Louen Leoncoeur

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"Now is the age of chivalry and greatness; now is the age of blood and battle!"

– Total War: Warhammer Bretonnia faction intro
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Louen Leoncoeur is the king of the Bretonnia faction in Warhammer. Mounted on his loyal hippogriff, Beaquis, and armed with the Sword of Couronne and a french accent, he went against orcs, norscans, and more orcs during the main course of his regency. Is rumored to have kissed the Lady of the Lake, that sly one. Quite a nice lad that was aiming to raise the bar of the human nations, even if he was not really helped by its nobility. Might explain why he seemed to bond quite well with Karl Franz.

Then came the End Times. He was first handed his own ass during the war against Mousillon, went MIA and replaced by the Green Knight as king of Bretonnia, undertook a solo career that got him killed during Altdorf siege. He still managed to (singlehandly) beat Ku'Gath and a bunch of nurgle daemons before getting cut down by Festus the Leechlord.

Made the transition to the vidyah screens in Total War: Warhammer where he is a Legendary Lord and, noblesse oblige, the leader of the main Bretonnia faction, Couronne. Helped with the refreshed Bretonnian lineup and gameplay that does not hate mounted units, he can go on a quest tour that ends in either kicking chaos or orcs butts, knightly style.