Lord is his ability to summon way WAY too many undead to the table. Nagash doesn't need magic missiles, he has 150(!) zombies for that, spawned 36" away. Need a monster? Well, here's one worth up to 600pts in your face. The Undead Legions list helps with this, as it has lots of ways to improve the magic phase, and seriously, god help any poor fool who plays Nagash and Mannfred the Mortarch when Mannfred is in combat. Everyone else has a basic maximum of 24 dice in the power pool. The Undead can have up to 41 BEFORE CHANNELING. Lets not even think about the result of this when wielding end times spells with up to a +10 casting bonus.


Pretty close to bottom tier on the characters listed here, the Glottkin are an attempted mix of fight and magic.

With WS6, S6, T6, 5+D6A, of which one is S10 with multiple wounds D6, Ld10, with a 4+ armour save, regeneration, and poisoned attacks, they seem pretty killy. Especially when you take into account that they cause terror, have 12 wounds. Look at that again. 12W. In addition, a S3 breath weapon that ignores armour, and always get +1 ward save from eye of the gods. The big problem, however, is simple. They're Large Target and they are slow. Slow as a slug dipped in tar. Okay, at Movement 6 they can leg it at a reasonable pace, but they have freaking I1. They're going to get hacked down by just about anything with better Initiative and decent killing power in melee like knights (provided they haven't used Curse of the Leper on themselves), and like every other Monster Character they can be blown to pieces by massed artillery fire from a range.

On the magic front, they're a level 4 Lore of Nurgle wizard. That's it. This isn't that bad, after all with Curse of the Leper they can up their Toughness to a possible 9(!) though typically 8, which means they have pretty good odds in combat against any character who doesn't wound automatically. There's the standard problem of miscasts, and oddly enough the Glottkin don't have any way of preventing snake-eyes from killing them the way the other spell-casters do (though that's rare enough to almost ignore).

The Glottkin only really shine if you're up against an army that doesn't have access to (or doesn't roll) "test or die" spells like Pit of Shades or Purple Sun, and if that army also doesn't have a ton of artillery. However, the fact that they blend magic and melee acceptably means that you will probably see some mileage out of them. Or you go fuck it and take Archaon Everchosen instead: He is better, similar cost and fulfils the exact same role.

Karl Franz Ascendant[edit]

For starters, he costs the same 810 points as the Glottkin, and like them he's a Monster Special Character. Unlike them, he focuses entirely on beating heads in, and so he's much better rounded. With no stat lower than 5 (Toughness, his worst score), he's quite a beatstick - nine WS7 attacks at Initiative 10 is not something to sneeze at. He's a Large Target, but he can Fly, is Immune to Psychology (and Leadership 10 to boot), is Stubborn, and causes Terror. But wait, that's not all.

Enemies test their LD to resist Fear/Terror caused by Karl Franz on 3D6 (discard lowest), his Inspiring Presence stretches for 24", he has an Innate Bound Spell (Power Level 6) called Lord of Lightning that can hit a target up to 18" away with potentially 3D6 Strength 6 lightning hits, he wields a magic weapon that ignores armor and inflicts D3+1 automatic wounds on a hit, he has a 4+ Ward save over full plate armor and he has Magic Resistance 2.

Almost no-one in the game is able to beat Karl Franz in raw balls out murder. Tyrion and Malekith are the only ones to stand a chance, and in that case they still have to chew through loads of wounds and a 4+ ward before anything happens. Malekith can rape him if he's buffed himself with magic, and Tyrion will have to properly kill him in one round, because there is no way that even Tyrion can survive that many attacks.

Tyrion, Avatar of Khaine[edit]

At 700 points, he's the second cheapest Lord of the End Times to date. A fairly one-trick pony, he's a Cavalry Special Character all about beating in peoples' heads. Maxed Weapon Skill and Initiative, but only 5 Attacks, though his attacks do ignore armor and inflict D6 automatic wounds per strike, so he's still going to hew his way through most anything given time. He's clad in a 1+ Armor Save suit of armor that also gives him a 4+ Ward Save and Fireborn (2+ Ward against Flaming Attacks). He sports a trinket that gives him Magic Resistance 2 and lets him survive being killed by Multiple Wounds, Killing Blow or Heroic Killing blow once per game by rolling 2+ on a D6. He Always Strikes First, has Frenzy, is Immune to Psychology, sports Murderous Prowess (not to mention he and every other such model with that rule within 12" reroll all failed To Wound rolls in close combat), and he's got an Innate Bound Spell (power level 10) that lets him summon skeletons.

