Lost Isles of Elithis

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A bunch of Islands at the very edge of the Eastern part of the Warhammer world. The High Elves had a couple of trade posts for spices there along with some folks to guard said trade routes. Despite being relatively near the southern Chaos Wastes it was not overrun with beastmen like Khuresh thanks to the effort of the Elves. There's also a tower called the tower of the sun in the area which was pretty important despite its obscurity. The reason for that was that very ten years the Everqueen had to go on a pilgrimage to sacrifice her own moonblood there in a ritual to keep Morrslieb from crashing into the planet...at least she did before the Skaven ruined everything by blowing the damn moon up during the End Times.

May or may not be the same place as the Spice Islands that are mentioned in Genevive Undead as the source of the dark spell which trapped the residents of the Tilean House of Udolpho in a perpetual gothic melodrama.

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