Lost Worlds

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Melee dueling books, licensed to hell and back, currently used in Japan for the Queen's Blade / Queen's Gate games.

Each player brings a book that describes a character. Each page of the book has the opponent's view of that character as the result of a manoeuvre. During play, each player simultaneously calls out a number that codifies the manoeuvre they wish to perform. They consult their opponent's book to see the result of their action and counter-action, and turn to the page that shows them what they see.

Since every book uses the same matrix of action/counter-action, any two books can be used with each other for duelling... even the books that have dinosaurs, Spider-man, 20-ton Battlemechs, Darth Vader, Tyranids, or huge-breasted succubi.

The original game system was designed by Alfred Leonardi.

Editions you will find:

  • Queen's Blade. weeaboo, big breasts
  • Queen's Gate, more weeaboo, panties and lolis.
  • Marvel Battlebooks. Spider-Man, Capt. America, et al.
  • Warhammer Warriors. Bolter Bitch, Space Marine, Chaos Marine, Eldar, Tyranid, Rogue Trader.
  • Battletech. Griffon, Locust, Shadowhawk, Warhammer, Wasp, Rifleman.
  • Dino Fight. Tyrannosaurus vs Triceratops.
  • Star Wars. Luke vs. Vader.
  • Lost Worlds. stock european fantasy.
  • Tunnels & Trolls. more euro fantasy, more monsters though.
  • ... and umpteen fan-made character books.


  • QBBattle, has data files for all the other Lost Worlds books.