Tyrion, Incarnate of Light[edit]

Tyrion gets resurrected as an Incarnate for End Times: Archaon. 550 points for a purely melee-focused mincing machine that specialises in taking down Daemons and Undead (inflicts an S4 magical hit on any Daemon or Undead within 6", 5+ Ward save vs. spells and shooting boosted to 4+ against Daemonic/Undead attackers). Wields the Sunfang (+3 Strength, Magic Weapon, Flaming, use a Magical Flaming S4 Breath Weapon once per game) and sports the Dragon Armour of Aenarion (1+ armor save, 4+ Ward save, Fireborn). Always Strikes First, Martial Prowess and Valour of Ages.

Alarielle, Incarnate of Life[edit]

Don't write her off because she's the cheapest LotET yet at only 540; you're getting a level 5 Wizard who uses Life magic and grants Regeneration and a 6+ Ward Save to all friendlies within 12", as well as restoring 1 wound to each injured model in that range. Against the Forces of Destruction, her melee attacks also wound on a 2+ and inflict D6 wounds per attack. As a healer, there's none finer. And also, you can get a lot of mileage out of her, as the lore of life is probably the best lore, and with loremaster and level 5 wizardry she is probably the best spell caster at her points bracket (only Count Mannfred is her equal). It is therefore probably best to just use her as your general in standard points games, then let the magic flow.

Malekith, the Eternity King[edit]

At 1000 points, he's the only Lord of the End Times so far to equal Nagash in cost. On the other hand, he's an absolute freaking monster of a character, so you're definitely getting what you pay for.

M6, WS8, BS7, S6, T6, W10, I8, A10, Ld10 - and that's just for starters. He sports a 3+ save, a 2+ Ward save against non-magical attacks, and is immune to multiple wounds inflicted by the Multiple Wounds and Heroic Killing Blow special rules. His Inspiring Presence is 24", his attacks are Multiple Wounds (D3+1) and Magic, he has Always Strikes First, Eternal Hatred, Fly, Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Martial Prowess, Murderous Prowess, and Terror. He sports a S4 Breath Weapon that inflicts a -1 penalty to a victim's WS and BS, all friendlies with Martial Prowess can make supporting attacks with +1 rank so long as they are within 12" of him, and all friendlies with Murderous Prowess within 12" of him re-roll all failed To Wound rolls in close combat (as does he).

But wait, that's not all! He's also a level 5 wizard who uses the Lore of Shadow, he has Loremaster (Shadow), Shadow Sorcerer (can reroll results on the Miscast table), he can give himself or a friendly within 12" Ethereal and Movement 20 for the Remaining Moves sub-phase, and once per Magic Phase he can add a single bonus dice to one of his failed casting or dispel rolls.

So, yeah, a close combat monster and someone who can reliably use magic to boost himself to even greater heights.

Lord Skreech Verminking[edit]

The special character version of the Verminlords, The Rat King will set you back 650 points for a Lord character with M8 WS8 BS4 S6 T6 W6 I10 A5 LD8. He's a level 4 Wizard who knows The Dreaded Thirteenth Spell and three others from either the Skaven Spells of Ruin, Plague or a combination of the two. He's Immune to Psychology, a Large Target, causes Terror and benefits from Scurry Away! He's a Rat Daemon (can't be Army General, all special abilities that play off of Daemon consider him a Daemon) with Daemonic Attacks (all attacks he generates, including Stomp, special attacks and ranged attacks, are magical), Protection of the Horned Rat (5+ Ward Save), Ruinous Arsenal (can use either the Doom Glaive (Magic Weapon with Multiple Wounds (D3)) or Plaguereaper (Magic Weapon with Always Strikes First) in any turn of close combat) and Master of Ruin (re-rolls failed casting attempts of the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell).

Surprisingly killy, for a Skaven, and his ability to semi-reliably generate new units of skaven by transforming your enemy's guys is amusing, but that squishiness makes him a real pain. Since he's sporting maxed initiative to begin with, stick with the Doom Glaive in general when fighting.

Ungrim, Incarnate of Fire[edit]

Ungrim Ironfist with Slayer King traded for an S4 Fiery Breath Weapon, the ability to spam the innate bound spell (power level 5) Lord of Fire (magic missile, range 24", causes 2D6 Flaming S4 hits) and the Axe of Dargo now doing Flaming Attacks as well. He costs 425 points. He's not a bad choppy character in and of himself, but with how common 2+ vs. Flaming Attacks Ward Saves are nowadays, the fact he's running around spewing flames everywhere actually undercuts his killing potential.

Caradryan, Incarnate of Fire[edit]

Because apparently it wasn't enough that the elves got to have the Incarnates of Life, Shadow and Light. Bastards (hey, the whole Incarnates thing was their idea). Flying Special Character Monster that costs 590 points, he's the only spellcasting Incarnate who isn't a level 5 Wizard - he's only freaking level 3. Most unique special ability is the Mark of Aqshy, which causes him to explode and do 3D6 S4 Flaming Magical Attacks on the unit or challenging character that killed him.

