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Loumaras are a small family of Demons that are distinct from Tanar'ri, Obyriths, and generic demons. Loumaras spawned from the dreams of dying gods in a layer of the Abyss called the Dreaming Gulf after they were lured into the the abyss by Demogorgon and killed. Loumaras likely were created to fill the niche of demons as evil spirits that cause trouble by possessing things rather than corporeal monsters you fight face to face. Loumaras are incorporeal creatures more similar to ghosts than demons and interact with the world by possessing objects, with what objects they are able to possess determined by the type of loumara. Two of them appeared in the book Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss and two more appeared in Dragon Magazine issues 359 and 360.

  • Dybbuk: A jellyfish like demon that possesses recently dead corpses and pretends to be that person, but they can't hide what they are for long because they are extremely hedonistic. They are commonly found in the realms of hedonistic demon lords such as Graz'zt and Malcanthet, where there are lots of bodies for them to possess and pleasures to experience. The name comes from an evil spirit from Jewish mythology.
  • Guecubu: A mast of mist that possesses people while they are sleeping and causes them to unconsciously murder their friends and family like a serial killer.
  • Caligrosto: A demon that can only possess slashing weapons. When it doesn't have a weapon, it is an invisible formless mass, and initially all it can do is enhance the power of the possessed slashing weapon, but once the weapon has damaged a creature (as long as it is a creature capable of wielding a weapon), it can become a fiendish, ghostly copy of the last creature it has damaged, and wield that weapon. In this form, it can reflect slashing damage back on its attackers.
  • Manitou: These demons appear as a bunch of vines with mouths on the ends. They can possess animals, plants, and Fey creatures and they exist to destroy nature.

The only known loumara demon lord is Sifkhu, who was found dormant by Malcanthet and imprisoned by her, with the intent to later find a way of absorbing its power.

Although the loumaras did not return in 4th edition, the book Demonomicon had rules for a similar creature called the cacodemon, which is the invisible lingering spirit of a dead demon that has to possess things to interact with the world.

Although the term loumara is no longer used, the Dybbuk unexpectedly returned again in 5th edition in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes.

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