Balthasar Gelt, Incarnate of Metal[edit]

The cheapest spellcasting-focused Incarnate at only 475 points. He's a Flying Monstrous Cavalry Special Character with an armor save of 6+. He's a level 5 Wizard (Metal magic), has Loremaster (Metal) and the Mantle of Chamon (2+ Ward save vs. Flaming Attacks). His Amulet of Sea Gold gives him Magic Resistance (3), the Cloak of Molten Metal gives him a 3+ Ward save vs. shooting attacks, and the Staff of Volans gives him a +2 bonus to all attempts to cast spells. His Incarnate spell is The Crucible, a power level 10 innate bound augment that lets him teleport himself and up to D3 other units within 18" to any other points on the battlefield that he wants, at the cost of teleported units (save Gelt) taking D6-1 unsaveable Wounds.

Grimgor, Incarnate of Beasts[edit]

Pretty much just Grimgor Ironhide with an Orcs/Goblins/Ogres affecting augment innate bound spell (Locus of Ghur; power level 6, grants +1 Strength and +1 Toughness to all viable units within 12" until start of next Magic Phase) and the ability to re-roll failed To Hit and To Wound rolls when fighting in a challenge. Costs 460 points.

Archaon Everchosen, The Three-Eyed King[edit]

Beefed up version of Archaon that costs 865 points. He can have up to twelve attacks per round, making him one of the only characters with greater than 10s in any characteristic. He's a Special Character Monstrous Cavalry, and like the other such characters who came out in the End Times (Glottkin and Thanquol, that means his stats are merged with that of Dorghar. M8 WS9 BS5 S5 T5 W7 I7 A8 Ld10. He's a level 4 wizard who uses the Lores of Death, Fire, Metal, Shadow and Tzeentch (Mortal). He has the universal rules of Eye of the Gods, Daemonic Attacks, Unbreakable and Strider, and the unique rules of Chosen of the Gods (counts as having all 4 Chaos Marks, can join any Marked Unit, will share any Marked unit with a Marked champion, re-roll Eye of the Gods results, treats Eye of the Storm and The Eye Opens as Khorne's Wrath and Dark Fury respectively), His Time Is Come (must be army general, Inspiring Presence 24"), and Swords of Chaos (upgrade one unit of Chaos Knights to Swords of Chaos; this unit cannot be Marked, but gains Hatred and Unbreakable).

He wields the Slayer of Kings (Magic Weapon, Ignores Armor, can Call Upon U'zuhl to boost Attacks to 12 but cause To Hit rolls of 1 to hit Archaon or adjacent friendly instead), wears the Armor of Morkar (1+ Armor Save, cannot be wounded on anything better than a 3+), and sports the Crown of Domination (causes Terror, allies within 12" can re-roll failed Break tests) and the Eye of Sheerian (4+ Ward Save, boosted to 3+ by the Chosen of the Gods rule). Note that thanks to his marks, he has frenzy (so 9 attacks base) and all enemies are at -1 to hit him in melee.

You see, Glottkin/Vlad von Carstein, this is how you roll commander, wizard lord and warrior into one package in an awesome way. He will, in fact, thanks to his marks and gear, beat out most of the other lords of the end times in a fight, as unless they are WS10 (Tyrion, Bloodthirsters) they will need 5+ to hit, and then they will need 3+ to wound at best. That is 7/9 of most, if not all characters attacks gone, barring some re-rolling shenanigans. Plus, he has 41 spells, and a sword that ignores armour at S6 (Put him in a unit with the beast banner, and watch your opponent cry). Fun side not. Use Okkams Mindrazor and unleash U'zuhl. 12S10 attacks at WS9 and I8 equals FUN.

Isabella the Accursed[edit]

A Nurgle-empowered, daemon-possessed vampire who specialises in fighting other undead. Howsat for irony? For 430 points you get an Infantry Special Character who sports M6 WS7 BS4 S5 T5 W3 I8 A6 Ld10. She can only join Grand Legion or Daemons of Chaos armies. She's a level 3 Wizard who knows the Lores of Nurgle (Daemon) and Vampires, she has the special rules of Vampiric, Undead, Hatred (Undead), Bolorog's Influence (has the Children of Nurgle lore attribute when using Daemon Lore of Nurgle spells), Curse of Life (extra killy against Undead units), and the Blessing of Great Nurgle (auto-inflicts S1 hit on all adjacent enemy models). She sports the Plague Chalice, which is a pointless 1 use per battle grenade that inflicts 1 Wound on anything it hits with its template.